Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight:HPC, SWG, EG, NF, BW, WCD winners so far

Don’t forget the Sporting Goods and Equipment at Graham Sporting

Final:Eastern Guilford 14, Southwestern Randolph 5…WP:M. Johnson/LP:J. Lamb…..EG hitting:Andrew Robinson 5-5/2 Doubles/2 BB’s/4 Runs/4 RBI…Ryan Hackett 2-3/Double/3 Runs/1 RBI…Caleb Robinson 3-4/Double/4 Runs/3 RBI…Luke Robinson 2-4/Double/BB/3 RBI…H. Ballard 1-5/RBI…..Flowers, Gray and Horne with 1 run each….

Final:Burlington Williams 5, Ragsdale 2…WP – Sam Shoe: 7 IP, 4 hits, 2 R’s, 1 W, 6 K’s…
LP – Nick Corey (0-1): 0.2 IP, 5 R’s, 4 hits, 1 W, 1 K

Final:Southwest Guilford 7, Western Guilford 4…WP:Alex Verouden/LP:Andrew King

Final:High Point Central 11, High Point Andrews 0 (6 innings)
WP:Alex Burnette…Tyler Wilson had two hits, including a triple that scored the game’s final run, while Eli Schram had two hits, Will Johnson had a two-run single and three stolen bases, and Zach McLean had a sacrifice fly and an RBI-triple for HP Central, which got two runs in the first, second and fourth….Offensive info from Michael Lindsay at the High Point Enterprise…

Final:Westchester Country Day 8, Davidson Day 3…WP:Adam Kirkman
WCD Stat leaders:
Luke Puckett 2-3 3B
Myles Sowell 3-4 3B
Donnie Sellers 1-4 Solo HR

Final:North Forsyth 13, Dudley 3 (5 Innings)…WP:J. Christian/LP:Kevin Murphy
Dudley batting with 7 hits overall:
2B: X. Burcutt, T. Majak
TB: K. McAllister, E. Harris, K. Pruitt, K. Murphy, T. Gromko, X. Burcutt 2, T. Majak 2
RBI: K. Pruitt, T. Majak 2
FC: X. Burcutt
SB: K. McAllister
CS: C. Williamson

North Forsyth batting:
2B: H. Grubbs, J. Christian 2, S. Mussetter
HR: B. O’Hara
TB: H. Grubbs 3, J. Christian 4, B. O’Hara 4, B. Kiger 2, S. Mussetter 2, H. Bass, N. Noah
RBI: J. Christian 2, B. O’Hara 4, H. King, S. Mussetter, N. Noah 2
ROE: H. King
HBP: H. Grubbs, J. Christian, B. Kiger, N. Noah, D. Coleman
Top of the fifth inning:North Forsyth 13, Dudley 3
Top of the fourth inning:North Forsyth 12, Dudley 3
Bottom of the third inning:North Forsyth 4, Dudley 1
Top of Second Inning:North Forsyth 3, Dudley 1

Final:SWG 7, Western Guilford 4
End of 6 Innings:Southwest Guilford 7, Western Guilford 4…Now pitching for Western Guilford, Reid Flippin…
End of 5 Innings:Southwest Guilford 6, Western Guilford 4…Now pitching for SWG, Patrick Coble…
End of 4 Innings:Southwest Guilford 6, Western Guilford 0
End of 3 Innings:Southwest Guilford 5, Western Guilford 0
End of 2 Innings:Southwest Guilford 5, Western Guilford 0
End of 1 Inning:Southwest Guilford 2, Western Guilford 0

Western Guilford at Southwest Guilford under way….Andrew King pitching for WG and Alex Verouden for SWG….


  1. Westchester country day defeats Davidson day 8-3 after being down 3-0 for the first three innings. I believe Adam Kirkman got the win on the mound for the cats. This game was played at wake forest university.

  2. Ledford wins over Southeast Guilford in softball tonight 11-6.

    Winning pitcher – Emily Boger
    3 run homerun by Bailey Griffith

  3. Marion did get the start and he pitched the first three innings and left behind the Adam Kirkman came in and pitched three innings and the cats scored their 8 runs within that period. Donnie seller pitched a scoreless 7th inning.

    Stat leaders

    Luke Puckett 2-3 3B
    Myles Sowell 3-4 3B
    Donnie Sellers 1-4 Solo HR

  4. Just checked with official book. Tyler Marion pitched 4 innings. Left with the lead. Adam Kirkman pitched 2. Donnie Sellers pitched 1.

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