Explosions rock finish line at Boston Marathon:Injuries reported

BOSTON — Two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon have resulted in injuries.

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2 thoughts on “Explosions rock finish line at Boston Marathon:Injuries reported

  1. In my opinion, it’s disrespectful to share that gruesome photo of the guy in wheel chair with his legs blow apart. You may feel differently.

  2. Lots of different photos and video….Numerous reports and diffferent numbers coming in….

    Were the photos with WRAL, ESPN or N&R???

    Trying to post as much info as possible and let’s what others think as well and I apprciate your opinion and would love to hear what others are saying on this too…

    On my end just trying to get up as much info from as many different sources as possible with as many different resources as possible and using to links to bring the info in….

    Need to hear and see more on this one….The first thing this makes me think of and again, I haven’t had the time to see or read a lot on it yet, it makes me think of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games and the bomb that went off there…

    Richard Jewell was blamed and arrested and Eric Rudolph was the culprit and he was later apprehended in the North Carolina mountains up near Brevard, I believe…

    Maybe because both involved major sporting events, Olympics and Boston Marathon….

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