North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association names Rocky Mount’s Brown as POY/Paris Kea(Page HS) First Team All-State

Rocky Mount’s J’Kyra Brown was named the top girls basketball player in the state by the N.C. Basketball Coaches Association.

Junior Paris Kea was named First Team All-State as were Briana Day and Ryan Flowers from 4-A State Champ Raleigh Millbrook…

CLICK HERE to check out all of the girls on all of the teams….First-Third…


  1. POY is not voted upon until the season ends. Shay had better production during the conference year but Paris stat’s (scoring wise) improved quite a bit during the state playoffs. Those that vote for the all state teams often pay more attention to what is happening during the playoffs then just the regular season. I am sure the Hicks kid that won POY for the state was helped by 2 items – #1 he is going to Carolina and #2 he had a monster game in the state finals. If Page had won the state finals, I would bet she could have been player of the year because that is what voters would have remembered more.

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