Fan Voting – Players of the Year Results

Below are the Results for the Fan Poll. Players are sorting in the order oftheir vote count.

Boys Public School Player of the Year
Total votes: 20084 total votes

  1. Nick Powell (Northwest Guilford)
  2. Terrell Leach (Southwest Guilford)
  3. Sam Hunt (Dudley)
  4. Mohammed Tijani (Northeast Guilford)
  5. JT Williams (Smith)

Girls Public School Player of the Year
Total votes: 27574 Total Votes

  1. Paris Kea (Page)
  2. Moriah Davis (Dudley)
  3. Shaylen Burnett (Southern Alamance)
  4. Amanda Coffer (Northern Guilford)
  5. Imani Watkins (High Point Andrews)

Boys Private School Player of the Year
Total votes: 2627 Total Votes

  1. Christian Hairston (Greensboro Day School)
  2. Theo Pinson (Wesleyan)
  3. Reggie Dillard (Greensboro Day School)
  4. JaQuel Richmond (Wesleyan)
  5. Diante Baldwin (High Point Christian Academy)

Girls Private School Player of the Year
Total votes: 2222 Total Votes

  1. Ronata Rogers (Greensboro Day School)
  2. Sarah Beal (New Hope Christian Acadmey)
  3. Asia Milton (New Garden Friends School)
  4. Tamera Thorpe (Greensboro Day School)
  5. Keniece Purvis (New Garden Friends School)

Wild Card Player of the Year:
Total votes: 9345 Total Votes

  1. JT Terry (Greensboro Day School)
  2. Houston Miller (Vandalia Christian School)
  3. Chelsey Coleman (Page)
  4. Jackson Kent (High Point Christian Academy)
  5. Cody Hylton (Northwest Guilford)
  6. Kennedy Currie (Dudley)
  7. T.J. Logan (Northern Guilford)
  8. Ty Graves (Page)
  9. Kanayo Obi-Rapu (New Garden Friends School)
  10. Harry Giles (Wesleyan)
  11. Callie Patterson (Eastern Guilford)
  12. Mike Kobani (High Point Christian Academy)


  1. Andy – Are you all going to post the All Area team information posted by the News & Record the other day. It was an interesting list of players for girls and boys.

  2. Kinda strange that all the private school awards went to GDS students. lol, figure that one out.

  3. AAU COACH! That’s mean to say. Specially being an Aau coach. It’s rare any public school have a stacked team but for you to say that about the girls. So who are you hating towards? Which girl.? You either dislike the best of them or the least best of them or else why would you say that? I guess you just want to go back to the old school players. Let it go and move on already. Everybody can’t go to private school. Don’t make them no better. In fact they are no better than the public school. Public school girls hold your head up. Although you have not been hand picked they are still talking noise about you so they must lkmow.

  4. I agree! Private school players aren’t any better than public school girl players. My daughter went to public school & some would say she was one of the best players in the area. It’s not the school you go to that makes you the better player, it’s the player that makes the most out of the situation/school they are playing at. It’s up to that child to make themselves better no matter where they are playing!

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