Teams still left in the HS Baseball Playoffs

This is what it looks like for what we have left for Tuesday and Round Two of the NCHSAA Playoffs….On Tuesday in Round Two:High Point Central at Northwest Guilford, Eastern Guilford at Cardinal Gibbons, Northern Guiford at Orange, Eastern Alamance at Greys Creek and Triton at Western Alamance….

Still in the hunt….
Northwest Guilford
High Point Central
Northern Guilford
Eastern Guilford

Black Friday in the Metro with SEG, Southern Alamance, Page and Western Guilford all gone….No news yet on Ragsdale, Soutern Guilford and High Point Andrews….

*****We had 11 teams going in and only four for sure are still in the hunt….NWG, HPC, NG and EG….*****

+++++Area teams sill in the hunt include, Western Alamance, Eastern Alamance and who else???++++++


  1. Basball in Forsyth County is better than Guilford overall. Why I don’t know, but every year they knock Guilford teams out of the payoffs. West beat Western Guilford. Reagan beat Southeast and Glenn beat Page Is it better players, better coaches. I know that most of the players on Glenn, West Forsyth and Reagan play showcase ball in the summer. Is that a factor.

  2. I would be a little careful with your “always” and “nevers”. Plenty of kids play showcase ball in the Metro. If you have the money to travel you can play showcase or “travel” ball. The teams in the Metro had a bad night. That’s all it takes to cost you the season in a playoff situation.

    Seems to me that baseball becomes exclusive at an earlier age each year. If you are not willing to pay for a full summer of travel ball there is no place to play after a kid is 8 years old. Many travel ball kids burn out by middle school and get distracted by other “stuff”. Baseball needs to get back to its roots and start supporting its rec leagues again.

  3. Greensboro kids play travel ball also. The big difference is the open enrollment and ease of transfer. North Davidson is outside Forsyth county but only 6 miles down hwy. 52 south. Easy place to transfer, good school and a sports powerhouse. Voted number 1 sports school in north carolina and top 100 in the country. West Forsyth has been good in baseball for a while, Reagan has built a good program quickly and davie county is the only school in town. All 4 schools are also large in terms of enrollment. Look at the flip side. There are also some horrible baseball programs in Forsyth county. Most good players transfer out of the weak programs.

  4. JR and SR LEGION baseball is more active in Forsyth and Davidson county than in Guilford CO. Southeast Guilford has the only JR Legion team in Guilford County and Colt and Palamino does not help the Guilford county teams get better. We congratulate Regan on a fine win and hope they win it all. They have a great team that deserved to win.
    To be honest our conference was a 2 horse race. Southern Alamance and Alamance county have stong Legion baseball.
    JR and SR Legion has helped our kids improve.It is a stronger form or baseball than Showcase . For all the Guilford teams — call me and I will show you how easy it is to start your own legion program.
    Charlie Pannell

  5. Charlie is correct that a good legion and jr. legion program helps. Also correct that Colt and Palimino is not the place to advance your game. Thomasville does have a good legion program that many kids utilize as well as Kernersville. The rec program in Greensboro is nonexistant and Greensboro is the only area not to grasp legion. Don’t e fooled though. Many of those SWG boys train in the offseason up at CA. We all know Charlie doesn’t like showcase but good showcase achieves what it sets out to do. Gotta find some way to get quality training at legion level as well as get the scouts out. When they do it will be the best option.

  6. Playing time develops players so you have to be careful who you agree to play with in a summer league no matter what the team. Playing on a 20 to 30 person roster team is no good. Call it Legion, Colt, Showcase whatever. Let the buyer beware.

  7. Buyer beware applies to everything. I have yet to see showcase with rosters that large. Impact or hurricanes get up there around 20 for east Cobb but most teams are 15-16, even with the pitcher only guys.

    Gfan, gotta disagree with one thing. Playing time doesn’t develop players. You have to train physically and practice baseball specific drills. A little PT doesn’t hurt but it takes so much more than that. Sounds like something a parent would say.

  8. If riding the pine and watching helped then all of us parents would be in the majors by now. I have yet to see a player hit a nasty curve ball or 90 mph fastball by sitting the bench.

    I’m also not stupid of course a player needs to get his work done and do more than show up in February with a glove and a bag of sunflower seeds. You have to work hard all year long in the weight room and on speed and agility.

    My son had a great showcase experience. He got his monies worth in playing time at a high level. I’m saying you need to careful of some this “other” ball that promises much but delivers little in real experience. I don’t give a crap what the summer ball league record is if my son gets little experience in it. Isn’t the summer ball leagues suppose to develop players? Guess what I want my son to develop in the game. Is that bad? Am I a bad parent?

    Be careful what you sign up for.

  9. You all have got to stop leaving out the Independent Schools in this baseball stuff!

    Wesleyan, Westchester, and HPCA have strong programs that respresent the area very well.

    all play strong schedules both public and private schools and compete well against schools like, Regan, Mt. Tabor, Reynolds, Southern Alamance and all the Charlotte Private Schools as well as spring Break tourneys that have loads of quality schools.

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