Paris Kea(Page HS) is the best female high school basketball player in the state

The Page Pirate girls did not win the State 4-A Title this afternoon in Chapel Hill, but we saw one of the best performances in recent memory, with the job Paris Kea did for Page….

Paris hit for 31 points and she carried her team down the stretch and gave them a chance to win and in recent weeks we have seen her passing game pick up, but today it was her scoring that helped her take over the ball game….

She out-played ever player on that court today and that is not to take anything away from any of the State Champs, from Raleigh Millbrook…

At 6’4, Briana Day is glass-technician….She used that backboard glass to perfection on her banks shots….Excellent floor game from the left-hander Alex Tomlinson, I love her smooth shot and Mykia Jones also rose to the championship occasion for Millbrook within their backcourt and one of most sleek players that I have ever seen, was #11 Courtney Best for Millbrook…She is lean and she can play that baseline….Ryan Flowers was the glue for the Wildcats…She was a wild woman and she left it all on the court and she seemed to me to be the most important player for Millbrook today….Maybe a tie with Flowers and Tomilison…Still love that left-haned smooth shot from Tomlinson and the power of Flowers…..

But the best player on the court on this Saturday, was Paris Kea from Page High School….If you ask me, Kea should have been the game MVP/MOP, even if her team did not win the ball game….That was one of the best individual performances that you will ever see by Kea…

Goes back to Andrea Stinson, Rhonda Mapp, Miranda Jenkins a few years back in the sectionals and regionals, this game by Kea was one for the books and in my book, she is top female high school basketball player in the state of North Carolina….

Kea is up there with former men’s Top Players from Guilford County in football, in Ricky Lewis Jr., James Summers and T.J. Logan….She is not playing football, but she is doing the same thing on the basketball court that those boys were doing on the football field and they were voted the top players in the state in their sport and they all were from Guilford County…..

Great year for the Lady Pirates and all the props in the world to the starting seniors, Kayla Johnson, Chelsey Coleman, and Debrisha Barnes…..They had a super season with the TIMCO Title, the Metro 4-A Regular Season Title, the Metro 4-A Tournament Title, the Sectional Title and the West Regional Title…..You have to stand back and say, outstanding work by the Lady Pirates from Page on those accomplishments…..

I was very imrpessed with the job Vivian Polite did when she got in the game tonight…Some of the most fundamentally sound picks/screens that you will ever see(good pick and pop by Polite) and Bailey Kargo had a REAL big three-pointer and two key free throws….Hannah Pegram and Tiana Sherman gave the Pirates the important minutes off of the bench….(The top eight was great and straight all season.)

But in the end, the better team won tonight…Millbrook played better team basketball over the full span of the 32-minute contest…..

Page had to leave the ‘team concept’ at times and truthfully, Paris Kea just had to take over this game and she did…..Points, passes, blocked shots, rebounds and defense, she was doing it all and she did all that she could to carry her team to victory….

Page made a strong run at the game in the second half, but they came up just seven points short of their main goal….If they would have scored six more points they would have gotten a tie, but they didn’t come looking for no tie….

The Title was theirs for the taking and they just couldn’t take/bring it home tonight…..

Page will go looking for that Title again next season and they will be led by the best player in the state of North Carolina, Paris Kea….

If I were a young girl, I would love to be competing with Paris for top player in the state honors, cause I would be working 24/7 trying to catch her and there would be no time for anything else…..

Great season by the Page Lady Pirates and no matter how you add it all up, Paris Kea is the top female high school basketball player in the state of North Carolina…..

*****I saw it all with my own two eyes over the course of probably 20 Page girls games this season and I know what I saw, it was ‘The Paris Kea Show’ and she needs to get some credit for her hard work…..And this evaluation is not done to take anything away from her teammates, this is just out there for all to see, we have the MVP, Paris Kea……*****

+++++Good night and so long to our 2012/2013 high school basketball season….I feel like we took something good away from this year’s efforts….+++++


  1. Your article is 100% correct. Page High has the BEST female basketball player in NC!! Paris is the leader and should AND needs to be acknowledged for that role….regardless of whether you like her or not. She DESERVES the respect, but is not the child to demand it. MVP should not always come from the winning team and Kea should have earned this honor yesterday with her performance. To many, she is the MVP.
    The team had an amazing season and it was hard to see them come up short in the title game.

