Charlotte about to become the Hornets again and how many Hornets teams have you heard of over the years?

The Charlotte Bobcats will soon become the Charlotte Hornets again, and Super Hugo will hang from the rafters of the Time Warner Cable Arena, in downtown Charlotte, N.C.

The Hornets are returning to Charlotte and they will be back in the NBA, with the team and town they belong to…

How many Hornets teams have you heard of over the years??? The team in Charlotte will surely become first and foremost again soon, but how about all of the Hornets teams from over the years….

See if you have any to add, but here are quite a few:

Western Guilford Hornets
Guilford High School Hornets…from many years ago…
The old Charlotte Baseball Hornets…from many years ago…

I think Charlotte had another team called the Charlotte Hornets in the old WFL/World Football League and that would give Charlotte the Hornets in all three main sports:Football, Basketball and Baseball…

Greensboro Hornets….from their early days in the South Atlantic League(baseball)…
Greensboro College Hornets…Now Greensboro College Pride
Salisbury High School Hornets….
Lincoln Middle School Hornets
Delaware State Hornets…from the MEAC Conference…
*****There is a little history on the Hornets for us….Maybe a few more from you???*****

+++++Just went over and picked this up off of Wikipedia and good stuff on the Hornets in Charlotte+++++
Charlotte Hornets may refer to several sports teams:

Charlotte Hornets (NBA), a professional basketball team in the NBA from 1988–2002 that relocated and is now known as the New Orleans Pelicans
Charlotte Hornets (baseball), a minor league baseball team from 1901–1973
Charlotte Hornets (WFL), a defunct World Football League team (1974–1975)

3 thoughts on “Charlotte about to become the Hornets again and how many Hornets teams have you heard of over the years?”

  1. Western was known also as the Fightin Hornets and also the Black Hornets.
    Lincoln Middle is another Hornet team.

  2. Kind of recent and they were here and now they are gone and that would be the New Orleans Hornets.

    Didn’t Northeast Guilford used to be the Hornets or maybe that was Northwest, not really sure but had heard that someplace.

  3. Who cares what the NBA team in Charlotte is called? The owner was the best player in history to date. That does not equal a great owner. He was a terrible GM in Washington and a worse owner. The Charlotte fan base will erode before MJ ever puts a contender on the floor.

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