Thoughts and impressions from last night’s NCAA Title Game:DEFENSE!

First and foremost impression was the defense…..

I don’t know that I have ever seen teams play defense like that in a college basketball game….They were going crazy on defense…Bodies were flying and players were diving and again, I was shocked at the level of defensive intensity…

Where did that come from??? On inbounds passes, as the ball was being brought across halfcourt, along the sidelines…..I had never seen defense like that before….There was a lot of team-defense, but the individual effort, was of the likes that I had not seen before, on this level……

I was also nearly blown away by the Siva kid from Louisville…..That kid had ‘no-fear’ written all over him and he was a major difference-maker for Louisville….Burke, from Michigan, had an similar impact, but ‘Siva was believing’……

Yes and that final score was, Louisville 82, Michigan….


  1. Was a great game to watch. Where is the link to the Shane Rib Shack bracket contest. I would like to see where the Gfan and little fans came out.

  2. We took it down so we could get our baseball broadcast link up there….

    Jeff Joyce was the WINNER over Tyler Parr in a TieBreaker….

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