Graham Sporting Goods Baseball Scoreboard – Tuesday, May 7, 2013:SEG Metro 4-A Champs and Glenn Piedmont 4-A Champs in Tournament Action*****Playoffs start on Friday*****

Glenn – 7
Northwest Guilford – 4
(9 Innings)
WP:Cy Fogleman
LP:Jorden Zamrick
NWG-0-0-1-0-0-3-0-0-0….4-4…Errors not recorded on the scoreboard..
*****Alex Hodges with an RBI Double and an RBI single for Glenn to give the Bobcats their early lead….Zack Shoemaker with a Double, Marcus Shoemaker with a single, Colson Everett with a single and Hunter Allen with an RBI for NWG/Also Jesse Juday with a two-run double for NWG…Jesse Juday got the start for NWG, then on came Colson Everett and Jorden Zamrick finished it out and took the loss..Mason Striplin with the start for Glenn tonight…*****
+++++NWG ready to host the Myers Park Mustangs on Friday night in Round One of the NCHSAA Baseball playoffs…+++++

Southeast Guilford – 2
Southern Alamance – 1

WP:Zack Canada
SV:Will Greene
LP:Alec Durham
Will Greene on the mound trying to close it out for SEG Falcons/Greene worked his way out of a bases-loaded jam in the bottom of the 7th to get the Falcons the win….Bottom of 6th SEG got a Triple from DJ Artis and then the go-ahead RBI came from starting pitcher Zack Canada..Alec Durham got the start for Southern Alamance….Win going to Canada and now the Save in the hands of Will Greene….Per coaches and SEG book…
*****SEG due up to play WS Reagan at home in Round One of the playoffs on Friday night, while SA is set to host the Ragsdale Tigers on Friday evening…


  1. Gotta give cat coach credit. he does more with less. His team had no business winning that tourney but he motivates his kids instead of tearing them down. Weakest Glenn team in years and he pulled them through. Hats off to the kids for believing in their coach and executing his plan.

  2. Have to agree with well I’ll be about Glenn coach. Excellent motivator of kids and promotes kids, doesn’t try to tear them down.

  3. I can think of 1 school that has had more talent than NW and done less with it. However the night belongs to Glenn and hats off to those kids and cat coach. Congrats. They never quit and believed in their coach.

  4. Both games had delays tonight…NWG-Glenn started a half hour later due to rain and lightning strikes and SEG-SA was delayed due to the lightning…

  5. According to NCHSAA website the #2 PTC team plays #3 Metro. So since Glenn won PTC doesn’t that give them the 1-seed not 2? That would mean Page wouldn’t play Glenn but they would play NWG instead…please explain…I may just be confused.

  6. I am wondering who won between Orange and Cardinal Gibbons – They played tonight for a single; winner take the conference #1 seed into state, game…..Does anyone have a score?

  7. I think NW is #1, Glenn #2, HPC #3 and Ragsdale #4.

    So i think the playoffs go like this: Myers Park @ NW, Page @ Glenn, HPC @ Southern Alamance and Ragsdale @ South Meck

    If Glenn gets #1 seed, just switch NW and Glenn

  8. By virtue of winning the regular season, NWG will stay at the 1…..Glenn does get the 2 and knocks everyone else down a spot….so HPC now is the 3 and Ragsdale is the 4…..MP at NWG, Page at Glenn, HPC at SA, and Ragsdale at S. Meck……East Forsyth knocked out of playoffs. Unless they are now in the running for wild card…..?

  9. Will Greene was the winning pitcher in the SEG / Southern Alamance game. He took over from Canada in the 4th inning and we scored in the 6th.

  10. Orange beat Gibbons 7-3 at Duke. Orange gets the #1 seed out of that conference and will host Burlington Williams in the first round. That could possibly be a scary matchup for Orange if that lefty from Williams is on his game and they play the glove behind him. Should be a good 1st round game.

    HPC at SA should be another game for the ages. Would assume the pitching matchup would be Butler against Edwards. That’s one game ill pay to see.

  11. We had Will Greene as the winning pitcher last night, but then got word that Zack Canada was posted in the book as the WP….

    What did the paper say???

    We were just going by which pitcher was in the game when the Falcons got the lead or moved in front….

    It is kind of tricky since if a pitcher was still in the game when a team takes the lead in the bottom of that inning, then he would still be the pitcher of record….

    It is always tricky and good job by the Falcons and to Greene and Canada on their efforts….

    No matter what, SEG Falcons get the win and they are #1 Metro 4-A….

  12. Congratulations to Glenn…..! They went through a gauntlet of Ragsdale, HPC, and NWG. The other three teams that qualified for the playoffs from the PT-4A…so for that they are very deserving. Below the surface, people need to recognize what Alan Plaster and his EF staff did to ensure that this game was played. I hear that hours of work was spent on it so the tournament could be concluded and played out….which is the right thing to be done…and the fact that playing the game ultimately knocked his kids out of the playoffs….mad props! He didn’t have to do that…but he respects the game enough to do that. Kudos!

  13. When we look at papers, we have to look at what the News and Record is doing and we also have to point to the Pleasant Garden Post, for all the good work that they did over the years….

  14. A second to Alan Plaster and his staff at East Forsyth…

    They had a mini-grounds crew running tarps on and off of that field, in and out of rain-delays…

    Much respect to East Forsyth on a job well done and what else can you say about Glenn, they got the job done…Up early and NWG came back on them and had the bases loaded late and there was a delay to discuss a play, but Glenn stuck in and got the win….Got to give it up to the Glenn Bobcats….