  2. I hate to admit it but that page team would not have been anywhere near where they were without Paris. Their seniors were no where near the calibur of seniors for Millbrook. Truly, they were non-existent. Coleman showed some life but for a post player needs more than getting rebounds and put-backs. Needs to move around in the post, front the post and make her presence known and command the ball. You have to play BIG in the post and I didn’t see that. This is nothing against Lady Pirates team either however, but the “team” was exposed on Championship day for what everyone always knew…Kea was their lifeline and 90% of their glory came from her making them better. You cannot be a standout player by sitting under the goal and waiting for a pass. My hat goes off to Ms. Kea…she is also my MVP.

  3. I agree whole heartedly with the story above. She is the best all around player I have seen. Paris has been the glue that holds this team together. Not only does she show off her talent on the court, but she is also a great role model for her teammates. Her positive attitude and unselfishness helped her teammates believe in themselves to get this season started on the right track.
    Although, the team fell one game short, EVERYONE on that team should stand with heads held high. It is still an amazing accomplishment for what this team has done.
    Thanks Bailey, Chelsey, Debrisha, Emily, Hannah, Janie, Kayla, Paris, Perice, Shardae, Tiana, and Vivian for such a wonderful season.

  4. @So correct
    Clearly you are basing the whole season off of the game yesterday and that’s unfortunate. Paris Kea is the best player around, hands down no argument there. If there were no Chelsey Coleman and Debrisha Barnes to get rebounds to get her the ball then the team wouldn’t work. If there were no Kayla’s,Bailey’s,and Hannah’s to help handle the ball and shoot to take heat off of her you wouldn’t have seen some the spectacular stuff you saw this year. If you recall in those beginning games Page was scoring between 60-80 a game and Kea wasn’t the leading scorer most nights because she got a ton of assist. The things I admire most about Kea are the things nobody mentions like her ability to handle the ball, the fact that she makes the game exciting even when she not scoring because watching her feed the ball is exciting enough. Also watching her come out of nowhere and swat someone’s shot 3 rows up! That’s impressive to me about her. However, If it weren’t for Vivian going in and playing fundamentally sound in the post in some big games Page would’ve been dominated including last night. To address the post play Chelsey Coleman out rebounded everyone in the ENTIRE GAME! A 6’4, 6’4, and a 6’2 standing only 5’10! That’s post play at its best! If you watched the whole season you would know Debrisha Barnes has a killer short range jump shot, she can take you off the dribble, and she plenty of moves around the basket. As far as Coleman goes she used a killer up and under move to get to the rim on one of the bigs last night. She also has a little hook she uses as well as a drop step. Hannah plays big the post and will hit you with a spin move, a jump shot, or take you on the dribble. It’s easy for people to sit back and talk about what a KID can and can’t do but a lot of adults can’t perform the task they do either. Always remember these kids read this stuff people spout off on here. You never know what child’s self-esteem you are tearing down by saying stuff without truly knowing the facts! Do your research!

  5. @PostPlay…the bottom line is it was the paris Kea show agianst Big time D1 players. I am sure Page players have plenty of moves, highlights, etc but not against certified D1 players. I am sure I could go to a NE, Grimsley, Western Guilford game and be mesmerized. I think all of these ladies have tons of potential. However, there is work that needs to be done. I personally think alot of Coleman, but she needs to elevate her game in the post. I know what I saw on Championship DAY against a worthy opponent. Please don’t get upset, Page has been making headlines all season basking in the glory so expect criticism when they fizzle on the biggest stage possible, on live TV against a WORTHY opponent.

  6. I’m not defending the fact that yeah Page didn’t show up in the first half but they came strong in the second. As for Page basking…lol that is a joke! Page has been criticized all year for everything! There was no fizzle…page just didn’t win! It wasn’t if Page got blown out. Lastly if you have 6 D1 players who have played in a State Championship atmosphere 3 yrs in a row you are supposed to win! The thing is even with all they had to offer they didn’t blow Page out! Page played a great season of basketball. That’s the bottom line! This is my last post because clearly to keep responding will just feed the negativity against a great team and great group of young ladies!

