Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Scoreboard:High Point Central wins ‘BIG ONE’ and NWG tops WG, SWG rolls over Parkland/Dudley, SEG, NG and WA winners

*****More Softball from Friday:Southeast Guilford 8, Page 0/Northern Guilford 5, Burligton Williams 1…*****

Don’t forget Graham Sporting Goods at….
Northern Guilford 3, Burlington Williams 0
WP:Matt Kaplan(13 K’s/Complete Game) Kaplan now at (6-0) on the season….HR:(NG) Brant Williams
Dudley 4, Grimsley 2
WP:Kevin Murphy/LP:Zach Massey
Western Alamance 7, Eastern Guilford 4
WP:Breydan Gorham/LP:Andrew Robinson
Southeast Guilford 10, Page 0
(5 Innings)..SEG’s Devin Sweet – one walk away from a perfect game. 11k’s
High Point Central 12, Ragsdale 2
101 00x x 2 Ragsdale
023 16x x 12 HP Central
(5 innings)
HPC T Gay 3ip 5k 2r, J Wilson 2ip 0r
HPC 8 players with at least 1 hit. Will Johnson 2-4 2rbi, Trevor Gay 2-3

Northwest Guilford 7
Western Guilford 6

Southwest Guilford 16
WS Parkland 0
(5 innings)

East Forsyth 4, Glenn 3
Greensboro Day School 10, Ravenscroft 2

Wesleyan 9, Forsyth Country Day 1
Vandalia Christian 24, Berean Baptist 2

Stats on Dudley’s 4-2 win over Grimsley…
Dudley Batting:
2B: X. Burcutt
TB: K. McAllister, C. Williamson 3, E. Harris 3, X. Burcutt 2, T. Gromko 2
RBI: E. Harris, K. Pruitt
SAC: K. Pruitt 2
GIDP: A. Tilley
SB: C. Williamson, E. Harris 3, X. Burcutt, D. Miller
CS: C. Williamson
PO: K. McAllister, K. Pruitt

Grimsley Batting:
2B: J. Simpson
TB: J. Simpson 2, C. Leonard, S. Chafin 2, K. Smith, J. Jarvis
RBI: K. Smith
SAC: G. Stafford
FC: J. Simpson
HBP: S. Chafin
PO: T. Irvin

Stats from the Western Alamance 7-4 win over Eastern Guilford:
Western Alamance:Hodge 1-3/HR…Sam Foster 3-4/3 Runs…Pierce 2-3/1 Run/RBI….Breydan Gorham 1-4/2 RBI/1 Run…Blake Deatheridge 1-3/RBI…Brock Deatheridge 1-4/RBI….Michael Olonoski 1-3/Run….
Eastern Guilford:Hunter Ballard 3-4/1 Run/RBI…Ryan Hackett 1-3/2 Runs…Luke Robinson 2-4/RBI..Marque Johnson 1-2/Run…K. Lundy 1 RBI…Caleb Robinson 1 Run


  1. Northern Guilford pitcher Kaplan continues to look strong (3 – 0 win, 7IP, 13K’s last night).

  2. Any schools have a coach sharing info on conference tourney dates out here? Particularly Peidmont 4a? Location? Dates? Times? Need to plan work schedule.

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