End of transfers in Guilford County:It is all about the LEA(Legal Educational Agency)

Or should we ask, “End of transfers in Guilford County?”

They had their big spring meeting of the NCHSAA on Wednesday and they have added new restrictions on the transfers that can and can not occur and what happens if you do transfer for athletics only…No sports for you for 365 days….Are there ways to get around this new rule? We are about to find out, new enrollment sheets for 2013/2014 are due out soon….

Here is the complete content of how the new ruling reads and you will need to read it a few times, to make it all out…..

A new statewide transfer policy for athletics was passed by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association Board of Directors.

–After initial entry into ninth grade and absent a bona fide move as provided in the Residence section in the NCHSAA Handbook:

–a student transferring from a member school to another member school within the same local educational agency (LEA) must sit out 365 days for athletic participation. The LEA may create criteria for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers within the LEA.

–a student transferring from a member school in one LEA to another member public school in another LEA (without a bona fide change of residence) must sit out 365 days for athletic participation. Exceptions for immediate athletic eligibility for transfers from one LEA to a different LEA will be heard by a special NCHSAA Transfer Committee.


  1. Wow, that really will be the end of the private schools participating in public school leagues. Since most pull students from multiple LEA’s. A long time coming in my opinion.

  2. As long as their are academies then I don’t see how this will keep kids from transfer. Kids in Guilford Co were not “just” transferring for sports reasons. This will however be a problem for Forsyth Co schools which allowed kids to transfer for sports reasons. Schools like Reynolds and Mt Tabor will suffer the most. The kids that leave for private schools don’t come back to the public schools anyway.

  3. If a kid transfers from a public school to a private school that plays in a private school conference and the private school schedules a public school, does the kid have to sit out? If the answer to that is yes, then I bet there will multiple lawsuits from the private schools(where the money is)and this will be overturned as it should be. Our educators are so naive about the lack of quality coaches in the public system.

  4. Need to read the rules. Here is a clause that says any local rules over ride this. So Forsyth county may not change. Kids can still go out of county also.

  5. once again public schools are shooting themeselves in the foot. This will only drive some of the best talent in public schools to private schools to play sports.

  6. The new rules don’t affect private schools that aren’t in the NCHSAA. There are 2 new rules one of which is meaningless. If a student transfers from Page to Grimsley, he or she will still be eligible because even though the rule says they have to sit out, LEA’s can allow transfers within their LEA to still be eligible. So a kid who transfers from Page to Grimsley does not have to sit out as long as Guilford County says he can transfer and play. The NCHSAA is not overuling LEA’s (school districts) on transfers within their own district. However, if a student tries to transfer from Page to Mt. Tabor without making a legitimate move (and you can’t just rent an apartment in Winston-Salem or go live with your Aunt), the student has to sit out 365 days and the kid can appeal it, but the appeal goes to a special committee of the NCHSAA which will be very strict and mostly reject these appeals. So basically what they are doing with these new rules is trying to restrict transfers from one school district to a different school district without making an actual, legitimate move. There was also a rule passed for Catholic and Charter Schools in the NCHSAA which says that a kid entering those schools after the 9th grade must live within 25 miles of the school or sit out 365 days. They also implemented the same transfer rule for charter schools that the Catholic Schools have already had which is a kid from a NC public school who transfers in after the first day of 9th grade must sit out 365 days. Nothing in any of this would affect any private school not in the NCHSAA or private school kid not an NCHSAA school.

  7. Mr. Smith are you serious about Paris Kea transferring or are you just kidding?

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