Conference Tournaments start this week for the area high school baseball teams:SEG, NWG, Trinity, WA and ASHE #1 SEEDS(Metro, PTC, PAC 6, Mid-State and MPC=’s we have them ALL!)

Round One Games at home field of higher seed.

Metro 4-A looking like:
SEG is #1 SEED
More concrete news on the Metro 4-A Baseball Tournament
Southeast Guilford 1 vs. Winner of GHS/WG on Thursday 7pm
Southern Alamance 2 vs. Smith 7 (@SA) on Wednesday
Page 3 vs. Dudley 6 (@Page) on Tuesday…PAGE-Dudley winner vs. SA-Smith winner on Friday at SEG 7pm…
Western Guilford 4 vs. Grimsley 5 (@ WG) on Wednesday
FINALS on Monday May 6 at Southeast Guilford High School…..

*****#6 Dudley at #3 Page
#5 Grismley at #4 Western Guilford
Have to see who got the top seed, SEG or Southern Alamance??? Top seed with bye and #2 seed vs. Smith…..Round Two games move on to #1 Seed field as the host for Semifinals and Finals….******

Piedmont Triad 4-A and Mike Ellis is working on getting more on this one for us….
NWG is #1 SEED
Looks like:
#7 WS Parkland at #2 High Point Central
#6 Glenn at #3 Ragsdale
#5 Southwest Guilford at #4 East Forsyth…..NWG vs. 4-5 winner….2-7 winner vs. 3-6 winner….
*****First Round games at the home of the higher seeded team and the semifinals and finals will be at East Forsyth this year…I remember being over for a Monday night final, a few years back/ago…*****

PAC 6 2-A Tournament
Trinity #1 seed bye
Wheatmore # 2 seed bye
Randleman # 3
Atkins # 4
HPA # 5
Carver # 6

HPA vs Atkins Tuesday at 7 at Randleman….
Winner gets 4th seed in conference….
Randleman vs Carver Tuesday at 5:00 pm at Randleman….
Winner of HPA and Atkins play #1 Trinity and winner of Randleman and Carver gets #2 Wheatmore….

Here is how the Mid-State 3-A finished and I am at working sorting them out for the Conference Tournament right now…
*****Mid-State 3-A playing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday….*****

#1 Western Alamance 11-3
#2 Northern Guilford 10-4
#3 Eastern Alamance 10-4
#4 Eastern Guilford 6-8
#5 Williams 6-8
#6 Morehead 5-9
#7 McMichael 5-9
#8 Rockingham County 3-11
*****Tie-seeds have been determined by print info from the Burlington Times-News….Your source for high school baseball in Alamance County.*****

#5 Burligton Williams at #4 Eastern Guilford Wildcats in the first round of the conference tournament.
#8 Rockingham County at #1 Western Alamance….Semifinals and Finals at Western Alamance the #1 SEED in the Mid-State 3-A Conference…Tuesday

BW-EG winner vs. RC-WA winner in Round Two at highe seeded team…Wednesday

#7 McMichael at #2 Northern Guilford
#6 Morehead at #3 Eastern Alamance….Tuesday

MAC-NG winner vs. MORE-EA winner at higher seeded team….Wednesday

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Conference Tournament
#6 Southwesten Randolph at #3 Southern Guilford(Monday at 7pm)
#5 North Forsyth at #4 Ledford(Monday at 7pm)

Looks like the MPC is going on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with semifinals on WED. at Asheboro:
#2 Northeast Guilford vs. SWR-SG winner…
#1 Asheboro vs. NF-LED winner….Andy’s guess is that they will go with game at 5pm and game two at 7:30pm…
Finals on Friday at Asheboro, the home of the ZOO…


  1. NWG vs. 4-5 winner between SWG-East Forsyth….

    WG-Grimsley matchup set for Wednesday at Western Guilford has Western topping Grimsley earlier in the season, 15-1 and Grismley stopping WG at Grimsley, 6-2….

  2. There you go and I have done enough research for you folks to cover the state of Rhode Island….

    Did we miss anything???

  3. Nw will play winner of 3 vs. 6 game. Which is Ragsdale and Glenn.
    Sw and east winner will play winner of hpc and parkland.

