Great season for the N.C. A&T Aggies, but they need to start recruiting local and our other college teams need to do the same:Time to start showing your ‘Aggie Pride’!

Great run by the N.C. A&T Aggies this basketball season and even though they lost to Louisville last night, 79-48, they did beat Liberty by one in the ‘First Four’ and A&T brought a ton of attention to Greensboro and to the MEAC….

The only problem is, these guys need to start recruiting local…There is so much local talent that is going to waste and that talent is going elsewhere and they need to be going to A&T and to our other local colleges like UNCG, Elon, High Point U, WSSU, Guilford College, Greensboro College and the like…

N.C. A&T needs to go after these local kids….The kids they have over there now are good kids, but for the most part, nobody has ever heard of them…Get some locals in there and build with that local recognition….

Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford HS) committed to Winston-Salem State yesterday and he could have been a good fit for A&T or UNCG….How do I know, I have seen him play….

Don’t let these kids keep on getting away….

There is something to be said about having a local kid on your local team….UNCG has it in baseball with Nin Marrero(Western Guilford HS), Ray Crawford Jr.(Dudley), Dylan Thompson(Southern Alamance) and they have had a few others over the years…Elon has Alex Swim(Northwest Guilford) in baseball and they have John Spain and Tuc Phan from Page in football….Guilford College has Macon Smith in baseball and a truck load of players in football…..A&T and Greensboro College have a few locals in football(Ricky Lewis, Warren Scott and few more), but tell me, where is the ‘local love’ in basketball???

Like I was saying, there is something to be said for building from local and it is one thing if you don’t see or have any local talent, but the local talent is here….

From the Greensboro Day School, Reggie Dillard is going to Presbyterian, Christian Hairston to Furman and Reed Lucas to Army…N.C. A&T, UNCG, Elon or HPC should have grabbed at least one of those kids…John ‘J.T.’ Terry is still available from what I hear and Montrell Goldston is still on the dock too, waiting for his ship to come in over at GDS….

Montay Brandon went down to Florida State from WES and I think he may come back home one day and where would/could he play???? How about N.C. A&T or UNCG, or maybe HPU or Elon too….

What about some of the other fuuture kids or even the current kids???

That JT Williams kid over at Smith could help one of our local teams, be it A&T, UNCG, HPU, Elon, Greensboro, Guilford or even GTCC……What about Devan Gregory over at Dudley or how did we let Sam Hunt(Jacksonville U) get out of here….He would have been a great fit for A&T, UNCG, Elon or HPU too….

Cody Hylton and Nick Powell at Nothwest Guilford need a stop and why not one of these local institutions?????

Mohammed Tijani is runner from NEG and he can run and could run the basketball court for one of our local teams. Tijani is also a very dependable shooter, who can get to the basket with the best of them….May be looking at the Greensboro College program, since his brother Luqman Tijani went there…

Why don’t the local colleges tap into some of the local high school talent??? Wes Miller said on the UNCG TV ads that ‘We are Greensboro”….Really??? Show me some Greensboro talent on your teams…..Get some Guilford County kids in there and let them show their stuff and stuff it for the fans, that will be showing up from within a 25-30 mile radius to see them play…..

A&T needs to be looking at this Donovan Gilmore kid over at Wesleyan….He could and would be a good fit for them….You may say he could go higher than A&T and maybe so, but if he goes higher will he playing higher or riding the pine???

Burn the pine and get these local kids into the game at the local colleges….Every school/college needs at least one coach who is responsible for the players that go away and then start looking to come back home….I’m saying come back home and play for us…..If Jonathan Frye is not going to play up at APP, come play for us over at UNCG, A&T, HPU or Elon too…..

Look at that kid that HPU got this season off of the rebound from Virginia Tech…You know, the kid that had the heart problems and he went over to HPU and he lit it up…That kid could have helped A&T…He wasn’t local, but if he stuck around here a few years, he would be…..

A&T and the other schools have to get these kids out into the local community so we will know who they are…..Plus we still have kids that are coming along that all of the local colleges need to be looking at…..

K.J. Langley over at Southwest Guilford is going to be a good find for one of our local schools….UNCG, are THEY even looking at him??? His dad, Keyford, played for you guys and started at the point back in the day….

What about the Hill-Mais kid over at Page??? ‘Local Man’, he’s your man…..Khalil Vance, over at Dudley, could play some college ball…..Mike Bass down at Southeast Guilford could play for Greensboro College or for Guilford College….

Why do you let all of these locals keep on leaving town??? Are you coaches ashamed of your local products??? I’m out here doing all of the work for you, but you local college coaches aren’t follwing up on my tips….

A&T let’s get that Devan Gregory kid….Let’s lock down that Montrell Goldston fellow, give Gilmore at WES an early call…..I think Diante Baldwin from High Point Christian Academy is back on the market, as a point guard….UNCG had him on the chart, but I think that fell through….Go get him….N.C. A&T, Elon U and HPU too….

You can’t start all locals, but we need to quit watching all of the top talent keep on leaving town, cause the local college coaches are letting them get away….