  15. I flat out agree with the other posters re: Coach Plaster, his players and all who helped make that field playable last night. The Eagles showed true class throughout the last few days knowing that there season was at risk if the tourney final was played. I feel for those boys, especially the Seniors, and truly believe they deserved a better ending to their season. Cross Town rivalries can get nasty sometimes, but the Eagles showed what’s very good in high school baseball in the Triad. They’ve earned the respect from this Bobcat parent!

  16. Coach Plaster is a East Forsyth graduate and no suprise to me that he did what he did, respects the game and more importantly the kids.

  17. Hard to believe that Glenn won the tournament! Would have bet against that all day long! Another year that NW has more overall talent than anyone in the conference and one of the deepest pitching staffs in the state and underachieve year after year! Whats wrong with that picture? Playoffs could be short lived. Congrats to their (Glenn)players for hanging in there in the end , knowing there were times in the season where those kids were just ready for the season to be over.
    Playoffs are a crazy thing- here you got SW and East who both swept Glenn in the regular season are both sitting at home. You have over a handful of teams in the playoffs with losing records – 3 and 4 games below 500. It doesn’t pay to be in a strong conference because it doesnt reward you for playing the best competition when your sitting at home! Whats the point in playing strong non conference schedule where you might go 500 instead of playing cup cakes and building your winning percentage up so you can atleast have a chance at the wild card.

  18. I haven’t observed NW baseball prior to this year, so I can’t speak to their history, but I’m amused at the comment that they have “underachieved” this year. So far, they finished 1st in regular season, and lost in the championship game of tournament in extra innings. And, I believe that perhaps their most highly regarded pitcher going into the season (Bellenkes….with certainly no disrespect intended to Swim or any of the other NW pitchers) hasn’t pitched an inning this year. The season is not over for them, so what they ultimately achieve for the entire season is yet to be determined. But, what they’ve done thus far is not too shabby.

  19. Calvin the transfer you are referring to chose not to play on his own accord had nothing to do with him being a senior.

  20. Got curious and took a look at the NWG roster and for the most part this is a very young team. They have a ton of players due back again next year, with a baseball bunch of juniors and other non-seniors on this club….The Shoemaker boys have kind of been getting my attention…

    Seem to be very good hitters and one of the them, Marcus I believe it is, is also a top-notch high school wrestler…

    He be along the same line as Bobby Joyner, Coach Darlene Joyner’s husband, who was at NWG many years ago and he earned a wrestling/baseball scholarship to Elon, back in the day….He was a State Champ at 155 and he was also the shortstop/Pitcher type…

    Joyner was one of the best to ever come through Northwest and these kids they have right now are not too shabby either….

    Good team, #1 seed from PTC and Regular Season Conference Champs…..

  21. You know how it goes, a baseball game can be won or lost on any given day. Just cause Glenn may not have played their best baseball through the regular season and lost to SW and East, does not make them any less deserving that any other team. Glenn knew the only way to get to the playoffs was to WIN conference tournament (no other way). So, they got themselves together, worked hard and fought to win those 3 games they needed. Not saying the other teams didn’t want it as much or didn’t try as hard or weren’t deserving of it, but the Glenn players were determined. They set a goal and achieved it. I think that is a great lesson for these young men (and others) too learn. Work and determination can lead to victory, on and off the field.
    All the teams had the same chances to WIN it, Glenn came through when they needed too!

    BRAVO!, too those players for fighting for what they wanted and to the coaches for leading the way.
    **A special shout out to Plaster for all he and his players did to get the field ready, Superior!!!

  22. Northwest could’ve brought in Swim to close the game and won easy but they were looking ahead to the playoffs

  23. NWBBFan I hate to disagree with you but Bellenkes if I remember correctly was roughed up routinely when he pitched as a sophmore for NW, walked quite a few batters and didn’t have the fastball or curve to keep the hitters off balance. Only saw him play once last summer and wasn’t too impressed, but anyone can have a bad game. That said NW will need his arm next year along with Aker (arm problems also) if they want to repeat as champs again, assuming his arm will be ready after surgery or therapy. I wish we had both arms healthy this year and ready for the playoffs…by the way did you see the play their second baseman made last night, probably the best play I have seen all year. Good luck to them in the playoffs.

  24. To Bring it: Seriously? You really made that commment regarding Bellenkes? He got a scholarship offer from UNC Chapel Hill to PITCH before his junior year. I think they may be just a little bit better judge of pitching talent than you. He doesn’t have to impress you. What ever happen to “If you don’t have something good to say, don’t say anything”. NW has had a great season so far and it’s not over, and they have done it without one of the premier HS pitchers in the state. There is something to be said for a program that consistently wins and makes the playoffs. Good job NW!

  25. Yeah, Bring It, whether Bellenkes is their best pitcher or not is beside the point I was attempting to make, which is that NW has had a season that most teams in this area would love to have, and their season isn’t over. But somebody has characterized them as underachieving. I just think that’s a bit unfair, considering what has happened so far. They’ve achieved a championship. Good luck Vikings!

  26. Bellenkes is tall and could have a very high ceiling, but that arm better be active next spring or that offer is meaningless. He did struggle as a soph, did not pitch his junior year—wondering if UNC knew about the arm issues when they made their verbal, which it is until be signs. He certainly won’t be at UNC as a position player. NWG is lucky they have Swim—he is a gamer!!!
    PS. Not his father!

  27. Good time to take a break on this one and then bring it back up in the morning….

  28. My point exactly Eddie but Dad’s sometimes have a hard time hearing something other than their kid is great.

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