Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Today/Tonight Scoreboard:SEG, WG, HPC, HPA, NWG, NG and Ragsdale with FINALS!

Northern Guilford 11, Morehead 7
WP:Kevin Bell 8K
LP:Spencer Odell
Northwest Guilford 11, Glenn 2
*****Might be a bit off-base, but this has got to put NWG and HPC right up there at the top of the PTC…*****
Ragsdale 6, WS Parkland 0
WP:Matt Horkey/LP:Allen Widener
****See full Ragsdale report with Mike Ellis*****
High Point Central 2, East Forsyth 0
WP:Trevor Gay complete game 2H 9K
LP:Zack Scudder complete game 2H 8K

001 010 0 2 HPC
000 000 0 0 EF

*****Very big win for HP Central and that ought to have them in first place and they might be tied up with NWG…Northwest Guilford lost that one conference game to Ragsdale right??? Just one conference loss for HPC right???*****

From the Graham Easter Tournament…
Final:Western Guilford 17, Durham School of the Arts 0
*****DSA could just not paint that outside corner today and they end up getting whitewashed….SEG vs. WG on Friday and its a whole new ball game.*****
+++++Also on Friday in Game One you have Western Alamance vs. Eastern Alamance and they start at 4:30 and then it is SEG vs. WG at 7:30pm at the Graham Middle School.+++++
End of 4 Innings:Western Guilford 17, DSA 0
*****Can WG catch and match that SEG total from earlier? Would that send out a statement, probably not, but all in days work.*****
End of 3 Innings:Western Guilford 13, DSA 0
*****John Iorio with a three-run HR for WG…*****
End of 2 Innings:Western Guilford 10, DSA 0
End of 1 Inning:Western Guilford 7, Durham School of the Arts 0
*****Adam Foster pitching for Western Guilford*****
(Looks like a collison course for SEG vs. WG on Friday, at the GMS.)

High Point Andrews 14
WS Carver 12

Qualin Price gets the win came in 2nd inning no hits struck out 16. 1-3 at plate 3-3 stolen bases. Nick Chadmon 1-2 triple 1-1stolen base . Bailey Willis 2-3 and 2-2 stolen bases. Davon Underwood 1-2 .Jordan Rogers 1-2 2 rbi ‘s 2-2 stolen bases.Randy “Nat ” Norris 1-3 3 runs scored 3-3 stolen bases. . Justin Lea 4-4 stolen bases 2 runs scored. High Point Andrews Stole 16- 16 in stolen bases.

Final from the Graham Easter Tournament:
Southeast Guilford 26
Burlington Christian 0
(5 Innings)
WP:Christian Banda
LP:Josh Folwell
*****Some of those partial numbers for SEG:Josh Blackwell 3-3/2 Runs/3 RBI…Carmine Pagano 3-3/Dcuble/2 RBI….Plenty more numbers, but just a drop-in from two guys that had a perfect day at the plate, according to the internet broadcast….*****

End of 2 Innings at the Graham Easter Tournament/Headed to the top of the 3rd…
Southeast Guilford 10
Burlington Christian Academy 0

Josh Folwell pitching for BCA Royals and Christian Banda on the hill for SEG Falcons….
*****Back-to-back-to-back-to-back Doubles for SEG, now 10-0 SEG in the top of the second…Sweet, Gardner, Banda and Pagano with doubles for SEG…*****
*****Josh Blackwell already has two hits(2-2) and 2 RBI for SEG Falcons…*****

11 thoughts on “Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Today/Tonight Scoreboard:SEG, WG, HPC, HPA, NWG, NG and Ragsdale with FINALS!

  1. Most tested team in the tournament so far…Eastern Alamance, 6-1 winners over Chatham Central on Wednesday in 8 Innings…

    All of the other games have gone just 5 Innings with:
    Western Alamance 25, Graham 4
    Southeast Guilford 26, BCA 0
    Western Guilford 17, DSA 0….

    We ahould see some much tighter scores on Friday at the GMS….

  2. HPC 001 010 0 2
    EF 000 000 0 0

    WP Trevor Gay complete game 2H 9K
    LP Zack Scudder complete game 2H 8K

  3. All not well over in Kernersville at Bobcat land. Turmoil in dugout! Things going south quick in Kvegas!

  4. Looks like Western and SE got a hold of some cup cakes tonight. SE is talented, Western has not beaten anyone creditble ! Maybe you can schedule a game with the NC School of the blind next week! Put some meat on the schedule!

  5. Cupcake, Are you saying to keep drawing until the teams are more evenly matched? Come on man, it’s a tournament. You’ll end up playing the hard teams as you go through each day.

  6. Hey Cupcake City, your comments sound
    like those of a bitter “never was” and
    because I’m fairly sure you aren’t perceptive
    enough to understand that insult I’ma break
    it down for ya… that’d be a step below
    “a has been.” The teams you referred to
    to went to the field to play a game. They
    were in no way awarded responsibility for
    choosing their opponents.
    I suggest you find a hobby that involves
    an activity in which you can use your time
    and energy doing something other than
    salivating over the chance to insult a bunch
    of high school baseball players, you
    anonymous coward.

  7. Oh really? Western hasn’t beaten anyone credible? What about Ragsdale just last week? Or Page Wednesday night? It’s not their fault that there are three weak teams in the tournament and had to play a sorry team first round. By the way western’s non conference schedule is not cupcake unless northeast, northwest twice, Ragsdale, eastern, and southwest (who is having a down year) is a cupcake schedule.

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