  7. @postplay….I agree Page did not get blown out…thanks to Paris. She had to basically play 1 on 5 to keep you guys in the game. Look, it’s all love. Page made it to the State Championship which is more than other other Guilford County school has done. Congrats! But the reality is what everyone saw..even Andy. Without Paris taking all of those shots Millbrook would have been up by 30+. Page had no answer for the their bigs and their guard #15 was just as good as Paris. She could have given them 31 points too if she shot as much as Paris, but the key was that she had a team around her so she didn’t have to. No need for a response…just watch the game…it’s being replayed.

  8. REALITY… SO CORRECT IS SO CORRECT. TO KEEP IT REALL.. However, I will give Chealsie credit. She did what she could do with the height. The rest couldn’t shake the nerves. The others was just not ready for that level of basketball. And yesterday was the day to step it up. That was their chance. Spoke for itself. Post play-except it! They had practice games all season long. This was the time to bring it. Really D1 balllers get over themselves and play ball. Send the nerve out the door. That’s what it’s about.

  9. To win any championships, you have to have balance all the way around. Raleigh Millbrook the last 5 years ( With Regional and Championship experience, going 31-2 in 2010 , 31-2 in 2011, and 33-0 this had that balance. All eight of their seniors, especially number 15 Mykia Jones, number 15 Courtney Best and number 45 Ryan Flowers could score lots of. points just like the Day Sisters, but that not their system iat Milkbrook the last several years. They went from a fast breaking Team in 2009, to that half court team with Alex Tomlinson, number 30 being the point guardall 4 years. Even with the the 2002, 2003 and 2004 3A Girls Champs of the Asheville Cougars with Rashanda McCants (UNC) had a balance attack of 6 -8 ladies to do their part. Porsche Jones and her Carver YellowJacket in the early 2000’s had it as well with with others around her making plays. The 2009 DUDLEY Girls had a balance attack to get theirs. Hat’s off to Page Girls for a Great season, some teams no matter how good never get to Championship Saturday. I felt before the game, that Kia, had to score around 30 to 36 pts to have any chance in this game. Oh yea, Millbrook’s style isn’t to running up the score, their avg was around 63 pts a game, they just want to force you into their slow tempo game, which is a half court Style. A Lot of Kia, shots came from top of the key with shots coming off screens and switches. But you have to have balance. I watch all 4 games and saw that in Kinston’s Boys and Girls and Millbrook and Charlotte Olympic Boys.

  10. Although Kea scored 31 I don’t agree that she should have been MVP (per Andy). Anyone that has the ball 85% and who shot that much should have 31 pts. Coleman having 13 rebounds is great but she was the only one rebounding. Not to take nothing away but let’s not be honest about the numbers. No doubt Kea was outstanding but she shot alot of perimeter shots which questions her ability to drive in on that level of competition. Is she afraid of contact? But the shots were made but if those perimeter shots were not falling with no inside game….One can only imagine how ugly that game would have been. Congrats to Kea however because she was something to watch.

  11. @ teamwork, Simce you want to put it that way. page is a regular public school. Can not go around recruiting like Milbrook can for a balanced team. Page played with what they had. If they could have went around Guilford county picked up makayla Rouse who play with paris Aau and a few 6’4″ girls lille Milbrook was stacked with. If you think page gave them a game. Comparing your point guard to Paris Kea where she didn’t have to do all the work. It would have been ugly. Page public school shook their boots. All 8 seniors and the coach. Page played
    a hell off a game on the off day. Imagine if those lays ups and free throw would have went in. They missed easy shots they make all day. Millbrook will do the same thing. Go around and recruit for a new team. Use what you have for next year. Paris Kea and the pirates will be back next year.

  12. @Truth Be Told, I heard that same excuse with Dudley, when their Boys made it to the Regionals 10 straight years from 2000 to 2010 and 96 & 97. I heard that about With W.S. Carver Girls when they was RUNNING from 2001 – 2007 and the Dudley Panthers Girl with Helen Terry and the Panthers from 2004 – 2010. For your Information, Millbrook is a PUBLIC SCHOOL in WAKE COUNTY. They are a SCHOOL OF DISTINCTION for 2010 & 2011, INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE MAGNET SCHOOL !!! They aren’t like Greensboro Day, Christ School, Bishop McGuinness or OAK HILL, FINLEY PREP !!! And the last time I checked, Guilford has a few MAGNET SCHOOLS AS WELL, LIKE HIGH POINT ANDREWS & CENTRAL and W.S. Reagan is too.

