Why they do that?

Getting word yesterday that at the recent Guilford County School Board meeting, the vote came up to name Northern Guilford High School’s football stadium, ‘Johnny Roscoe Stadium’ and there were quite a few of the board members in favor of this and I think it was board member Darlene Garrett that brought up the motion for the vote to the floor….

Amos Quick was quick to be against this and he put in a motion to not vote to name the stadium Johnny Roscoe Stadium, but to name the Northern Guilford High School football stadium, ‘Nighthawks Stadium’ and to name the playing surface/field, ‘Johnny Roscoe Field’…

Nighthawks Stadium and Johnny Roscoe Field….Why not just name the stadium, ‘Johnny Roscoe Stadium’…..The coach led his team to three straight NCHSAA 3-AA football titles and that ought to be enough to get the football stadium named after you wouldn’t you think and he started the football program from the ground up at Northern….

Coach Roscoe nows lives on his farm down in South Carolina and he still keeps in touch with many of his former players on a daily basis….Checking in to see how they are doing and having some kids down to the farm on Spring Break for a field trip….

Maybe I am wrong on this stadium naming issue, but it is open for discussion, as long as we can keep the discussion civil….

Also why don’t they go ahead and name the Western Guilford High School football stadium in honor of long-time coach Doug Henderson…..He won a State 3-A Title…..Southern Guilford stadium named for coach C.K. Siler…Long-time coach and beloved in the SG commuinty(did not win a State Title)…Well deserved on the part of Coach Siler, must have coached at SG for at least 30 years…..Northeast Guilford HS football stadium named for Coach Bill Bookout, and I don’t think Coach Bookout coached varsity football at NEG….He was a great middle school football coach and he used to talk to me during the games and I was on the opposing team…That was kind of neat…Coach Bookout great soccer and wrestling coach at NEG….Ragsdale stadium named for Kenneth Miller and not sure what he did at Ragsdale, maybe an academic administrator/principal…NWG stadium named for Roscoe Billings, the former principal at the school…..Page named for football coach Marion Kirby…Grimsley named for football coach Bob Jamieson….Smith named for football coach Claude Manzi….High Point Central and High Point Andrews play at Tony Simeon Stadium named for former High Point Central coach Simeon….Southeast Guilford named for former football coach Bill Slayton…..

There seems to be a trend….Football stadiums named for former football coaches and the “Stadium” named for the coach and not the field…..Let some of the fans, students and players have a say in this, why not?????

I like the idea of the ‘Johnny Roscoe Stadium’…..Why not bring it up to the name the Western Guilford football stadium the ‘Andy Durham Stadium’ since I played there for many years and now I am a famous local sports writer and sports blogger….This may make all of the people at the school so mad, that then maybe they will wise up and name it the “Doug Henderson Stadium”…..’Andy Durham Stadium’ or ‘Doug Henderson Stadium’, it is time for the people to decide…..

Just a few a ideas and you remember what the lady on ‘Saturday Night Live’ used to say , “Don’t Get Me Started, Don’t Even Get Me Started”…..I think that there may have been a comic from the past that used to say this too, but not real sure…..

Good title for this one…..

“Why they do that?”


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  2. Northern Guilford football stadium should be named Johnny Roscoe Stadium.

    The Andy Durham Stadium idea is a stretch.

  3. How about Chuchu Charlie Pannell Electrical Panel for the electrical panel that runs the sound system at SEG?

  4. They are probably wanting to have it like Duke with Cameron Indoor Stadium and Coach K court.

    Or maybe wanting to be able to sell naming rights if that becomes allowable again one day.

  5. For whatit’s worth, Roscoe was very successful for 6 years, but naming a stadium for someone with such a short history is a mistake. If the new coach comes in, stays 20 years, and wins 7 state championships, do you name the home side bleachers after him? Just my opinion!

  6. Makes for an interesting case, but for the guy that started the program from scratch and then won Three titles in a-row, you never know maybe that is enough…..How long was Coach Roscoe there, 7 years??? The two JV years, two years with Keenan Allen and then the three straight titles, is that right? Maybe pretty close….

    Not sure how long Claude Manzi was at Smith, but he never won a State Title, but Smith did make it to the State Championship game, but didn’t win the 4-A Title….Maybe around 1973???

    Dudley won back-to-back State 3-AA Titles with Coach Steven Davis in charge, but the Dudley stadium name is already gone….

    Maybe the Coach Steven Davis Field one day???

    Length of serivce is big and if Northern finds a coach that comes in and wins 7 state titles that would be big too….

    Hard to find a scenario where coaches stay at one school 20 years any more, but it is not beyond the realm of possibility, just not very likely…

    All makes for a very good discussion and you have to think, getting the field named in your honor is better than nothing….

    Lots of ways to look at it and the field and the floor remain open for discussion….

    Speaking of coaches, Southwest Guilford is still looking for a coach and I wonder who will get that job???

    Any potential candidates floating around out there???

  7. I say name it after Roscoe! That way everytime you go to a Northern Football game you remember all the controversy that surrounded him and that team!

  8. It will definitely let everyone remember Coach Roscoe and the boys that he led to 3 straight State Championships! As far as remembering football controversy, I cannot agree with that. I have had a player there from the beginning. I agree if someone else comes in and stays 20 years and wins 7 state championships, absolutely they should be honored. But do you wait around for that to happen? At that time, could you put an application in to make it a co name? Like Carter-Finley stadium did? Just a thought. I would like everyone to understand that it was a football parent who turned in the application. Coach Roscoe came in and started it from nothing, and competed at the varsity level for four years and won the state championship 3 times in a row. You cannot negate that fact, so this is why the Northern athletic family wanted to keep Roscoe’s name around forever to remember where it started amazing it was to win 3 in a row. I appreciate everyone’s comments. I ask that you think about the players and parents who are passionate about this and please give them constructive comments. Thanks so much!

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