Conference Standings for the Last Week of the Baseball regular season

Metro 4-A Conference Standings:
Southeast Guilford(10-1)
Southern Alamance(10-1)
Western Guilford(5-7)

Games on Friday:Dudley at Grimsley/SEG at Page/Smith at Southern Alamance….

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Standings:
Southern Guilford(6-3)
Northeast Guilford(6-3)
Southwestern Randolph(4-5)
North Forsyth(2-7)

Games today(Thursday):NEG at Southern Guilford/Ledford at Asheboro/SWR at North Forsyth….

Mid-State 3-A Conference Standings:
Western Alamance(10-3)
Northern Guilford(9-4)
Eastern Alamance(9-4)
Eastern Guilford(6-7)
Burlington Williams(6-7)
Rockingham County(3-10)

Game Today:Eastern Alamance at Rockingham County…Games on Friday:Western Alamance at Eastern Guilford/Burlington Williams at Northern Guilford….

Pac 6 2-A Conference Standings:
High Point Andrews(3-5)
WS Atkins(3-6)
WS Carver(0-9)

Games today:HP Andrews at Wheatmore….Friday:Trinity at WS Carver/WS Atkins vs. Randleman/Randleman vs. HP Andrews

Here we go and I think a few of these still need to be updated, but this is what we have for now on the Central Piedmont 4-A Conference:
West Forsyth(7-2/19-5)
North Davidson(6-3/15-7)
Davie County(5-4/15-5)
WS Reagan(4-5/12-8)
WS Reynolds(4-5/12-8)
Mount Tabor(1-8/5-15)

5 thoughts on “Conference Standings for the Last Week of the Baseball regular season

  1. Andy waht about the standings for the Central Piedmont? A lot of our area schools will match up with N.Davidson, Davie, West Forsyth, etc…

  2. Here are the CPC standings going into the final games tomorrow:

    West Forsyth 7-2
    N. Davidson

  3. Sorry, Let’s try this again. CPC records as of today

    West Forsyth 7-2 (19-5)
    N. Davidson 6-3 (15-7)
    Davie 5-4 (15-5)
    RJ Reynolds 4-5 (12-8)
    Reagan 4-5 (12-8)
    Mt. Tabor 1-8 (5-15)

    The conference records are correct. I’m nor sure about the overall records. With 1 game to go for everyone, the seedings are still up for grabs. The following matchups are tomorrow: West/N.Davidson, Davie/Reynolds, Reagan/Mt.Tabor

  4. Thanks for the update on the CPC….We were pretty close to the mark…Had all of the overall records correct, but somebody must have gotten a little bit over-ambitious on the Conference numbers at MaxPreps…..

    Good edit material and thanks again….

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