16 year-olds looking to play travel ball be at The Hitting Zone at 10am on Saturday morning

Any and all 16-year olds/high school sophomores and freshmen, looking to play travel ball/Showcase Baseball, be at The Hitting Zone in Winston-Salem on Saturday morning, at 10am….

Advanced level baseball players looking to attend and play in Dirtbag Showcase Tournaments, the Perfect Game Showcase Tournament and more, make it a point to be at The Hitting Zone in Winston-Salem, at 10am tomorrow morning/Saturday morning…..

Time to step up to the plate and if you are ready for serious baseball and you would like to to hit the next level with these showcase events, head on over to The Hitting Zone on Saturday morning….

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  1. Thanks Andy for your help. We had a great turnout this morning at The Hitting Zone. If you are interested in playing showcase ball and woul like information give me a call at 442-7433. Still have a couple of spots open. High school freshmen and sophomores

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