John Iorio(Western Guilford HS) makes the front cover of this month’s Sports Carolina Monthly

from John Olszewski, at the Sports Carolina Monthly(SCM) magazine and you can see the entire article from John Olszewski, on John Iorio, when you CLICK HERE and you will have to wait for the download, but once you get it, you are there and here are a few of the excerpts from the Iorio post….John is one of the top high school baseball players in our area and you’ll see why, when you click on and the kid is only a junior….The first time you load it it takes about 45 seconds and then you you have….

Western Guilford slugger John Iorio proving that Hard Work pays off…..

Hitting Record
BA – .470
OBP – .642
SLG – .614
OPS – 1.256
H – 39
R – 21
2B – 9
HR – 1
RBI – 21
SB – 16
FLD% – .908

“John came into our program
with tremendous
hands and natural ability.
I feel that he made
tremendous growth this
past offseason. If he continues
to improve he has
a chance to leave here
as one of the better ball
players to come through
Western Guilford. “

– Coach Chris Causey,
Western Guilford High School
Head baseball Coach

“John is a courageous,
mindful ballplayer. You will
never see him give up on
a play. He also appreciates
the nuance and complexity
of the game. While he,
relentlessly, works to
improve the physical aspects
of his game, he, just as
often, watches (something
young people do way too
little of), analyzes and talks
about baseball increasing his
baseball IQ. He understands
and respects the game; and
for that alone I am proud.”

– John Iorio, John’s Dad


  1. Those are some pretty impressive statistics. John hit .470 in 25 games this year? With 39 hits he would have gone 39-83. While he is a very good player, 39 hits and a .470 average don’t add up mathematically over the course of 25 games.

  2. Those are some very good all-around numbers.

    Not sure of POY but sure thing All-Area.

  3. The only way humanly possible for these stats to be anywhere close to accurate is for the following……included 2 scrimmage games where he got 8 hits in 10 at bats…..went 5-5 both times against Smith and other not so talented programs…..he went maybe 2-7 against the program that I follow which equals .286 at best…..reminds me of some inflated stats that I used to see when I played high school baseball WAY back in the day……

  4. Still aome very impressive numbers. Maybe the Sports Monthly has more on all of the mumbers.

  5. Iorio’s been getting it done and he’s not done yet….Can’t wait to see what he does next season after a real strong year in 2013….

  6. He is certainly a good player and nobody should dispute that. What does need to be examined is how teams are scoring games. If these numbers are verifiable then by all means nominate him for any award you want, but it’s hard to imagine that if he was 2-7 against one opponent, that he went 37-76 against everyone else, including 2 against SA and 2 against SEG. This is more on the statisticians than anything else. I’m sure their bookkeeper was either a parent or a high school student, either of which I find very suspect.

  7. I can tell you this. I did not keep a book this year because my son graduated last year. I DID however go to every game…let me repeat…every game! John was getting a bona fide hit pretty much every other at bat! He also had several HBP’s just to keep him from getting extra base hits.

  8. Look…. I am one of John’s teammates and i can tell you he worked his butt off to get those numbers and he got a hit pretty much every other at bat or even better. He earned and deserves those numbers.

  9. Sounds like some jealous parents out there! Westerns official score book was done by an assistant coach, no parent, no student. Those numbers are accurate. Iorio went 4-10 against southeast, and 3 for 6 against southern alamance. He completely earned those numbers, so all of those questioning should not even bother.

  10. DEFINITELY no padding whatsoever! The kid had a hell of a year, and frankly I thought the stats would be higher! Great season for the junior.

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