  13. And I’m not Knocking Kia Parris, because she did what a leader does in that type of game. I wish her the best and can’t wait to see her in the College level. I wish she would sign with UCONN or TENN, but I heard she is a UNC Lady, but she is a smart and tough lady.And I’m glad she is staying at Dudley like Sam Hunt did at Dudley.

  14. Congratulations to the Page Lady Pirates on a great season and they have been there and faced all of the pros and cons all season long and they took the any criticism head-on and that is a credit to the coaching staff…

    The over intent of this post is congratlutate the entire team and to get Paris some of the state-wide recognition she deserves….

    Let’s promote one of our own from Guilford County and we also given credit where credit is due to Millbroook….Briana Day is headed to Syracuse and not sure about the other 7 seniors, but they will be playing on too….

    We promoted the daylights out of P.J. Hairston back in the day and we are still on his bandwagon today…

    One thing I feel like we do here, is stay with a player from start to finish….

    We got your back and we want some of that same love in return….

    If coach Chris East has been reading any of this, he knows we got his back…..

    Any that works hard and gives the effort on the field or on the court and wants to excel and is willing to pay the price, ‘We got your back’….

    We have to keep working to get Paris on that National map and one of our other projects next year will be the big girl, Akela Maize, from Dudley….

    She needs to be Top 100 in the nation right now and we need to get her up to Top 50 by the start of next season…..

    We now need to go do a post on Josh Tobias(SEG) with the Florida Gators, HR’s on Friday and Saturday this weekend….

    Great season Page and it is not to early to be thinking who will be in the Top Five for Page next season???

    Casper….But that is too many guards….Perice Manns, Janie Pearce???

    Campbell Kargo coming in???

    *****I think all of our teams and players need to get more state-wide recognition….I get tired of seeing Charlotte and Raleigh get all of the pub. We are doing our best to get our best people on the map.*****

  15. It’s so hard to make these claims. Great supporting casting for Page which makes it easier for Kea to take advantage of opportunities.

    But to proclaim her the best? There’s a lot of talented private school players in NC that don’t get any mention in Greensboro.

    She certainly a player of note and one to watch. But I’m stopping short of calling her the overall best.

  16. @teamwork, do your research. Read carefully. PARIS KEA DOES NOT GO TO DUDLEY. SHE GOES TO PAGE. COME ON NOW. REG. PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL page. All those school should probably be in their own league. And FYI- Don’t assume she’s an unc girl. Rumors are rumors! Means nothing

  17. Truth Be Told….You knew what I meant with Sam Hunt (Dudley) and Kia being at Page, you knew what I meant….lmbo, I was giving a example to another player in her shoes. Page will be back next year, I beleive for 2013-14. Wherever, she goes, she is a winner in life and the court.

  18. Can we relax with the “ALL KARGO ALL THE TIME” reporting?

    Lots of other incoming freshman on other teams next year. Lots of sponsor money coming from the Page district or something?

  19. Just looking at lineup possibilites for next year….Always interesting when a team is losing players, to see who might be in their starting lineup the following season…

    As far as sponsors go, today would be a great day out on Battleground with a large tin cup….

  20. Love to see Paris play at UNC or NC State or Duke – the ACC would be incredibly lucky to have her. She single-handedly kept her school in the Championship game Saturday. I agree with the person who said Paris reminds him of Andrea Stinson. Andrea made the Wolfpack an exciting team to watch while she was there. Kay Yow once said of Andrea, “I watch her in a game and I see her make moves on the court I never saw in practice, and may never see again, but she is just that good.” I would buy season tickets to whatever school Paris signed with just to see that kind of magic again. Also, kudos to Coach East, he is a class act who loves the game, loves his team, and respects his opponents too much to kick them when they are down. Wish an ACC college would snag him, too. He knows how to coach talented, but egotistic girls and make them play as “we” instead of “I”.

  21. Page is not just another public school. They have an IB magnet program. There are and have been players who don’t live in district that are attending or recently graduated from page. So they were on the same level as Millbrook.

    Congrats to Paris on a game well played

  22. Who has signed national intent letters from the Page girl team. I am sure somebody graduating will play on the next level?

  23. @Andy…please tell me I misunderstood your Post. You are campaigning for Maize and Kea next year? What about the other upcoming seniors? There are alot of great girls in the class of 2014. This class has a lot of top talent.

