Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight:SG, Page, NWG, Caldwell, WA, SWR winners so far tonight

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Page 5
Grimsley 0

WP:Brendon Nail(Complete Game)
LP:Zach Massey
HR:(Page)Nick Schofield(Three run home run)
Kyle Smith in relief on the hill for Grimsley with 5 innings of work and gave up no earned runs….

Southern Guilford 2
Ledford 0

Northwest Guilford 9
High Point Central 8

WP:Jesse Juday
LP Hansen Butler 4 innings/7 runs

Caldwell Academy 9
Burlington Christian 4

WP – Young
LP – Cox
Leaders – Caldwell – Young 6IP/13k, 3-5; Welch 2-4, 2 2B, 4RBI; Holley 2B

Western Alamance 19
Eastern Alamance 1

Southwestern Randolph 8
Northeast Guilford 7

LP:Jacob Watkins
NEG hitting:Austin Elmore 3-5…Carter Williams 3-4/HR…
SWR hitting:Daniel Reese 3-4….Bryson Cranford 3-5….Sam Adams 2-4/2 Doubles…Travis Gordon 1-4/HR….


  1. Page 5 Grimsley 0

    Shutout by Brendon Nail who pitched a terrific game tonight. I think we had a total of 3 hits and not sure how many strikeouts he had.

    Nick Schofield had a three run home run.

  2. NWG 9
    HPC 8

    WP J Juday?
    LP H Butler 4 in, 7r

    NW got to Butler early, triple on 1st pitch of game and 6 runs in first inning. HPC finally scratched there way back in it with 2 runs in the 3rd and 4 in the 4th. NW respond quickly with 2 runs off Josh Wilson to make it 9-6. HPC made it interesting in the 7th with 2 runs but a pick off and botched sac bunt prevented them from coming all the way back. HPC 6-2 in conf, think NW is 7-2. Beane 2-4, McLean 3-4 and Gay 2-4 led the HPC offense.

  3. Thank-you GFan and HPC….You guys stepped up and got us the scores and good job guys….We needed them and you two came through….

    Thanks again….

    *****You a good man GFan…..Just trying to get everybody lined up before the rack takes over….*****

  4. NWG 9. HPC 8
    NW led 9-6 going to bottom of 7th. HPC got first two runners on and NW brought in Swim. With nobody out and runners on 1st & 2nd , runner at 2nd got picked off when catcher through behind him. Swim walked 3 consecutive batters to force in a run and a base hit by Zach McLean made it 9-8.
    With bases still loaded and one out HP tried a suicide squeeze and when the batter missed the ball the runner at third was caught in a run down and tagged for the second out. Swim then got a K for the final out strandind two runners.
    Sloppy game by both teams. Lot of errors and balls dropping in that should have been caught in outfield.
    With the win NWG takes a 1/2 game lead over HPC with a 7-2 PTC record. HPC falls to 6-2 with the loss.

  5. 7 runs off Butler came with 5 e’s in the 1st 2 innings. 3 e ‘s in the first inning should have been 0-0 after the 1st, you cant charge Butler with 7 runs.

  6. Thanks Mike E…..Good info and update on the HPC-NWG game….

    I put a call in to NEG but no news late….

    We hit it hard for a Thursday, but what else is new, you guys always come through and that is why we have the best score/update/info site around….

    On to Friday and just a thought question…..

    For all the teams that played tonight, does that mean they won’t be playing on Friday/tomorrow night…..

    Thanks again for the scores and info guys….No off nights when you want to know who won…..

  7. Just got off of the phone with Coach White at NEG and they got knocked off by SWR 8-7…

    NWG now (4-2) MPC and Asheboro is at (4-1)….Southern Guilford and Ledford looking to make a run at it….

    Thanks to Coach White for settling that NEG-SWR score for us….

  8. Sounds like the only people that got to Butler at HPC were his own fielders. You make 5 errors in the first 2 innings and you’ll get to any pitcher. It’s a team game.

    As to Swim throwing 2 days after a complete game, pretty common nowadays. Most coaches want the kid up and throwing a short pen 3 days after a start anyway. The high school coaches are worried about winning. They say they care about a kids arm but it the heat of battle emotions usually win out. Other area coach do the same thing. Some kids can handle a small dose of this, some cannot.

  9. Sounds like the makings of a very good rivalry with NWG and HPC but we need to lay off of the kids and coaches so they can get back on the field today and return to business….

    Both teams have worked hard to get where they are this season and the game should still be played between the white lines….

    Under Coach Morgan, High Point Central is now right in the middle of the conference race and he has built this program from the ground up and there are so many positives surrounding that program now, we need to leave it at that….

    NWG has been there for many years and with the talent pool ooming in from Oak Ridge, Colfax, Stokesdale and Summerfield, they aren’t going anywhere….

    Good battle between NWG and HPC and maybe we’ll see you guys meeting again in Round 2 or 3 of the tournament….

    Until then, let’s keep it on the field….

  10. Your kidding, right! NW batted around the first inning meaning that
    NW hit Butler. In 2 pitches NW was up 1 to 0 and then it stated. Funny
    How there is no mention of the 9 errors by NW that let HPC
    Back into the game. Defence was terrible on both sides and made for a
    Very ugly game to watch.

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