Like I said earlier, I can’t keep on doing all of your work for you, cause you guys aren’t giving me the time a day, but it is time to quit letting our locals get away….

There goes Dillard, Hunt, Hairston, Lucas, Kent, Kobani, Leach(at least he ended up in Winston), and more….A&T ought to be on the Eaves kid(Page) and Graves(Page) right now….Would make a super package deal….

N.C. A&T is in the limelight right now and now the field is yours locally for the taking…..Go get ’em while you can, and then send me a report…..

I have done all that I can and you guys at A&T did a GREAT job of spreading the Aggie Pride around the country….Many people are still talking about it, but it is time you go do something with it…..

You don’t have to go far, shop and buy local…”Aggie Pride” lives right here in Greensboro and Guilford County and we have plenty of local high school basketball players right here under your nose, that are ready to yell, “AGGIE PRIDE” at the top of their lungs…..


*****And remember, always show your Aggie Pride.*****


  1. By being in the MEAC, they lose access to about 35% of Div I caliber players who are white.

    Hard to try to pull for them when that divide is intentionally in place.

    Not trying to start trouble or cause controversy on this forum. I’m glad a local team made it. But honestly I would have been more pumped if was UNCG where players from all nationalities would get recruited. I understand the history of the MEAC but I just feel like it’s time to get past separate but equal.

    Is that wrong to feel that way? Would they recruit a white or Hispanic player? I’m sure they wouldn’t prevent them from trying out.

    Again, just posing the question for intelligent discussion and not to divide.

  2. Gumbo have you seen A&T’s baseball team or other MEAC baseball and tennis teams. Do your research before you make a silly blanket statement like that. The problem Andy with recruiting local kids especially in basketball…is that these kids actually think that they are better than what they are, or someone is telling them that. By the time that they realize that no major D1 school is going to offer them the schools like A&T and Winston have already signed someone else.

  3. It wasn’t a silly blanket statement because I was asking about basketball. Why call it silly?

    I have not seen those teams. But let’s focus on basketball.

    Would they recruit or use a basketball scholarship a white or Hispanic player? Have they ever recruited a white or Hispanic basketball player?

    I don’t know the school. I’m not originally from this area.

  4. They would offer the scholarship to the best player that they could find. That may be a better question to ask their previous white assistant basketball coach.If you can find a white or hispanic guy around here that fits their need i will personally introduce him to the head coach.

  5. I hope that would be the case. I can’t imagine the personal conflict any A&T basketball coach would have searching for recruits and having one parameter be the color of a kids skin.

    I feel like if I were a black basketball coach at A&T, it would be a slap in the face to anyone who has fought for equality.

    I can’t think of a negative: Expand your fan base, get you access to 35% more recruits, more donations, more game attendance, likely some national attention about it.

    Although I’m sure there would be some backlash from lesser minds. Seems unavoidable in today’s society.

    But it would a pioneering moment in equality and how appropriate it would be to happen in Greensboro!

  6. Would love to see some white kids playing for A&T….A&T has had plenty of white baseball players in the past and they have had several on the football team too…Charlie Jones(OL) from Grimsley is over there right now on the football team and we have seen scores of non-black kickers on the Aggie football team over the years and a few other linemen too…

    WSSU had a white QB a couple of years back(He’s the head coach over at WS Reagan right now)….There have been several highly successful white basketball coaches in the CIAA and a few white players too…The coach at Virginia Union, I think it was, was white and they won it all in the CIAA a number of times…

    Lots of white students at A&T and why not a few on the basketball team….Everybody carries their books the same way and this should not be done just to get a white kid on there, they need to be qualified and exceptional players and there are number of them that do qualify and would probably love to play for A&T and especially right now with all of the hoopla….

    The AGGIES are looking to take over that title, “Greensboro’s Team” and these developments that were are talking about here would go a long way in establishing that concept…

    “AGGIE PRIDE”, inside and outside….

  7. To Gumbo – let me be the first to tell you that this was a very stupid statement on your part. If you are going to ask about the basketball team equality, then you should also be asking about the other teams such as tennis, track, etc. Afterwards you must consider what happens at other schools such as UNCG, State, Harvard or Duke. Why won’t you ask if Duke has more blacks on their soccer or lacross team. This would open Duke up to nearly 45% of the US population that they don’t have represented within those teams today. It is sad and yet stupid to have to entertain someone throwing rocks from the outside that really does not care about the school regardless. It would manner if A&T had zero or 6 whites on the team, you don’t appear to be someone that would attend their games at any point. The bottomline is that people attend games when teams win. I am sure A&T or UNCG with survive without the likes of Gumbo.

  8. Well there’s one o those lesser minds I spoke of.

    Why is it stupid to put a question out there? Is this something that is not to be asked? That’s foolish.

    What rocks did I throw? And what does Duke have anything to do with it?

    All I was wondering is that if there’s a player that was a good fit for A&T, would A&T recruit him (or her) for their basketball team regardless of the color of their skin. Would they? Have they in the past?

    Denying opportunity based on the color of someones skin is wrong. Period.

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