Any upsets or finals from NCHSAA Round One??? Be sure to post them here in the Graham Sporting Goods ‘Baseball Box’

South Mecklenburg 8, Ragsdale 1

Cardinal Gibbons 11, Southern Guilford 2

WS Reagan 4, Southeast Guilford 0

Northwest Guilford 3, Charlotte Myers Park 0
WP:Adam Swim

South Rowan 11, Northeast Guilford 3
WP:Dylan Parker/LP:Tyler Mericka…NEG left 14 men on base….14 LOB…

Eastern Alamance 3, Union Pines 0
WPZack Littell

Western Alamance 10, Northern Vance 0
WP:Michael Olenoski

Orange 3, Burlington Williams 0

Northern Guilford 9, Chapel Hill 2

Eastern Guilford 6, Western Harnett 4
WP:Caleb Robinson

West Forsyth 10, Western Guilford 0

Glenn 7, Page 0
WP Hodges
LP Nail

High Point Central 6, Southern Alamance 4 (8 Innings)

East Davidson 22, High Point Andrews 0

Got any final baseball or even softball scores for us too, coming in tonight??? Be sure to post them here in the Graham Sporting Goods ‘Baseball Box’…..

We will be at the Greensboro Grasshoppers game and back in here after things are done downtown…..


  1. From Thursday:

    Clayton 2 E.A. Laney 1

    J.T. Hoggard 4, Pine Forest 0

    Lake Norman 6 Alexander Central 0

  2. Western Alamance 10
    Northern Vance 0

    in 4.5 Inn

    Mike Olenoski Complete Game No-Hitter 8K’s

  3. Anybody have the HPC SA score? Should be a game to watch with NW playing the winner

  4. HPC 6
    SA 4
    8 innings

    HPC ties it at 4 in top 7 after entering down a run and get two more in the eighth.

  5. I hate to say this….but the Metro isn’t very good competitively speaking! It’s not a gauntlet like the CPC, Southwestern, and Piedmont Triad!

  6. I kinda thought SEG and SA would make a run. Glenn is playing some good ball. The Glenn Reagan game should be a good one on Tuesday night.

  7. Who pitched for HPC and SA? Wolfe is hard to beat and Hansen has been relatively solid this year. HPC and NW is going to be a great game! I will definitely be in attendance to that one

  8. AJ Edwards pitched for Southern and did good through six when the Patriots brought in a reliever who could not hold the lead. Not sure how you have two d-1 pitchers and don’t use either one to close the game out if your Southern. Wolfe and Durham either one, unless they were hurt, should have been given the ball in the last inning.

  9. Good night for the Mid-State 3A conference

    4-1 in baseball with only Williams losing a tight one and 5-0 in softball.

  10. Can not believe that NW and HPC have to play each other in the 2nd round! As many teams there are in playoffs, can they not keep same conference teams away from each other at least for 2 rounds. STUPID! The best team in the STATE does not win the championship. The team that has the easiest road does! I predict Glenn going to the 3rd round!! Crazy!

  11. Forgot Wolfe has been hurt, thanks. Durham definitely D-1 has a couple offers already from what i have heard and heavy interest in others. Know he pitched on Tuesday so that probably limits him, but probably could have used him an inning, but I’m not the coach and don’t know the kids ability to go on short rest. Oh well, just high school, many of those kids will play at the next level in some form and congrats to HPC.

  12. I believe that Wolfe is battling elbow tendinitis and Durham pitched a complete game against SE on Tuesday in the conference finals. The Metro coaches should have played the finals on Sat. It may have cost SA tonight.
    As far as the Metro being competitive, SE and SA are very good teams. SE lost to Brandon Vogler who is committed to UNC-Charlotte and pitched outstanding tonight only giving up three hits. The only bright spot for SE tonight was our three starting sophomores, Artis, Stanley and Pagano got those hits.

  13. HPC 111 000 12 – 6
    SA. 200 200 00 – 4

    WP Hansen Butler 3ip 4k 2h
    Trevor Gay started and went 5in 3k 8h – not positive of his numbers – arrived late
    LP sorry I don’t know names #12 2in 3r
    #13 started 6ip 3r

    Zack McLean HR
    Will Johnson game tying sac fly in the 7th
    John Furr go ahead rbi single

  14. Thanks to all of those who sent the scores in tonight and also to those who sent in the text scores, GFan, Danny Rob and others…

    Thanks again and a great team effort tonight…

  15. Alex Durham from Southern Alamance is committed to UNCG. Southern alamance coach blew an oppurtunity with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs and did not score.

  16. Maxpreps is very good at evaluating teams around the state and had SE ranked 14th and Reagan ranked 24th based on strength of schedule coming into tonight even though Reagan had ten loses. In a field of 64 teams they should not be playing each other in the first round. The NCHSAA arbitrarily matches up conferences to play each other before the season ends. They should use the same format the NCAA has for basketball and divide the state into four regions and seed the teams 1thru 16. There will always be a team with one ace pitcher who can knock off a higher seed but it is less likely with this format.

