Northern Guilford Nighthawks(65-6) football one of the top high school football teams in the nation since 2008

Tarboro, Matthews Butler, West Rowan and Albemarle are all on the list of top high school winning football teams since 2008 and Guilford County’s Northern Guilford Nighthawks(65-6) are right there on that list, from too….

CLICK HERE to see the list and check out these top winning programs going back to 2008….



  1. Andy you crack me up man! They should be one of the best in the entire country….Most teams would kill for 1 D-1 player they somehow have had 6+ in the last 4 years…..Plus a bunch of D-1 AA and D-2 players. I wonder how all this talent keeps ending up at Northern Guilford??? Is it because all these kids live in Browns Summit???

    Keenan Allen – NFL
    TJ Logan – UNC
    Rocco Scarfone – ECU
    Daniel Downing – Coastal Carolina
    Maurice Harris – Cal
    Stephen Machanic – App State? I think….

    Don’t Forget they had 3 other D-1 players that should of played with Keenan Allen who were declared ineligible.

    Gabe King
    Chris Mccain
    James Scales

  2. You’ll have to talk to MaxPreps about this..They came up with the listing…

    Very good crop of players and it will be interesting to see how this upcoming season goes with many players moving on(graduation) and a new head coach at NG..

    NG won the games there is no doubt about that…

    New season on the horizon and not many skilled players on the big lists at our schools for this upcomig year….

    Plenty of linemen and defensive players(Highly regarded) …

    I am not as big and worried about the train that has passed us by, I am lookig for the trai that is about to check into the statin, as in the new season is coming..

    As you get older, it is a waste of time to keep lookig back….Time to be looking ahead and just can’t sit around and liie in the past…Time to get to work and build for the future..

    That’s my take….You can take it what it’s worth.

  3. Not being forced to adhere to attendance zone guidelines also helps a school acquire and keep a better pool of players.How many other schools did Allen go to before entering Northern? I would also venture to guess that his address remained the same at both Eastern and Grimsley as well as Northern.

  4. Nothern never won a title while Keenan Allan was there and I would give the credits to kids like Daniel Downing and TJ Logan…I think those two guys were part of the re-districting and that should have been totally legal…

    The real story now is the new season on the horizon with ‘2013 HS Football Coming Soon’…

    Should make for some great border wars with NG, EG and NEG now all in the same conference…

    Lots of good football on the way and those off-season workouts will be the key…

  5. Southwest Guilford hires new coach Eric Rainey,he seems like a very compettivie guy and all the kids really wanted him

  6. As well as Northern played on the field, and as well as those boys played, it will always be tainted by how it was achieved. Nothing will change that. Unfortunate for the kids because they did their job. The actions of just a few kids and some adults have forever created a cloud over some of the championships . And all the posts on here will not change it. Unpopular comment but it is what it is”

  7. Andy,
    Yes they won those games and nobody is saying they didn’t….They should of won every game they played with all the talent that Coach Roscoe had acquired over there….

    You also need to check where some of those current players live cause Guilford County Schools is too scared to open that can of worms again. I know for a fact that one of their superstars lives in the NE district and wasn’t going to play football at all if he had to play for Coach Pursley. Some how he was cleared midway threw the season last year….Another star player should be at Dudley…..And one kid on the roster lives in Burlington but somehow got the ok to play at Northern…..I know you try and stay bias Andy and that’s cool but you can’t ignore the fact that some of the best players on Northern Guilford don’t even live near Northern Guilford!
    That’s my take…..You can censor it or take it for what its worth!

  8. I don’t see why more people don’t spend more time worrying about their own team instead of letting what somebody else is doing drive them crazy…

    In the end, I’m sure the same can be said for plenty of schools over the years, but we don;t have enough time to keep going backwards….

  9. Just Sayin!!! is correct.Northern has a shady reputation among other area coaches for many sports.I also believe that Guilford County is afraid of reopening the Northern Guilford can of worms.They are becoming as tefflon as a certain university located in Orange County.

  10. Andy, you should have been a politician. You sound like Hillary.

    What does it matter, right?

  11. As they say on the way into the war zones or the fire zones, if you think you can pull them out, go get them…

    I like what ‘Tiny Tim’ said best, “God Bless Us Everyone”…..

  12. @Southwest Guilford. Who cares SW hired a new coach. They had to stick with an insider because no one outside would dare come to that program. In the time Northern has compiled a record of 65-6, I am not sure SW has done as well in reverse at 6-65. They need major changes if they ever want to compete in football.

  13. Over the years too many kids have went from Southwest to Andrews and High Point Central. The school hasn’t hired on staff coaches (until a couple recently).

    Now Andy you say you want to be like a train and move forward. You know the truth about what has went on at Northern. You have allowed this site to be used to express views, once the posts get going you say “lets calm down” (but you love the fact that people are on your site).

    I know of many high school coaches that want nothing to do with this site and you because you stir up things to talk about. I’m fine with you just reporting the facts and scores, but let’s remember YOU DEFENDED ROSCOE ON HIS STATE CHAMPIONSHIP ACTIONS – ON YOUR SITE. His actions were condemned by EVERYONE even many Nighthawks.

    You come on stating that NG has a great record knowing full well that people will get on and respond to it. Please don’t insult people by trying to say that there has been no funny business over there. We all know that there has been well reported violations and many many more that Leigh Hebbard (CO AD) doesn’t want to investigate because of the negative publicity. Before you respond back and say “the county investigates this” – here is how the process works: Someone in the county reports a violation- lets say a player gets a ride from Burlington everyday and uses a bogus address. The county tells the HS to investigate it, they “investigate it” find nothing wrong and just move on.

    NG has to live with the fact that every time they succeed in football people will cry foul for recruiting, this perception will take time to change. Andy you can get on and defend Northern all you want but just remember the high school coaches and many players see right through this.

  14. It is common knowledge among many Guilford County and surrounding county coaches(in multiple sports) that Northern Guilford IS NOT AN ATHLETIC PROGRAM OF INTEGRITY.

  15. I’m sure that all the stud athletes move to Northern because of education….Guilford County Schools is ran by some idiots!

  16. You guys are just mad cause you HS Coaches can’t recruit as good as Coach Roscoe!

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