Carolina Acceleration High School Baseball for today and tonight(5/1/13)

Baseball Tournaments today…
Metro 4-A
Round One:
#6 Dudley at #3 Page 7pm
#5 Grimsley at #4 Western Guilford 7pm
#7 Smith at #2 Southern Alamance 7pm

Piedmont Triad 4-A Tournament
#5 Southwest Guilford at #4 East Forsyth 7pm
#6 Glenn at #3 Ragsdale 7pm
#7 WS Parkland at #2 High Point Central 7pm

Mid-Piedmont 3-A Tournament at Asheboro’s McCrary Field
Semifinals(Have not got behind by using the ‘turf field’/McCrary Field in Asheboro.)
#1 Asheboro vs. # 4 Ledford 5pm
#2 Northeast Guilford vs. #3 Southern Guilford 7:30pm

Mid-State 3-A Tournament
#5 Burlington Williams at #4 Eastern Guilford Wildcats 7pm and still a Round One game….Wet Fields Tuesday…
#3 Eastern Alamance vs. #2 Northern Guilford(Semifinal Game) 6pm
#1 Western Alamance awaits the BW-EG winner for Round Two…..

PAC 6 2-A Tournament at Randleman High School(TODAY)
Round One:
Randleman vs WS Carver TODAY 5pm at Randleman
High Point Andrews vs. WS Atkins TODAY 7pm at Randleman


  1. Fire up the grill Hornet I’m coming over for burger(s) tonight. I hope you guys are nicer to us than that 15-1 game earlier in the year.

    Also why does it rain every time we come over?

  2. Gfan, Seems the rain has hung around all week. Hopefully we get it in. I have a bold prediction. Whoever scores the most runs wins!

  3. Eastern Alamance 6
    Northern Guilford 0
    WP: Blake Walters, 2 hits, 4 k
    LP: Matt Kaplan

  4. Parkland 6
    HP Centr 17
    6 innings

    WP Josh Wilson

    Southwest 5
    E Forsyth 1
    WP Matt Dale, complete game

  5. Told u cowboys on a roll,whatch out NW here we come,and East will stay home.Cowboys are peaking at right time, Can’t wait for the Friday night lights to take out #1

  6. Cowboys playing good baseball right now , won 7 in a row! Peaking at right time. Have a extremely tough game Friday night against NW. It will take a top notch game to beat a top notch team. I think the Cowboys are headed to the playoffs.

  7. @ Game Summary-

    Funny how normally on here you see all this information on the Ragsdale games from fans and the Jamestown newspaper…..funny how there was no report for the game last night!!!

  8. Ragsdale writer who does all of that for gratis for the Jamestown News and does a great job BTW, has been away on personal business in Florida…..

    Our thanks to Mike Ellis for all of the excellent work he has sent our way over the years…Great stuff and much appreciated….

  9. @ Andy- by no means that comment was not a kncok on Mr. Ellis, I apologize if it came out that way! Just not seeing much out of the tiger fans as we normally do. You know us cowboy fans we speak out win or lose. Again no knock on Mr.Ellis! Thanks for allowing us to speak and out keep the rivals going between the teams on here!

  10. Not a problem….Mike has raised the bar so high with his fine work that he has turned in here and we need to do all we can to speak out on his behalf….

    I may be wrong, but he may have a larger following here, than he does at/with the Jamestown News…

    He is kind of like the local sports man, sort of like a Bill Hass, when it comes to all things Ragsdale High School Athletics and he has been turning out the posts and stories/articles for a long time now and again, Mike, Thank-you sir, for your fine work during the 2012/2013 school year and going back to all days of Mike Ellis with Ragsdale/Jamestown Sports….You are ‘The Ragsdale Man’…..And not to be confused with ‘The Marlboro Man’, just keeping it light and right….

    Thanks Mike….

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