  17. falcon fan…. please quit whining. “they shouldn’t have played each other”. just stay what you mean…. you feel southeast shouldn’t have faced such a good opponent. you got beat. it happens. one run beats you tonight. the metro got waxed. you guys didn’t get it done. end of story. you had a solid year again. you simply got bumped round one. get back to work. stop with the….” the nchsaa should change the format” because you wouldn’t be saying that had you won. quit being so typical.

  18. curve ball….. southern alamance had runners on second and third.. with no outs. and the COACH blew it???? I mean… maybe if you have more details.. like inning…. score… where they were in the lineup…etc. I might would understand what you mean. however…. sense you didn’t provide such details…. I’m confused as to how the coach blew it. did he pinch hit himself and strikeout?????? thought the kids got those at bats. in your “professional” opinion…how did coach blow it??? you and falcon fan must be buddies.

  19. Mr. Curve – or Ms., Mrs., Miss…
    How did the Southern alamance coach “blow” an oppurtunity with runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs by scoring? Did HE have a bat in HIS hand? Usually coaches stand in a little white painted area about 85 feet from the players who hold the bats and get to score runs…. must be different where you’re from.

    Good news on the flip-side I guess is that the HPC coach got it done by driving in 1 in 7th, and 2 in 8th. That seems like a lot of ABs for ONE GUY in only two innings…………;-)

  20. Some Coaches are quick to take credit when things go their way but not so much when it doesn’t work out. You hear how the coach doesn’t bat, etc etc. just like parents are quick to say its the coaches fault when things don’t work out but when something good happens then it is all on the kid. Granted, runners on 2nd and 3rd and no outs, need to get one across. Maybe the coach called the plays but it just did not workout. I have seen it many times.

  21. First of all you do not know me so therefore you have absolutely no idea what my motives are. My son has played travel and school ball in this community for the past 12 years and we met many of our closet friends thru baseball. I am a huge fan of the game and enjoy keeping up with the kids in the area. I also believe in fairness and my post had nothing to do with the outcome of the game tonight. My son played on a team with three of the Reagan players last fall and afterwards we congratulated them and wished them well going forward. I would have posted the exact same thing had SE won the game because I believe the current system is flawed and the system I suggested is better. I do not understand why some people on this blog seem to look for the negative in others comments without cause. That is just sad.
    Done with you
    Falcon Fan

  22. A bit off topic, but with parkland leaving the PTC, I would love to see southeast join. Regular season records don’t say very much about a good team in a bad conference. Give the falcons a little taste with a northwest, glenn, and southwest game all in a week and see how they end up.

  23. SE lost in the first round, it happens… Keep talking junk about em b/c they gonna smack you around next year, the year after and so on. They have been and always will be the cream of the crop! Hats off to Reagan on a well played game!

  24. falcon fan is done with me….and done with his season as well. both of which are fine with me. falcon….I know you could care less, but I’m not buying it. your comments would have been much more believable earlier in the week… before the game. you knew your opponent…you actually know the players…you had info that you were going to be facing a top notch arm. but you said nothing beforehand. so yeah, your motives are pretty easy to read… and fun to point out and play with. “the system is flawed”….news flash… they all are.

  25. Very telling that Metro team 0-4 and 3 teams Did Not Score! 21-0 in those 3 games. SE and SA are good teams but records are much better than others only because they play in weak conference. Agreed. Padding stats and records against weak foes won’t help you when you face battle tested teams from much stronger conferences. That’s the thing about records, you start believing the hype and think you are better than the other team just because your record is and you are a higher seed. Better luck next year Metro.

  26. Southern Alamance coach blew the game by leaving two runners in scoring position. He let the 5th, 6th & 7th batters swing away and failed to advance the runners. He had runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. At the end of 7 innings the score was 4 to 4. If southern had scored one of those runs they would have won 5 to 4. HPC’s coach didn’t bat but he did bunt we he needed to.

  27. as far as SA goes, I’m sure coach knows his players and what they are capable of and trusted those guys could plate a run with a SF or ground out on right side of infield. Infield probably drawn in. Don’t know if the kids struck out or not but it’s no guarantee with bunt either. I’ve seen kids pop up their bunts and runner on 3rd gets doubled off. If this had happened, it would have been coach’s fault for not letting kids hit away. Kids have to do what the coach asks them to do. They didn’t get it done. Not the coaches fault.

