Where are they now? High School Baseball players now in the College ranks

Keaton Haack(Northwest Guilford HS) now at Alabama:Pitching has worked in 6 games for 12 2/3’s innings and has 13 K’s with 8 BB’s and his ERA stands at 0.71….
Adam Swim(Northwest Guilford HS) now at Elon U:was 2-5 with 1 RBI Saturday vs. COC and sits at .259 on the year with 2 Doubles, a Triple and 13 RBI…
Blake Butler(Southeast Guilford HS) College of Charleston:Batting leadoff and went 1-5 Saturday with 1 run vs. Elon and on the year at .275 with 4 RBI…
Josh Tobias(Southeast Guilford HS) Florida:Currently batting .189 with 2 RBI…Gators at (8-8) to start the season..
Jaylin Davis(Northeast Guilford HS) Appalachian State Univeristy:Batting .306 with 2 HR’s, 4 Doubles and 12 RBI…
Caleb McCann(Northeast Guilford HS) Appalachian: One pitching appearance for ASU…
Luis Paula(Northeast Guilford HS) North Carolina:4 games pitching 3 innings of relief ball for the Tar Heels with 1 Save and his ERA sits at 3.00, giving up 2 hits and 1 run, with 2BB and 1 K…
Brock Hudgens(Southwest Guilford HS) Charlotte:1-0 record in 8 innings with 5.62 ERA, giving up 7 runs on 9 hits with 10 BB’s and 6 K’s…
Sean Geoghegan(Southwest Guilford HS) Charlotte:1-0 record with 1 Save in 5 games with 4 2’3’s innings of work with 2 hits/1 BB/5 K’s….
Nin Marrero(Western Guilford HS) UNCG:Batting .326 with 2 HR’s, 7 RBI and 12 runs scored….
Macon Smith(Western Guilford HS) Guilford College:Batting .345 in 13 games with 2 HR’s/3 Doubles/1 Triple/11 RBI/7 Stolen Bases…
Ray Crawford(Dudley HS) UNCG:Batting .200 for the Spartans…
Brandon Burkes(Dudley HS)…Has been tearing the cover off of the ball for the GTCC Titans, but we don’t have his complete stats…
Dylan Thompson(Southern Alamance HS) UNCG:1-2 record with 5.27 ERA on the season and staying active on the weekends for the Spartans…
DJ Reader(Grimsley HS) Clemson:One at bat for the Tigers in limited duty…..
Tyler Hunt(Eastern Guilford HS) Right at 5 relief appearances for the Guilford College Quakers…

*****Sure we have plenty of more names that we can add to this list, but this gets us off and running and we have to run on, cause otherwise we would be on this search all day long….*****

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  1. Good to see these boys still playing. There have been many local talented high school players drop out of the college scene. Good to see some continuing to work through it. It’s a tough raod, mentally and physically.

  2. Kyle Brandenburg – Ragsdale – High Point University – Batting avg. .167
    Ethan Ogburn – SW Guilford – NC State – record 1-1, era 3.6, 10 innings, 9 srikeouts
    Bennett Hixson – Weselyn – Brevard College – Batting Avg. .215 with 1 HR. Pitching record 1-0 with 2.08 era
    Ben Fultz – Ragsdale – ECU – no stats

  3. Andrew Madden SW UNCA 4 @ bats and a run scored.
    Justin Reece SE Army 6 @ bats 1 hit & run scored.

  4. Austin Bain from Southeast Guilford has appeared in 5 gamesfor Randolph Macon getting 9.1 innings of workwith 9 K’s and posting a ERA of 1.93. He is progressing well and will move from middle relief to get his first start this week. Not bad for a freshman and he is enjoying the travel squad.
    Justin Reece has made the travel squad and putting up good numbers at Army with some recent starts at second base.
    Dallas Newton threw a one hitter at undefeated Pitt Community College with 13 k’s. Dallas is doing great and several major league scouts have had him fill out the pre draft paperwork. His velocity is in the 91 -94 range.
    Colby Keene has had quite a bit of good playing time at Winston Salem State. He has had starts at SS,2B and 3B while hitting over .300 at last look.
    You already mentioned Blake Butler and Josh Tobias along with Dillon Barker. Ty Powell is pitching well for GTCC and his buddy Adam Kirkpatrick is pitching well at Mt. Olive.
    Way to go Falcons !!

  5. This list represents “area” players that went through my “SIXTH TOOL” training program in recent years that are currently on rosters: (I apologize if I left anyone out):

    Clint Moore – San Diego Padres
    Nick Rogers – Kansas City Royals
    Mike Dimock – Houston Astros
    Tyler Hanover – Detroit Tigers
    Alan Webster – Boston RedSox
    Corey Kimberly – San Diego Padres
    Mitch Atkins – Washington Nationals
    Ryan Dull – Oakland Athletics
    Matt Roberts – UNC
    Ethan Ogburn – NC St
    Kyle Brandonburg – HPU
    Brock Hudgens – UNCC
    Adam Huffman – UNCC
    Louis Paula – UNC
    Nick Monroe – UNCW
    Hunter Ridge – UNCW
    Ray Crawford – UNCG
    Zac MacAneney – UNCG
    Dylan Thompson – UNCG
    Jake Joyce – Va Tech
    Casey Jones – Elon
    Erik Connolly – UNCA
    Brian Connolly – UNCA
    Robbie McIntosh – UNCA
    Keaton Haack – Alabamba
    Ben Fultz – ECU
    Kevin Sanders – ECU
    Blake Butler – Col of Charleston
    Jaylin Davis – App St
    Caleb McCann – App St
    Gabe Dimock -App St
    Justin Reece – Army
    Aaron Jones – W-S State
    Cory Williamson – NC Central
    Alex Moore – NC Central
    Erik Kimber – NC Central
    Cam Cockman – Catawba
    Austin Moyer – Catawba
    Zach Burkhart – Catawba
    Will Albertson – Campbell
    Logan Self – Campbell
    Bennett Hixson – Brevard
    Avery Booker – Brevard
    Phillip Miller – Mars Hill
    Matt Dillon – Mt. Olive
    Dexter Allen – Guilford
    Tyler Kellam – Guilford
    Justin Morrison – Guilford
    Mike Whited – Guilford
    Josiel Colon – Pitt CC
    Tiger Miller – GTCC
    Brandon Burkes – GTCC
    Kyle Miller – GTCC
    Zannie Seagraves – GTCC
    Pete Guy – Louisburg CC
    Brook Bray – Guilford
    Deanna Crayton – Pfeiffer
    Olivia Poplin – UNCW
    Scout Albertson – NC St

    Again to the players I left off this list, “I apologize”. Tweet me @castxxxv if I left you off the list. Good luck to all student-athletes that have come through my program!


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