Good read on ‘Rebounding Richard'(Richard Howell/N.C. State) from Bill Hass at

Richard Howell(N.C. State) is #1 in the Atlantic Coast Conference in rebounding, grabbing 11.5 boards per game and Howell ranks #6 in the Nation, at 10.7 carroms per contest…

Howell has really fine-tuned his game game since arriving in Raleigh and now Richard from Raleigh is ‘really’ rebounding and Richard has made N.C. State relevant on college basketball’s national landscape….He has had some help from C.J. Leslie, Lorenzo Brown, Scott Wood and the Wolfpack freshmen, but Howell has been on the prowl and now the Pack is a team to keep any eye and ear on, as they head to Greensboro next week….

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