  28. Don’t know about last night and what people have said is right, sometimes coaches get too much heat. This guy has won a state championship before, but Southern has had some disappointing playoff results recently. With some really solid talent including two left handed pitchers bound for college baseball the Patriots have won one playoff game with this senior class, and that was four years ago. Some have just been bad luck, but I have heard grumbling about the kind of circumstances that happened last night, not trying to manufacture runs. They are still a good team though, just couldn’t get it done when it counts.

  29. Curve, just answer me this: how many cuts do you think the players (1-4 or 5-9) take in the average three practices a week? Tell me. When they take BP, how many swings?…
    Now tell me how many bunts you think they take in three days of practice?

    I’m going to bet the players take 300+ swings over three practices (with tees, soft toss, front toss, short cage, on-field BP, vs live arm), and I would say maybe 20-30 bunts.

    Now, I LOVE to bunt. LOVE the short game. LOVE to run and manufacture – but if a HS player can’t contact the ball on the ground to the opposite side of infield so a guy can run in from 3B, it ain’t the coach’s fault.

    Good thing is, Coach Smith is secure enough in who he is and what he does – working hard and producing good players and a winning program year in and year out – that folks like you just end up being a distant, fading chirp in his ear.

    With regards,
    Coach John Fowler/Glenn High

  30. curveball, I have watched SA twice this year. And I could not tell you that if the 7-9 hitters could bunt or not. If they were facing Trevor, they were facing a top notch athletic pitcher who could field a bunt that wasn’t laid down perfectly and make the play at home. I could see him field a popped up bunt and doubling off runner on third. I could see HPC catcher getting a missed bunt and throwing out runner at 3rd. Lot of things could have happened. I could also see a slap to right side of infield by the 7 or 8 hitter to plate a run. If they can’t do this, how do you know they get a bunt down on drawn in infield?
    I would like to know exactly what these 3 batters did when they batted. Please do tell! My guess is pop up, k, ground out.

    I don’t know these kids at all or coach but too many are quick to throw a coach under bus if they don’t win. Remember , this is an excellent Central team they were playing. Kids have to step up is all I’m saying.

  31. A old coach once told me he was hanging it up because “I am tired of trying to coach a 15 to 18 year old kid that thinks he knows more about the game than I do. By the way ,his parents are certain that they know more than I do about the game. Why? Because the expert that they pay big money to coach or train their kid tells them– Why I don’t know why your little Johnny is not playing Shortstop! He is the best I have seen– He is a natural! That Coach over at the high school must not know what he is doing!”
    Folks that is what has changed this game of baseball more than anything and the reason it is always the coaches fault. The guys at the batting centers and Showcase Guru’s are treated like well– experts. You never hear any parent be critical of the “expert” that is taking their money and pumping little Johnny’s and big daddys ego.
    Hang in there HS coach–
    Charlie Pannell

  32. High Point wins 1 play off game in 45 years and they start running their mouths. No class!

  33. Coach Pannell,
    I don’t know, but I totally agree with you. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Mr. Pannell,
    I would take exception to infering basically any batting center and showcase guy is bad. The reason I say that is because I know Al Ashkinazy. While he very well could be termed an expert, he would never carry that as a monicker or be elevated above HS coaches. Too good of a guy. Just wanted to make that point about Al especially.

  35. Same goes for Bankhead. Does a great job training kids the right way. He, Al, and Carmine are 3 good ones.

  36. Charlie Panell knows everything about baseball….just ask him. A HS head coach has to coach. Walk around during practice and not even participate and then try to manage during games in a weaker conference and get waxed at playoff time. Ask the talent rich SEG teams from the last 4 years.

  37. Just the facts: 2010 thru 2013 Southern Alamance 85wins-22 loses in the regular season. 2010 thru 2013 Southern Alamance 1win – 3 loses in the playoffs. In 2010 (21-7)Southern Alamance lost to (15-11)Glen. Did coach Fowler call a bunt in that game?

  38. “Fowler” may well have called a bunt. Maybe two, along with a slash or two, and steal of 3B with two outs (which OFTEN has parents asking – no, yelling,” what are you doing?”), and a fake steal of home that drew a balk. But we had a homerun, couple doubles off the wall, and our #1 pitcher, who ended up at UNC-Asheville, pitched the win that Wednesday, after pitching a win the Friday before – but rain delay of one day allowed us to get him back on the mound.

    My point, players won it. Can’t say the coach lost it.

    Look, the old saying is as true today as ever: players win games; coaches lose them. It is not an easy job – enjoyable, but not easy. But when you attend the wedding of a former player like I did this weekend, or buy a baby shower gift for another former player like I did last week, well, it makes all the chirping, nagging, name-calling, and criticism worth it… not any less hurtful, but worth it.

    Best I let all this go now. Passion for defending fellow “brothers” in the dugout can sometimes get away from me. Maybe just consider NOT calling out a coach in social media for any number of folks to see… or at least call your own name. Sorry for any offense.

    In Christ and baseball,
    Coach Fowler

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