  24. When did it become the task of local media to “promote” in order to get players recognized?

    Results are what get you noticed and the kid delivered. A local media site like this needs to stick to reporting and not artificially driving of recognition of players with family connections.

  25. Gumbo – certainly respect your right to your opinion, but in my “opinion” you are missing the point about this website. This is not the “media”. Andy’s purpose in this site is to report scores and local sporting news and to “promote and give publicity” to local athletes. Stats do speak for themselves, but the local “media” doesn’t always report them because of resources and time constraints. Greensboro Sports and Andy go out of their way to “promote” student/athletes. Family connections have nothing to do with it. Sorry you feel differently. You don’t have to come on the site if you feel that strongly about it.

  26. Growl Alum

    Have you seen North Carolina A&T or Hampton girls play yet? Are you sure that Paris is far greater than those conferences? Or better yet do you actually think she would walk right in and dominate? You might want to rethink that.

  27. If we can get the scouts in here to look at Kea and Maize on a National level, then in turn, other players will be seen and recognized too…

    We have to get those scouts in here and if we do, we have won half of the battle….

    We just about have to go National….Right about now we have kids like Kea and Maize on the horizon and we have to quit laying back and letting Raleigh and Charlotte get all the attention and we need to bring it on in here….

    Why start with kids like Maize and Kea? They are already on the map to a certain degree and if the others are good enough, they will get the attention and be seen too…

    We can’t bring them all up from scratch, they have to have some of the necessary skills when they come in here…

    I have been one of the biggest Rouse fans around here for at least two years and I hit her bandwagon hard this past season….

    If you want your players to be seen and heard of, send them our way, if not good luck and it will be hard, because nobody is going to work or promote this basketball scene, as hard as we do here….

    Got to be taking it to the streets and I know for a fact that we can get the word out…I have seen how the people respond and I don’t see them responding like this at other sites….

    Thank-you for all of your support and for follwing the site, it has been a great year and the off-season is settling in…

    We will keep trying some new things and some of them may seem crazy, but to get there, you have to ‘jump into the fire’….

    Do you want to go ‘Big Time’???

    Come on in and to your advantage, this is not a paid site….There are so many sites that are ppaid sites and people are paying the money to get the info and they are not getting half as much as they get here….

  28. Thanks to Paris and Akela and all the other girls that are playing so well for setting an example for the younger girls. There are lots of younger girls coming up. If you don’t believe me try to get your daughter on a 6th or 7th grade AAU team. There are more teams than ever and their rosters are full with 12-15 girls earch. This is a great thing not a bad thing! There lot’s of room for good female basketball players.


    Lets be clear here. Why are we mentioning Paris and Akela in the same breath? Secondly there have been other players that have come through here that have set the bar for them to follow. Lets make sure we use setting the example correctly.

  30. How come when our Southwest Cowgirls were State Champs and we beat Milbrook that no one was saying Zena Lovett was the Best player in the State?

  31. Now the season is over for Page. Is Coach Jones going to get the senior players into DI schools on Basketball Scholarships?

    Now the real playoff (payoffs) begin.

  32. That is a good point. Who got the MVP of that game, Jessica Pone or Zena?

    I know I was there when they both committed for college and maybe all of this now, shows you how much the girls basketball has grown even since then and that was just three years ago….

  33. What was it on Grimsley?

    Turmae Lucas to Florida
    Nicole Hargraves to Charlotte
    Amber Cook to Maryland Eastern Shore
    Krystin Fields to Wilmington
    Jasmine Alston to Towson


  34. Great years, I hear you. Give credit where it is due. She fed them all. Did they complete? So what was the leader to do? She did what a smart PG/ Leader should do. Was no need for contact. did you notice her driving? Watch the game.on time water. That’s how she ended up at the free throw line. 10\10. Did you see Milbrook crashing in to prevent her from crashing the boards. Smart deffense because they already know what she can do. She was tripled team and still manage to pass the ball. When her teamates couldn’t finish she did what she was suppose to do. Shoot shoot shoot! Or they would have looked like they didn’t belong there. She did her thang. Walk on water?

  35. Their was a lot of shots takien by other page pirates. If they had made free throws and lay ups they would be up,on the scores also. This is not to knock girls.. They were just nervous and wasn’t ready for that level. A 3rd of Kea shots was made at the free throw line. Page pirates made it and they should hold their heads up.

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