  4. NW will play the winner of the 4-5 matchup between East Forsyth and SW. Also first round games in the Piedmont Triad 4A are at the higher seed and the second round games/championship game are at last years conference champion which was East Forsyth.

  5. Piedmont triad 4a bracket
    1 has bye
    2 vs. 7 winner plays winner of 4 vs. 5
    3 vs. 6 winner plays #1 seed who had bye.
    4 vs. 5 winner plays winner of 2 and 7.
    #1 and 3 could meet and 2 and 4 could meet. Or 1 could play 6 and 5 could play 7 so on and so on.

  6. They should put in charge of running these tournaments with the job we have done in setting all of this up….

    Got to go with 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 and they should be playing all games in the semis and finals at the site of the #1 seed…Should be done that way…..#1 Seed should always be the host of the tournament….

    That way you know every year, where things will be going on….

  7. I know the tourney starts this Wed, what about the semi and championship dates? Thanks for your help

  8. In the past they(PTC) have gone WEDS, Friday and then finished up on Monday….

    Always have done the finals on Monday and Metro 4-A is doing their finals on Monday this year too…Mid-State 3-A is going Tuesday-Thursday….MPC going Monday-Wednesday and Friday….

    Conferences going all different directions for tournament dates….

  9. That’s what I was guessing.
    Thank you Mike and Andy for all your help on these tourneys!

  10. You do always know where they will be, East won conference and that’s were semis and championship is, not hard to figure out.

  11. I could be wrong, but I think that piedmont triad 4a determine host based on last years conf. Tournament winner not 100% sure. I know 5. + years ago it was rotated around so each school would have opportunity to host.

  12. Andy you should do the post game interviews with players and coaches like you did for basketball.

  13. The Piedmont Triad 4A host site has nothing to do with who won conference. It goes between Guilford County and Forsyth County. They switch every year

  14. The word is East has it this year cause they won the Conference last year…

    That is hard to keep up with, cause all that is based upon what happened last year, a year ago….

  15. We may do some of those baseball interviews for the tournaments…There have been a lot of lopsided scores in the regular season and not as much to talk about, but that should all be changing now…

  16. Three way tie for 3rd place in the Pied/Triad 4A, shakes down like this. Ragsdale holds the head to head tiebreaker over the other two with East next in line. Ragsdale is already in. East gets in as long as a lower seed doesn’t win the tourney. Southwest must win the tournament to make the playoffs this year.

  17. word is SW has to beat East to get in. They are tied and that is a tiebreaker game

  18. East Forsyth has the tourney this year. Why? I don’t know and it really doesn’t matter. I doubt it has anything to do with who won the previous year. Ragsdale hosted last year and they weren’t the defending champs.

    As for the playoffs piedmont/triad has it right. Ragsdale is in as the three seed and so is East as the four as long as SWG, Glenn or Parkland doesn’t win the tourney.

    As for SWG it doesn’t matter who they play. If they win the tourney they are in and E Forsyth is knocked out.

  19. Some think it unfair for the Conference Champ to host each year and they just move the tournanment around on a floating basis….

    Wonder what the inquiring minds are thinking???

    Should the regular season CHAMP/#1 SEED be the host of the Conference tourmanent each year???

    Lots of people talking and looking at this…..

  20. Whoever said it earlier is correct. Whoever wins between East and SWG makes the playoffs. If 2 teams are tied in the regular season whichever goes further in the tourney makes the playoffs. Says Ragsdale loses to the 6 seed. They will have to play the loser of East/SWG to see who gets the last spot.

    This is the case in the Mid State as well. EG and BW tied in the regular season. EG holds the tie breaker so they get the #4 seed for the tourney. If BW beats them then they get the #4 and EG gets the #5 for the playoffs

  21. Here is the deal……if SWG beats EF but doesn’t win the conference tourney then SWG is left out…..AFTER being EF 2 out of 3….and having an identical league record. Absurd! If a spring break game that pits two conference teams against each other CAN have bearing on final standings…..then why can’t a league tournament game play the same factor……this is a case where a group of kids is being wrongly left out…..period end of story….the NCHSAA is WRONG!!!!!

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