Game Report on Ragsdale’s 6-2 win over Southwest Guilford tonight

*****Courtesy of Mike Ellis at the Jamestown News*****

6 4 1 Ragsdale (3-3, 2-1 PTC)

2 7 4 SW Guilford (1-5, 0-2 PTC)

WP – Tim Ambrose (2-1)

LP – Matt Dale

Key Players: Ragsdale – Niko Orfanedes: 2 for 4, 2 RBI’s; Colin Lipke: 1 for 3, RBI; Tim Ambrose: 6 innings pitched, 1 earned run, 7 hits, 8 K’s. SW Guilford – Austin Zente: 2 for 4, 1 RBI; Alex Verovdan: 2 for 3; Andrew Bullock: 1 for 3, RBI.

SW Guilford got on the board first in the third inning as Nishant Polisetti got on board on an error, stole second and scored on an Austin Zente single. Zente later scored on a ground out to put the Cowboys up 2 – 0

Ragsdale answered in the fifth. Duncan Sparks got hit with a pitch, stole second and scored on a Colin Lipke base hit as Lipke took second on the throw to the plate. He got to third on an error and scored the tying run on a Niko Orfanedes ground out.

The game stayed tied until the sixth when Ragsdale took advantage of some sloppy fielding by the Cowboys and three consecutive walks to eventually score four runs with only one base hit. Orfanedes got the two out single to drive in a run and when the Cowboys finally got the third out after 10 men had come to the plate, the Tigers were leading 6 – 2.

Ragsdale starting pitcher Tim Ambrose worked through the sixth and when Alex Verovdan got a single to lead off the seventh, he was relieved by Matt Horkey. Horkey struck out three straight batters to close out the 6 – 2 win.

Matt Dale got the start for the Cowboys and took the loss, working 5 1/3 innings, giving up 6 runs, 4 of them earned and only allowing 3 hits.

Next up for Ragsdale is non-conference matchup at home on Thursday as they take on the Grimsley Whirlies at 5 PM. Southwest is at home on Friday for a Conference game against Glenn with the first pitch scheduled for 7 PM.


  1. The play of the game may have been when SWG had runners on 2nd and 3rd and the Ragsdale second baseman mad a nice play and double them up. That hit would have scored 2 runs!

  2. that was a good play on the double play; line drive and tag. SWG 2nd baseman also made 2 plays that saved a run early. Other than those positions there was not a lot of leather being flashed last night by either team. Errors, passed balls/wild pitches, not holding runners. Both teams ran the bases at will. Obviously early in the season.

  3. Sw – Ragsdale game extremely sloppy. Both teams not going to be successful playing that way. SW trying to find their identity. Good young talent. Some of the other upper class guys going to have to step up other than the usual ones.
    Correct the mistakes and success will be in the future.

    Ragsdale definitely looked to be the weaker team of the 2. Ragsdale struggled holding runners. Not much fire power on offense. SW definitely was the better team just not on scoreboard. Couple bad breaks for SW could have put the game away early. Could be long conference schedule for both teams.

  4. Ragsdale beats SW’s ace with its number two starter (who struck out 8 btw) …tough to say SW is better at this point, but whatever makes you feel better.

  5. SWG fans kill me. Whatever happened to a simple congratulations some polite analysis and move on? It’s like they have a identity crisis. It’s just a game. SWG won twice last year and the sun still came up in Jamestown.

    SWG out hit Ragsdale last night. True. But last time I checked hitting was only part of the game. Ragsdale did the little things well and pulled out a win. Agree that both teams need great improvement and I don’t see either challenging EF, NWG and maybe HPC for a title.


    This coming from a fan of neither. Just a baseball fan that likes to watch good high school teams. I just call it the way I see it. Ragsdale capitalized on the SW mistakes last night . Watching from an ability stand point I would have to give the edge to SW. Having 2 left handers a plus for Ragsdale. Everyone neds a good left hander, their fortunate to have 2. That makes a difference in most games. Those lefties could keep them around in a lot of games. Just going to have to do a beter job of holding runners.
    NW & HPC tonight , that will be interesting. Conference is strong, East Forsyth got shut out and West Forsyth threw a no hitter at them last night. Going to be hard to break into a playoff spot for Ragsdale or SW. All going to depend on what HPC does when Butler isnt on mound. Depends on if Gleen’s offense and defense can keep them in the game…pitching not strong there.

    Thanks- baseball fan!

  7. We live in a society where people are no longer allowed to have an opinion…..For the love of God – this is high school baseball not solving the war on terror…
    Everyone needs to switch to decaf or seek therapy

  8. Both teams have some young talent. The only batters that hit the ball with authority were SWs Zente and Ragsdale’s second baseman.That kid from Ragsdale can swing hit as I watched him crush a ball in Wilson @ the Tobbs 2 weeks ago..

  9. Ragsdale hit a lot better than people give them credit for, lots of hard balls hit at someone, story of their season. They are young and struggling to find a rhythm, but if they do, guys will need to watch out.

  10. I think I get it and it is all good….

    My lips are sealed….

    Good bounce back on Thursday from what we are hearing and it is all good in the end…

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