Where are they now? ‘Second Wave’ of high school players now playing baseball in the College Ranks

Lots of readers sent more names in our direction after our first post on this topic came out on Sunday and here is the update and we had a separate listing of locals that are playing with and for GTCC and Rockingham Community College and that was up here at the top on Monday…..Here is what we have for Tuesday and feel free to add more names to the list…..We had seen Kory Shumate(Grimsley) at the Charlotte site and we didn’t find Joe Turkson(Western Guilford), but we feel he is still out there playing somewhere….

Here is the second wave of our local high school baseball players now playing the game they love, in college….

Bray Tilley (Morehead) Greensboro College
Will McGuire (Morehead) Greensboro college
Will Nance-NC State (Morehead) BA .306 1hr 4 rbis

Austin Bain from (Southeast Guilford) has appeared in 5 games for Randolph Macon getting 9.1 innings of work with 9 K’s and posting a ERA of 1.93.
Justin Reece(SEG) has made the travel squad and putting up good numbers at Army with some recent starts at second base.*****We had Reece on our early-season list, but at that time he wasn’t traveling, but now he is and good job soldier….
Dallas Newton(SEG) Pitt Community College:threw a one hitter with 13 k’s. His velocity is in the 91 -94 range and PCC is currently undefeated…
Colby Keene(SEG) Winston Salem State: He has had starts at SS,2B and 3B while hitting over .300…..
Ty Powell(SEG) is pitching for GTCC
Adam Kirkpatrick(SEG) is pitching at Mt. Olive.

Andrew Madden (SWG): UNCA 4 @ bats and a run scored.

Kyle Brandenburg(Ragsdale):High Point University – Batting avg. .167
Ethan Ogburn(SW Guilford):NC State – record 1-1, era 3.6, 10 innings, 9 srikeouts
Bennett Hixson(Wesleyan):Brevard College – Batting Avg. .215 with 1 HR. Pitching record 1-0 with 2.08 era
Ben Fultz(Ragsdale):ECU – no stats
Mike Whited(Ragsdale):Guilford College with a couple of games but no stats yet…

Logan Self(Wesleyan):Campbell has (1-0) pitching mark in 5 games with
6 K’s and 3 BB’s…Has allowed 7 hits in 10 innings of work…

Casey Jones(Western Guilford):Elon is batting .205 with 2 Doublbes and 2 RBI…

Duncan Everett(Northwest Guilford):Barton College Bulldogs pitching with 7 starts and at (1-4) with 1 Save plus 3 BB’s/15 K’s/5.90 ERA and so far he’s given up 23 runs on 44 hits and is seeing a load of action(29 Innings) on the hill for the Bulldogs….


  1. Any word on George Carter? Went to unc, read highlights where he played some. Hope he is doing well.

  2. Courtesy of Charlie Pannell with Southeast Guilford Falcons:

    It is great to see all these athletes from our area playing college baseball. Parents and players the game is college baseball with the emphasis on COLLEGE.

    The most important statistic a prospective player must post is his GPA and SAT score. A college coach told me that “If two players have equal ability, I will always recruit the kid with the higher academic scores.We have to have smart students in baseball. We travel and sometimes get laid over due to the weather and the players will miss class time. Our players have to be smart and know how to manage time wisely.” No matter how good a athlete is,scholarship or not, he must maintain a 2.0 GPA in college to play.

    Maintaining that 2.0 can be harder than you think. Parents and players are often shocked to see the number of hours the athlete has to devote to his sport while in college. It leaves little time for social activities and quite frankly can seem like a job. Of course we all know that sports in college have become big business. Some schools like Wake Forest ,Duke and Davidson lean more towards the academic side. Duke and Wake and Davidson are required by their schools to get the students transcript approved before they are allowed to recruit a player. They do not OVER RECRUIT and will let a student athlete major in any subject he wishes to pursue.

