Logan the difference-maker in Northern Guilford track title

T.J. Logan won the 100 and 200 meter races at the NCHSAA 3-A Track and Field meet on Saturday at N.C. A&T and his team, the Northern Guilford Nighthawks won the 3-A State Title and Logan, just like he was in football, was the team leader and carried his squad to the title….Solid job by Coach David Blue’s blue and white from Northeast Guilford, as they came on strong in the long jump and triple with Gary Woosley and the McGill kid, LeAndre, took the state 3-A 400 meter run title….

The big story on this one, still has to be Logan and he has to be one of the top overall athletes to ever come out of this county….Football, basketball and track, and people can say what they will, but this kid is and was, a ‘one of kind athlete’…..We have had some good ones to come out of Guilford County, but he may be the best overall/all-around athlete that we have seen…..The kid can do it and he did it again on Saturday…..And this is not all about a school or a season, or a whatever, it is and was T.J. Logan and he was a great one and we won’t be talking much about him in the future, cause his days as a Guilford County high school athlete are over, but he was one of a kind and you don’t see very many like him come through here all that often….

Good job T.J. Logan…Best athlete that I have seen in a while….Good job by all the athletes, team and schools out there at the track and field meet on Saturday and not trying to under cover what the rest of you did, but that Logan kid was special and best of luck to him and the rest of you down the road, or in some cases, down the track……

Book closed on Mr. Logan and now he must go write another book, with some new key chapters, at UNC-Chapel Hill…..

Full details on the Track and Field from Sunday’s News and Record on-line…..


  1. Thanks for the personal recognition Andy.
    I would like to take this posting opportunity to recognize all of our Rams that competed well Saturday.Xavier Williams got a personal record in the triple jump of 42’6″.Our 4×200 relay was 2nd in a new school record time of 1:28.04.The team was made up of Woosley,LeDante Berry and both McGill twins.Woosley was 3rd in the long jump and STATE CHAMPION in the triple jump.DeAndre McGill tied for 7th in the 400 meters.LeAndre McGill became the STATE CHAMPION in the 400 meters.Our 4×400 relay team made up of LeDante Berry,LeAndre McGill,Gary Woosley and DeAndre McGill won the outdoor STATE CHAMPIONSHIP to go along with the INDOOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP they won back in February.They set a new school record with a time of 3:19.60.

  2. Here is a good one for you….

    We know Mr. David Blue is the coach of the Blue and White for Northeast Guilford, when it comes to Track and Field, but who is the coach for Northern Guilford?

    Is it Coach Willoughby and otherwise, don’t have a clue…

    Was going to go with Coach Kimbrough, but he leads the band, or at least I think he does and he used to be the head band man at Page…..

  3. It is common knowledge that all of Northeast’s athletes(Coach Blue’s & other teams)do actually reside in the Northeast attendance zone. Can the same thing be accurately said about Northern’s athletes? I doubt it.Anyone else have any knowledge?

  4. It is amazing how the haters come out when others experience success. Stop the hating people. Were people in Greensboro hating back in the late 80s and 90s when Page run was winning everything in football. The bottomline is that pockets of the city just process better basketball, football, softball, or lacross players than others.

  5. @ Stop Hating,

    Even when some of that talent comes from NE pockets as well as Dudley pockets….Also don’t forget about the pockets in Burlington. You can say people stop hating all you want. Until Northern stops pulling top players from other schools and telling the county these players want to Sports Marketing and Dance people will continue to hate.

  6. Juss Sayin!!! You need to get a life and quit worrying so much about Northern. You obviously have too much time to worry about a program that continues to have success and is no different than any of the other Guilford County Schools when it comes to player eligibility. Stop looking backward and move on.

  7. @GetaLife

    Looking backward? When I’m talking about players coming from different districts I’m talking about current players! Go check out where some of your current Football and Track Superstars live. Do you really think these players want to go to Northern because without sports marketing and Dance class their education will be unfulfilled? Oh and they just happen to be some of the best athletes in all the county as well. The reason I speak out on Northern is because the County continues to allow these transfers without question. I guess some people can’t take the truth!

  8. Juss Sayin!!! once again, you obviously have too much time to worry about Northern. Isn’t this post supposed to be about TJ Logan and him being a difference maker? Give the kids credit and quit hating. Its the people like you that make reading news about Greensboro Sports not as much fun

  9. @getalife

    Ok I’ll admit TJ is one of if not the best player to ever come out of NC. Congrats TJ you truly are an amazing athlete to watch Good Luck at UNC!
    With that being said lets look at where some of his teammates on the track team live. I know one that runs with him started off his career at Western but somehow ended it at Northern.

    One should be at NE and didn’t even show up on the Football roster until midway through the season. He is then the biggest receiving threat in the league outside of Logan. If some of these kids played in the district they were suppose to be in maybe Northern doesn’t have all those rings in Football?

    The MVP of the 1st State championship should of played for Northeast. The QB should of been at Western. Keenan Allen….well he switched schools so many times nobody really knows if he should of been at Eastern, Grimsley, or Northern.

    Now to the present Nighthawks…..One of your star DB’s should be a Dudley and one of your rising stars on the team doesn’t even live in Guilford County! Without all of those kids Northern looks like a smaller version of Northwest. You can talk trash about me all you want I just call it like I see it. Until GCS starts to say no more transfers within the county without moving people will continue to talk trash about Northern’s tainted Championships!!! Juss Sayin!!!

  10. Your entitled to your opinion all that you want, but once again you obviously have way too much time to be worrying about Northern. Seems like since you are the ultimate private investigator you should spend your time convincing the GCS School Board that Northern is as tainted as you think. Keep believing what you want but 3 rings will keep being worn by Northern proudly. Give it a rest!

  11. Some very good points about Mike Salzano….He was one of the best football players and track men to ever come through the state…..

    Not sure if he has it in him, but maybe Winston Craig from Ragsdale, also a football man too, will give that Shot Put record a run for its money…..

    Salzano was a strong beast and he owned the Eastern section of the state when it came to high school football back then….

    Still seems like all of the other kids that have been at Northern have been complimentary players and without TJ Logan, then they would not have had the titles….He has been the difference-maker…You take the other guys that were mentioned away and with TJ still there, they would have still been rolling….

    Daniel Downing was your best QB, TJ the best back all of the time and Coltane got the job done this year, just fine at QB….

    Deep subject but in the end, TJ Logan is still the name that you remember and we’ll give him his props and let this rest move on down the road….And best to let it all move on down the road, with the new season approaching….

  12. Moving on is exactly what GCS keeps on doing with Northern.
    @ Andy with this new season approaching Northern will still have players on it’s roster that should be at different schools. The County AD is a Joke and he’s too scared to investigate Northern again because he knows Big Mo ain’t gonna have something like this going on again or he will be looking for a new Job!

    Why don’t you do some investigating and see where all these players live for yourself? I think you might find it shocking!

  13. Juss…time to turn your lights on. Instead of your continuous blithering on the subject, please juss take some personal action. What, youu can’t? Sorry, lights back off.

    Thanks Andy for your effort to acknowledge and discuss special accomplishments in our community. I’m sorry to get off track.

  14. 1. What famous local athlete lives in the neighborhood that is my namesake?
    2. Which high school attendance zone is it?
    3.Who can answer these 2 questions?

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