Right Touch Floor Covering has them stacked up as we look at our new High School Baseball/Softball Polls

Tommy Adams at Right Touch Flooring has been stacking them up with the High School Baseball/Softball Polls….Tommy has you covered and be sure to see his ad on the right side of the page here at the site….
High School Baseball Poll with the Guilford County Public Schools:(All records based on your current MaxPreps numbers)

1)Southeast Guilford(13-2)
2)Northwest Guilford(13-3)
3)High Point Central(10-3)…..HP Central Bison have won 8 games in a-row…
4)Northeast Guilford(10-5)
5)Northern Guilford(9-5)
6)Western Guilford(9-5)
9)Eastern Guilford(7-7)

Here is our go on the softball throw:(Girls Public School Softball Poll)

1)Southeast Guilford(12-1)
2)Northwest Guilford(8-3)
3)Northern Guilford(7-8)
4)Western Guilford(3-4)
5)High Point Central(5-6-1)
6)Southern Guilford(5-7)
7)Eastern Guilford(5-8)
9)Southwest Guilford(3-4)
10)Northeast Guilford(1-2)

Boys Private School Baseball Poll:
2)High Point Christian Academy(11-3)
3)Westchester Country Day(8-4)
4)Caldwell Academy(4-5)
5)Vandalia Christian(2-2)

Just Outside the Area:

1)Southern Alamance(13-2)…Southern Alamance has won 13 of their last 14 games…
2)Western Alamance(11-3)
4)East Forsyth(8-7)
5)Eastern Alamance(6-6)
7)McMichael(5-11)….Much, much better team than the record will show….

Randoplh County Roll Call:
5)Providence Grove(8-5)
6)Eastern Randolph(6-6)
7)Southwestern Randolph(2-11)


  1. NW Baseball is 13-3 overall

    Maxpreps has NW losing to Glenn 1-2 when NW actually beat them 11-2… 3 losses have been @Ragsdale, North Davidson, and over the break- New Bern

  2. Made the switch and that did look a little bit strange and so they have played twice already right???

  3. Next HP Central-NWG game ought to be a real good one and I think that game will be in High Point…..

  4. Correct, NW went 2-0 against Glenn

    Tomorrow night @SW is what everyone is focusing on right now… one game at a time!

  5. One pitch at a time, one inning at a time and yes, ‘one game at a time’…..

    Who has the ‘Big Game of the Day’ tomorrow?????

  6. Western is still stinging from last year, after Grimsley put in a pinch hitter who hit a solo home run to win the game. That was over at our place and we have not forgotten. I think this is a tale of 2 teams going in opposite directions.

  7. This should make you feel better Hornet. The kid that won the game last year was not suppose to get an at bat that game. He was certainly not a pinch hitter since he had maybe one other at bat all year. He pinch ran for DJ Reader an inning or so earlier.

    DJ was just back from his foot injury that kept him out all season. To give DJ a break coach put in Lapacca Sigler to run for him after DJ go on base. He ended up due to a complete coaching blunder being forced to be inserted in the game for DJ.

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