    Most D! and D2 baseball coaches OVER RECRUIT. Coaches will bring in on average 40 kids in the fall to fill a maximum roster of 35 players. You may have signed a Athletic Grant in Aid but you still must make the 35 man roster. Athletic Grants in Aid are renewable from year to year. “Billy Bob” might be on scholarship and on the 35 man roster but if “Sammy Joe” comes in next year and the coach thinks he his better “Billy Bob” can lose his scholarship and roster spot.

    Not only do schools over recruit but many D1 college coaches tend to steer their athletes to less strenuous degrees. The fact is very few college baseball players earn degrees in pre-med ,pre-law, pharmacy or engineering. It makes it hard to do with the time spent on the field of play to earn these type of degrees.

    Division 3 schools give academic only scholarships and let the student athlete major in any field. They still over recruit. One D3 school in which I am familiar had 50 kids out in the fall to fill a 35 man roster. The ones that got cut still had their academic scholarships.

    Now — What about all that scholarship money that all these parents and kids are chasing? Some of the so called “elite showcase teams” charge in excess of $2000 for the right to play and have mommy and daddy run up and down the highway spending money on eats and motel rooms. Oh yeah– Mommy and Daddy have to buy high priced tickets to see the game. Parents — please save your money — you will spend more than the scholarships actually pay.

    D1 schools can only maintain 11 full scholarships in any one year. That money for 11 scholarships can be spread over a maximum of 27 kids on the 35 man roster. D2 schools have a similar system with limited funds in baseball. In fact more scholarship money is given to athletes each year by D3 schools. ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHPS no less !!

    About these ” CAMPS” run by the schools—- yes they get a look at the players but most schools use the camps as a way to raise money for their baseball program. That is why some parents are shocked to find that they have shelled out big bucks to se junior on the field with 149 other players for a one or two day camp. I still think it is hard to evaluate 150 kids in 2 days.

    Most college coaches I talk to say that yes due to limited budgets for recruiting the do attend the large showcase events because they can see a lot of players in one location. The coaches also say that “We want to see a player in action in a game that means something. You can’t really tell what a player will do under pressure in a showcase event. Winning and losing does not matter. They don’t keep score.” Coaches want to see a competitor— what will a player do under adversity– what will he do under pressure when the game is on the line. Coaches want a player that has the strong academics so that he can maintain his grades in college. They also want character on and off the field. The coach does not want to recruit a player that thinks college is Disney World— They do not want a immature player in their program that might do something wrong and cost them their job and embaress the college they represent.

    I am proud of the kids that I have helped get seen and signed to play in college. Some made it and some washed out or realized that it was not what they wanted. All of them will tell you that it “ain’t Disney World” it is hard work with the emphasis on COLLEGE.

    Charlie Pannell

  3. There is nothing wrong with a kid going to community college or playing showcase ball. Both give you exposure if you want it and help you get to the next level if that is where you want to go. The level of competition is excellent in both. As Charlie said the emphasis still needs to be on an education. Even UNC is starting to emphasize it (small jab at big Charlie).

    Some kids just want to play a couple more years while preparing for the working world and some want to move on with baseball or continue on to a 4 year university. It’s all good and we should be proud of all our boys from the Metro!

  4. the comment on dallas newton you thought he was at unc. my understanding is he got cut during the fall. and if he is throwing 91-94 i think he would have made the carolina team , coach fox is a very good judge of talent,i dont see him letting some one go thats throwing 94? i saw him and kimber in high school and no way in GODS green earth was he throwing anywhere near 90. lets get real people dont post crazy numbers.

  5. Dallas Newton is throwing 91 to 94 consistantly. He was throwing 88 to 89 last year consistantly. No dream numbers posted for the kid.

    He is NOT at UNC due to academics or disaplinarty issues. You need to understand the entire Athletic Program at Colleges/Universities and how the Scholarship vs Financial Aide falls into place.

    Before you assume and make negative comments, you need to know the facts.

    Educate yourself and know the facts!

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