Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball Today (4/12/13)

Several games were played on Thursday and some may not get going today due the wet fields and potential rain in our area, but here is the lineup as we have it for today….High School football players, your off-season trainer is ready for you….Carmine Pagano, at Carolina Acceleration….See his ad on the side of this site….

*****The biggie and not to take anything away from the other teams, but this is it, this is “The Big One’ tonight…Southern Alamance(15-2/7-0) at Southeast Guilford(14-2/7-1) 7pm and this will be putting first place in the Metro 4-A on the line….This might be the biggest game in the state tonight, on the high school level……*****
Another big one will be Southwest Guilford at Ragsdale 7pm….A lot on the line in the PTC 4-A in this contest…Big, big one for Eastern Guilford at they travel to face Burlington Williams 7pm and the EG Wildcats have won something in the neighborhood of 5 games in a-row and that hasn’t happened in a while….Also on the basepaths today we have….Eastern Alamance at Northern 7pm…Big/Major Mid-State 3-A battle here….Plus we have more…..

WS Atkins at High Point Andrews 5pm
Smith at Western Guilford 7pm
McMichael at Western Alamance 7pm….Mighty big conference game here in the Mid-State 3-A….
Wesleyan at Greensboro Day School 5pm
Bishop McGuinness at North Stokes 6pm
Westchester Country Day at TC Roberson 7pm…..Major matchup here also….We all know that TC Roberson is usually loaded….


  1. Eastern Alamance at Northern 7pm. Hawks looking to avenge a 1 run loss earlier in the year that included 6 hit batters and broken bones!

    Mid-State standings bunched again with 3-way tie for first.

  2. Hey Hey Mr Cowboy how about those Lady Tigers,as you were saying the other night, Glad to have you at the Den, Yeeeeeep Yeeeeeep, Yeeeeeep, that’s 2 in a row those lady’s beat you, now you can saddle up and have a bumpy ride back to the ole ranch.

  3. @ Tiger Tale….both teams played equally well tonight . Neither team deserved to lose. And yes Yeeeep, Yeeeep!! Should have come over and said hello! Sucks losing to Lady Tigers! Hats off to both pitchers and exceptional fielding!

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