Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball Today/Tonight for (4/23/13)

High Point Christian at Calvary Baptist 4:30….HPCA won on Monday 12-1 over CB..
High Point Andrews at WS Carver 5pm…Prime win opp for HPA…
Wesleyan at Forsyth Country Day 5pm…15-0 WES on Monday…
Asheboro at Northeast Guilford 7pm…Senior Night at NEG and a share of First Place on the line…
Caldwell Academy at Westchester Country Day…WCD riding pretty high, golden chance for Caldwell to go in steal one, but it all comes down to the pitching and it always does.
Eastern Guilford at Eastern Alamance 7pm…EG still on a roll, as they roll into Mebane.
Glenn at Ragsdale 7pm…’Tiger Time’ or ‘Bobcat Time’, time to put it all on the line tonight…Playoff spots on the line and the conference tournament coming up next week with seeds waiting to be planted…
McMichael at Burlington Williams 7pm….MAC lost a heart-breaker to Northern Guilford last night and are their backs broken…We will find out in Burlington at BW tonight…
Northwest Guilford at East Forsyth 7pm….NWG has the top spot in the PTC right now and will EF look to be a late-season spoiler…SWG over EF last night with Scudder going all-out and how much does EF have left???
Page at Dudley 7pm….Dudley grabbed some steam with their win at Western last night and now can the Panthers pull off their second straight upset in as many nights….Page wants to lock down that #3 spot in the Metro and the Pirates come in at (6-4) and Dudley is at (2-8) Metro..
Southern Guilford at Southwestern Randolph 7pm…SG is making a run in the MPC and they want to continue that run at SWR tonight…Storm have been finishing strong and the win over Asheboro last Thursday night proves/shows it….
Southwest Guilford at High Point Central 7pm…If HPC goes with Butler it will be tough for SWG to take it and SWG got another BIG win last night over East Forsyth, so nothing is beyond the realm of possibility now for the Cowboys…Will Johnson, Josh Wilson, Tyler Wilson have all been real tough lately for the Bison and Matt Dale has been carrying a heavy load for SWG…
Western Guilford at Southeast Guilford 7pm….WG used Andrew King, Adam Foster, Nino Marrero and Reid Flippin last night on the hill in the 8-5 loss to Dudley, but one of those guys has to be ready to start tonight against SEG….Foster may be your best choice and may be facing senior Cody Ezzell from SEG…If not Ezzell, than SEG would go with Devin Sweet and he has been real effective recently for the Falcons….
Grimsley at Southern Alamance 4:30pm…”To be the best you have to beat the best”, so why not go ahead and do it if you are Grimsley…Could be the perfect night for it, but SA may be thinking otherwise and we shall see….VARSITY at 4:30pm and JV’s to follow…..
Rockingham County at Northern Guilford 7pm….Senior Night for NG.
Morehead at Western Alamance 7pm…Senior night for WA.
(I think we have everybody on the game board now!)

*****Special thanks to Enad Haddad, Bill Ahrens and others that helped out with the broadcast of WG-Dudley, last night from Western….Enad on the baseball end and Bill Ahrens on the setup end…They came through very BIG last night and thanks to Bill and Enad, both working very hard on Monday night, to help us out at WG….*****Good win and a tough wind out there last night…..3-0 Dudley early on big HR by KJ McAllister, then WG goes up 5-3 and then the walks and wild pitches mount up and Dudley mounts their comeback and they go on to win the game 8-5 and our Time of Game must have been right at 3:15 last night…Also thanks to Don Moore at who produced the game for us from his home studios….Last of listners and good night for baseball, even with the WIND….*****

+++++Still curious as to what the final score was in the NWG-WS Parkland game last night???+++++


  1. Anybody know the up to date standings in the Piedmont Triad? Wanna look at possible matchups in playoffs for team I follow……

  2. Rockingham at Northern Guilford 7pm.
    Senior Night for NG.
    NG trying to keep pace with EA and WA for top spot in Mid-State.

  3. NWG 10 Parkland 5
    Northwest clinched the number 1 spot in the PTC and will win conference outright with a win tonight @ East Forsyth

  4. Southwest 4 – Central 3
    WP – Zach Saylor – complete game 5k’s
    LP – Ryan Kahne

  5. @NWG win when it counts. You could not even win tonight. The conference tournament is next, but I know we will go deeper into the playoffs than NWG. Post when you get eliminated early. Go EF!

  6. Southern Guilford – 7
    Southwestern Randolph – 0

    WP: Ryan Hedrick (7IP, 13 K’s)
    LP: Reece Daniel

  7. Things really got shook up tonight in conference.
    SW beat hpc . Makes Sw 6-5 , hpc 7-4. East beat nw. Makes east 6-5. Nw clinched conference. Ragsdale beat Glenn. Glenn is out and done– bobcats miss playoffs for first time since ’88??. Not good in bobcat land.
    Ragsdale , east and Sw are all on the edge of their seats for Friday night. SW is pretty assured 7-5 in conference with parkland on Friday. Imagine cowboy fans will be rooting for glenn friday night…that wont happen ever again probably. Let’s see how it plays out!

  8. Gotta give the HPC coach credit. He tries to develop a deep pitching rotation. He knows he will need more than Butler and Gay in the playoffs. He could ride those 2 if he wanted. You’ll need more than 2 pitchers in the playoffs.

  9. NEG should be calllin soon…

    What was the score on NWG-EG??? Saw where East won, but what was the score???

  10. SWG should finish 7-5. Hats off to coach holmes and his team after being 3-5 at one point and losing a heartbreaker to Ragsdale. Dale and Saylor stepping up big for SWG. Ragsdale at worst will be 7-5 but would win tie breaker with SWG due to series sweep. It gets crazy if Ragsdale, SWG, and East Forsyth all go 7-5. If Ragsdale beats HPC then EF, HPC, and SWG would be 7-5. Peidmont 4A Conference is a dogfight.

    Btw, Glenn not out of the playoffs yet. If they can win the conference tourney they can earn a spot and bump someone out of the 4th spot.

  11. Proud of SWG this year, knew it would be pretty rough going into the season but a very strong effort with each game. Ready to see if they keep the ball rolling into the conference tourney and raise the trophy at the end. (Which should have happened in last years championship game) but that’s another story itself for those who are familiar.

  12. yep. SWG got beat down and robbed blind by the umps in that game at Ragsdale against E Forsyth for the PT4A title. Probably the worst call I’ve ever seen. Everybody there saw it except for the men in blue.

    Anyway – Ragsdale is in the drivers seat for second place but they have the toughest game at Central.

    I have no idea how a three way tie for third would get sorted out between EF, RHS and SWG or HPC, EF and SWG.

    One of those teams could be stuck with winning the tourney to climb out of fifth and into the playoffs.

    As for Ragsdale – great pitching again from Matt Horkey. He and Tim Ambrose have been pitching great lately.

    Really happy to see senior Bryson Harrald with the walk off three run blast to end his senior night game. Storybook right there.

  13. Bison Man– hats off for trying to develop more pitching??? Thats what you do early in the year in those non conference games, for situations like last night. You have Gay who had 4 days rest and could have thrown last night. Butler hurt?? You threw Wilson in a non conference game Saturday that meant nothing. So your left throwing your # 4 man. Thats what you call thinking you dont have to throw your best to win and it back fired on you. SW left approx. 10 runners on base…a hit here or there that game is over in 5 by the 10 run rule. Believe the Bison true colors are showing down the stretch!

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