Austin Bain(Southeast Guilford HS) pitches Randolph-Macon College to the 2013 ODAC Baseball Championship

FANS GO INSANE, LET’S HERE IT FOR BAIN:Austin Bain, son of Buck Bain and a former Southeast Guilford Falcon….Austin takes his team to the title, while pitching and winning the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!

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SALEM, VA – Randolph-Macon Baseball knocked off top seeded Bridgewater College 6-2 to capture the 2013 ODAC Baseball Championship Monday night. Michael Trentham was named Most Outstanding Player as the Yellow Jackets placed five on the All-Tournament Team.

R-MC starter Austin Bain(Southeast Guilford High School) allowed just one earned run in six innings of work with a strikeout for his first collegiate win.

R-MC’s victory runs their record to 22-16-1 as they secure their fifth Old Dominion Athletic Conference Title in school history, second in the past three seasons. The Championship locks up the ODAC’s automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament as the Yellow Jackets knocked off the Eagles who finished conference play 19-1 and were unbeaten in the ODAC Tournament heading into the final day.

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Win: Austin Bain (1-1) – Randolph-Macon
Loss: Robert Gallet (6-4) – Bridgewater (Va.)


  1. Way to go Austin !! I hear your teamates call you George— I also hear your RM teammates rally around you and have confidence in you. That is just like the old days at SEMS and Freshman year at Southeast– Your Falcon teammates always knew you were a winner. Few freshmen pitchers have winning pitcher in the conference Championship on their resume.
    Four Freshmen from Southeast Guilford are starting for their respective college teams this year and Austin you just added the word Champion beside your name. We call you Austin and your Randolph Macon teammates call you George but now you and your teammates earned the right to be called Champions.,Now give them heck in the playoffs and aim for the D3 World Series. Love ya kid (CHAMP!!)
    Coach Charlie Pannell

  2. I can’t believe that Guilford or Greensboro College didn’t jump on this kid.

    How did the local teams let him get away and go win a Title for a team up in Virginia?

    What’s going on around here?

    This kid had talent and his own hometown didn’t even give him a chance and both of the the schools are D3 just like Randolph-Macon.

    Why do you have to go so far to get an education and play baseball these days?

    Bain is a big time thrower and he deserved better than some team up in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    I bet Bain could have helped UNCG or Elon.

    We lost another good one and now he is a champ.

    Good job Bain. Even if you did go away to Virginia.

  3. Do you know for sure they did not offer, but if they did and he declined it probably has to be a reason, go to guilford and GBORO and look around,lots of kids not wanting to be there, just what I’ve heard before,but any way congrats to him.

  4. Good job Austin Bain. Just wished he would have gone to Guilford and helped Guilford get that ODAC Title. Why can’t Guilford get one of those and get more local talents like Bain?

  5. Great job Austin! I’m proud to know this fine kid from a great family and a heck of a ball player even when he was 10.

    If I comment on the other stuff I will get an earful from Chicken George so I better just say, great job kid we knew you had it in ya!

  6. Great job Austin. Proud of you! It’s not easy playing college ball and juggling all your other school responsibilities. You are a winner!

  7. Why would be want to go to Guilford or GC when he could go to Randolph Macon for his education anyway?

  8. Guilford has strengthened it’s reputation over the years and is a good academic, and for some, a good athletic choice. One thing they fight locally is most Greensboro kids want to get out of Greensboro. The complaint from many Greensboro athletes when discussing Guilford is they want to get out of town. Can’t blame a kid for wanting to experience something different. Part of going to college is leaving home.

    Randolph Macon is also a good option for both academics and sports. From an athletic standpoint they are in a good conference with limited travel so family can see you play. And for those of you that don’t know, the academics are good. Granted, there is not much to do in Ashland, Va. Ashland can make Greensboro look like New York City when it comes to social activity however RMC is only 20-30 minutes or so north of Richmond Va.

    I remember watching Austin pitch in HS. Always felt he did a good job, was effective and competed on the mound. I can’t say if he could have played at UNCG or Elon although from the looks of things it appears he made a wise choice in RMC. He appears to be having good success there. For the most part kids that are recruited athletes end up where they are supposed to be. Seems to me Austin made a great choice for himself. Congratulations to the young man on his success.

  9. Maybe Guilford and Gboro has improved,And Guilford is good academically,but congrats is right,getting out of town and Guilford and Gboro are not going to win anything, at the Baseball level,Correct me if I’m not right, guilford did not even make there conference tourney this year,and also could be that people want to be around a different surrounding,Not to sure about Gboro but I have seen some grumbling about guilford on here, but its probably just that Grumbling because they are not winning, Remember a lot of people think winning is everything, and at the college level it does not matter what level if you do not when you will be on the Hot Seat.

  10. At lot of kids should look at D3 schools. If you have the grades the D3 schools can and do give more money than your D1’s or D2’s. Of course it is academic and need based scholarships only. Which is an advantage because the scholarships are much more permanent than the athletic grant in aid which is renewable each year and can be taken away at the coaches discresion. Now if your goal is Major league baseball fine. it is like a old scout once said”If you can play they will find you”. D3 schools have scout days in the fall and spring where the Pro Scouts attend and work each player out in a combine. The JUCO’s like GTCC do it also. D3 schools like Guilford and Randolph Macon have sent and do send players to the Major Leagues.
    Lets try to remember it is college baseball with the emphasis on the word COLLEGE.
    There were 50 players working out at Randolph Macon when Austin Bain arrived in the fall. Randolph Macon cut down to 35 kids the maximum allowed. Austin’s roomate was cut but he is still in school and retains all of his academic and need based scholarships. I try to tell folks that D3 baseball is competitive and the way to go for a lot of kids. Ask Macon Smith who left D1 Westrn Carolina to come to Guilford College. By the way I attended a Guilford game a few years back and watched Guilford win both games of a two game series with D1 Rutgers. Thanks Charlie Pannell

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