When running sometimes you get chased by a dog and sometimes ‘you’ are chasing ‘the dog’!

Had never seen this before, but was running today and from my recollecion, I have many times over the years been chased by a dog or two, but today that all changed and instead of being chased by a dog, this afternoon, I was chasing the dog….

Doing the ‘Saturday Afternonn Special’ today, with 25(40’s) and in so doing the 40 yard or so sprints, I was just about finished and was on maybe my next to the last 40….

The take-off on the last few 40’s is always pretty quick and I looked up and I was running along side of a car that was going maybe 20-25 miles an hour….That number is always hard to gauge, but as I was running along and keeping pace with the car, all of the sudden I heard a dog barking and there was a dog with his head sticking out of the window of that car, that I was chasing down the road….

I was not only chasing and keeping pace with the car, I was also chasing the dog, even though the dog was not driving the car….He was in the car and he sure was barking his lungs out at me, as I chased him and his car….

Kind of got me thinking as I was finishing that running outing and I did come to this insightful conclusion…..I have not yet seen it all, but today, I did see that some time or another, you will end up getting chased by a dog and in the end or near it, you may also end up chasing the dog one day…..

Every dog has his day as they like to say and today, that dog over off of Benjamin Parkway, had his day…..He was being chased by a human, instead of having to run after his competition….

It is true, sometimes you get chased by the dog, and then again, sometimes you end up chasing the dog…..

*****No matter what, if you are on the exercise trail, you will end up winning in the end.*****


  1. was it lassie?he might have wanted you to come save little Timmy-it might have been rin-tin-tin leading the charge to the watering hole -are you sure you didnt have a kitty cat in your pocket?Roy Williams might be chasing a jayhawk tonight -dont think he can catch him

  2. Me thinks Andy enjoyed a few adult beverages before he went running and his own “beer run” race.

  3. That’s the way it was and if I can find that dog, you can ask him…..

    The way that dog’s face looked he must have been named Fuzzy….

    I remember a few years back when somebody asked if if I saw the horse race last night, and I said, “see it, I was in it”…..

  4. I thought I saw ole’ Duke from the Beverly Hillbillies today and he was chasing another wild dog named Creighton…..

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