Westchester Country Day NCISAA 2-A State Baseball Champions Again

From the NCISAA.org web site

Game #1 – 7-1 -Westchester Country Day School wins Game #1……WCD 7, Rocky Mount Academy 1…
Game #2 –14-4 – Westchester Country Day School wins Game #2……WCD, 14, Rocky Mount Academy 4…..

#1 Westchester Country Day School 23-6….This is Westchester Country Day School’s second consecutive 2A baseball title.

from www.hpe.com:
WCD’s Micah Hedgepeth hit a key two-run bomb to straightaway center field in the third to give Westchester a 5-4 lead. Myles Sowell then hit a two-run blast to left in the fifth, and Luke Puckett followed with a three-run shot to right in the seventh.


  1. Time to move up and play with the big boys on the other side of High Point now! Your recruiting has out grown out the 2a competition.

  2. Not much comp at 2a private level for team this stacked. Hitting Factory Warriors. Lol. These kids transferring here to play ball are getting great instruction, great education, play at great facility. Not much not to like except the weak comp. GDS has put a bunch of moolah into their baseball facility and they have been adding some young talent, but certainly not this level. When you have coaches at privates and publics coaching outside of school, no matter the sport,I believe some are just identifying young talent and trying to get them in their schools earlier.

    Anyway, congrats to Westchester on another title!

  3. Congrats to the entire westchester program. Not sure
    What the recruiting comment is all about. But these
    Guys work their butts off in the classroom and on the
    Field . Jealousy is a bad poison . This team can move
    Up and Compete. Look at their non conference

  4. One more thing. Apply to an outstanding school
    IF you are accepted … Pay your tuition and see if
    Yours can handle the Load and make this team.
    WAKE up.

  5. It’s always interesting to see the comments from people who think they know all about “recruiting” in the private schools. WCDS baseball coaches are approached all the time from families wanting to be a part of the program. Most can’t pass the application process and if they do it’s a tremendous financial sacrifice. As to “moving up” WCDS should be in 1A based on attendance but has moved up to 2A for sports. It was a weak year for 2A baseball overall but other years have been competitive. You can only play the teams that make the tournament and WCDS did that.

  6. I have no problem with kids going to privates to play baseball. I think its a great education and great facilites over at WCD.

    But when several guys are coming from several different counties to play here and most are part of the same showcase team, lets just say they are being steered here vs being recruited. I dont have a problem with that but lets be truthful and say most would not be here if they didnt play baseball. Expensive. Sure. But we know there is always financial aid at these private schools.

  7. from our post Friday here at the web site:

    NCISAA 3-A State Tournament at Finch Field in Thomasville:
    Charlotte Christian 4
    Wesleyan 3

    Provididence Day 2
    High Point Chrsitian Academy 0 (8 Innings)

    Season ends on Friday in the Semifinals for both HPCA and WES….

  8. KIR: There are more players from Wesleyan on that team than Westchester, so I guess they are “steering” them in the wrong direction.

  9. they dont just show up out of the blue from rockingham county, dudley, etc… whether its WCD or WCA is irrevelent. like you said, not all can qualify so we really dont know if they were steered there or not. also, some would not get PT if there were better players there already. so maybe thats why they went elsewhere. most would not be here or there if they did not play baseball. anyway, have no problem with it. now if you could just get #10 and 0 to come, you would really be loaded!

  10. Let’s just be straight….WCD is Moe’s showcase team. Few of their players would be there without him. It is what it is.

    As for the academics, I’d go easy Catsfan……most people have heard the deal over there.

  11. HFW, we can group you with others assuming you know it all but are wrong. There are 3 players (one his son) from WCD who play for his main showcase team. There are 5 players on his teams that play for Wesleyan and the rest from various schools. I know for a fact that WCD has the highest academic standards of any school public or private in the Triad and coach Hammond’s grade requirements for playing baseball exceed what the school requires. There were numerous games this year where guys didn’t play because they weren’t meeting the standards. So HFW, let’s just be straight….you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. Here u go assuming HFW. My son is a starter at WCD
    And due to coming up short academically had to sit
    On a couple occasions. Our coach Does hold his players
    Accountable . So go assume what goes on. Lol

  13. My son goes to Westchester and plays baseball. I would drive 2 hours a day for my son to be coached and mentored by the coaching staff, all of them, but primarily Joey Hammond He is not only their coach but is there for them on many different levels. He is a mentor, father figure, and is not only building great baseball players but he is molding great men to be successful on or off the baseball field. Anyone that has anything negative to say about the academics, staff, coaches or parents motives is clueless.

  14. In a manner of full transparency, this is Kimberly Sowell and I am Myles Sowell’s mother. When I saw the reference to Dudley, I knew to whom the reference was being made and would like to put things into their proper perspective. Myles broke his writing hand last year and could not complete assignments in his Honors courses for the entire spring term. Academically, the best option was to transfer him and we chose WCD for various reasons, which have yielded tremendous results both academically and athletically. However, to be clear, the impetus for the transfer was the broken wrist and the need to capture what was missed academically (Guilford County Schools does not allow a repeat of courses if a student does not fail the course).

    Nobody recruited or “steered” us to Westchester to play baseball. There is no way we would pay private school tuition just to be on a good baseball team; especially when we are already paying college tuition for our daughter. We pride ourselves in being good stewards of the resources God has blessed us with and high school baseball is no reason to abandon our principles.

    Lastly, don’t hate on Coach Mo for developing players to their potential. That’s something to be celebrated and emulated.

    Myles plays for the Hitting Factory Warriors and there are only two other players from the Warriors that play for WCD. So WCD is NOT the Hitting Factory Warriors. More of the Warriors play for Wesleyan than for WCD and there are Warriors on Dudley, Southeast, Morehead, High Point Christian, etc. and they are all are great kids!!!

    Congrats to Coach Joey, Coach Mo, Coach David, and Coach Jeff for developing these players into great young men. I have seen growth in Myles as a student, a baseball player, and most of all a young man of integrity and character. Thank you coaches for partnering with us in the success oF our sons.

    Sorry for the dissertation but I had to say something when my son was singled out. People should leave out assumptions when you don’t know the story. I refuse to hide behind an anonymous identity even if people disagree with my post. I value others’ opinions but not when acrimonious language is posted behind a mask and a cloak. There is no value there…

    Even if someone feels that teams are stacked, winning does not occur by osmosis. The boys still have to perform and WCD boys performed very well! Congratulations Cats!!!

  15. HFW, I hope your child had a great year, and a has a
    Bright future . My son is a sophomore who was steered
    In the RIGHT direction. Joey Hammond and his staff are
    Awesome. The school is awesome. And YES… Back to Back state
    Champions. In their appropriate division based
    On guidelines that you obviously do not get.

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