Page Pirates Playoffs Schedule with Page baseball at Glenn Bobcats on Friday and softball at North Davidson tomorrow

Girls Soccer-
Southwest Guilford at Page on Wednesday May 8th at 7:00 pm

Dual team tennis-
Audrey Kell at Page was suspended today(5/7/13) for rain/thunder and postponed till Wednesday May 8th @ 4:30

Softball – first round
Page at North Davidson on Wednesday May 8th at 6:30

Men’s Golf-
Page’s men’s golf team will compete in the Mid-West regionals on May 9th at Oak Hollow GC. Tee time-9:00 am

Page at Glenn on Friday May 10th at 7:00 pm

Mid-West regionals at Reagan HS on Saturday May 11th at 9:00 am

*****Courtesy of Page AD Rusty Lee*****


  1. According to NCHSAA website the #2 PTC team plays #3 Metro. So since Glenn won PTC doesn’t that give them the 1-seed not 2? That would mean Page wouldn’t play Glenn but they would play NWG instead…please explain…I may just be confused.

  2. Regular season champion retains #1 seed no matter who wins the tournament. If someone below #2 seed wins the tournament ( in this case Glenn) that team assumes the #2 seed and all others are moved down one slot. Reason regular season champion retains the #1 seed is they earned it over the length of the regular season ( entire body of work).

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