Game Report on Eastern Guilford at Orange 3-A Baseball Playoffs from Tuesday night

Courtesy of Danny Robinson, tracking and scoring Eastern Guilford Wildcat Baseball, during the entire 2013 season and we thank DROB for his outstanding work that he has turned in to us this season….Thank-you Danny Robinson…

Final 8 matchup takes Eastern Guilford to Hillsborough Orange. Freshman Andrew Robinson would start for the Wildcats and Jordan Toney would start for Orange.

1st Inning would be nothing for either team. 0-0 after 1

Eastern would get back to back hits from Luke Robinson and Marque Johnson but could not capitalize. In the bottom half Andrew Robinson would get a leadoff out then would give up a single. The next batter would reach on an error to 2nd base. Robinson would strike out the next batter that should have got him out of the inning but would give up a 2 run single instead. 2-0 Orange after 2 innings.

The Wildcats would answer in the top of the 3rd when Ryan Hackett would single followed by Andrew Robinson who doubled. Caleb Robinson would drive in both runs with a single. Orange would get a couple of hits but Robinson would shut it down without allowing a run. 2-2 after 3 innings.

Neither team would do much in the 4th inning. 2-2 after 4 innings.

The Wildcats would strike in the 5th inning for 3 runs. Hackett would get a double then Andrew Robinson would get a walk. Caleb Robinson would hit into a fielders choice leaving runners on the corner with 2 outs. Luke Robinson would come to the plate and get a wild pitch bringing home Hackett and moving C. Robinson to 2nd. Then Luke Robinson would take the 2 out full count pitch and launch it deep over the center field fence for a 2 run home run. Orange would get the leadoff batter on with an error to 3rd base but next batter would hit into the double play. Then a walk and a single before A. Robinson would strike out the next guy for the 3rd out. 5-2 Eastern after 5 innings.

In the 6th Eastern would get a couple runners on with an error and single but could not get the timely hit. Orange would get a leadoff single but then the 2nd batter would hit a soft blooper to 2nd base with the runner in motion. This was a sure double play but the 2nd baseman drops the ball with both runners safe. Robinson would get the next guy to ground out (Should have been 3rd out). Leadoff batter comes up and gets a walk before Jon Evans launches one over the left field wall for a grand slam. The next batter doubles and scores on another single to stretch the lead to 7-5 Orange after 6 innings.

Wildcats got the tying run to the plate but that would be all and Orange would win 7-5.

WP – Jon Evans (2 1/3 innings, 1 hit, 2 K’s, BB)
LP – Andrew Robinson (5 1/3 innings, 3 earned, 4 K’s, 3 BB’s, 8 hits)

Eastern Guilford Offense:
Ryan Hackett 2-4, 2 runs, 2B
Andrew Robinson 1-3, run, 2B, BB
Caleb Robinson 1-4, 2 RBI’s, run
Luke Robinson 2-3, HR, 2 RBI’s, BB, run
Marque Johnson 1-3, BB
Ben Horne 1-3

Orange Offense:
Joe Piscitelli, run, BB
Jon Evans 1-4, HR, 4 RBI’s, run
Nick Debo 2-3, run 2B, BB
Andrew Toney 1-3, BB
Brad Debo 1-4
Garrett Cloer 1-3, BB, run
Brandon Wood 2-4, 2 runs,
Joe Vance run
Collin Pope 2-3, 2B


  1. Why does someone feel the need to call the 2nd baseman out — I’m sure no one feels worse than he does. One play never wins or loses a game. I bet there were other opportunities throughout the game that could be reviewed also. Maybe your reporter could have just stated an error was made??

  2. The News and Record called the kid out by name and mentioned it several times, at least that is what I saw in the on-line version….I didn’t even know who he was until I saw their edition….

    I think DROB handled it well…It happened and you have to move on from it, but by not mentioning the kids name, that is still a way of not over-calling attention to the error and we still haven’t mentioned the kid’s name yet and it really isn’t necessary now that it is all over….

    We will all move on and in sports the baseball people have always told us that you have to have a short-term memory and this is true….

    What else is true, is that the Eastern Guilford Wildcats had a GREAT season, under the leadership of Coach Jay White and again, GREAT YEAR, EG ‘Cats…..

  3. Tough loss for sure. great season. Feel for the kid at 2B but as we all know errors part of game at every level. Very unfortunate error at worst possible time, but maybe a better pitch with bases loaded would have helped as well.

  4. Everyone who plays this game has done something that the person thinks lost the game but like an earlier comment states, no 1 play wins or loses a game. Other opportunities might have been missed but it doesn’t matter. As a player, I would use any failure in a game a way to motivate me and this young man should do the same. Whether it’s baseball or anything else, it’s not the failure that counts, it’s how we bounce back. I know this young man personally and he’s a great kid and his day of redemption will come. Hopefully on a baseball field but if not, somewhere else. Remember how you feel today and work hard in anything you do,on the baseball field, in the class room or just in life and try never to have this feeling again!
    Congrats to EASTERN GUILFORD. What a season!!!

  5. Eastern Guilford baseball coach Jay White addressing the Eastern Guilford Wildcat fanbase earlier today:

    Wildcat Country,

    On behalf of the EG Baseball Players, I would like to send a most sincere THANK YOU to everyone that has supported us during our post-season run. The support has truly been amazing and while the coaching staff is extremely proud of the accomplishments on the field, we are also proud to have had the opportunity to create something exciting for the Eastern Guilford Community. You all have rallied around our bunch throughout this whirlwind of a season and I would like to ask that you please continue to come out and support our fall athletic seasons in August. It was awesome to see some of that old school wildcat pride as our season progressed. Faces from the past cheering on the current Cats is what building a program is all about. These gentlemen have seen that hard work pays off and have believed in themselves, their coaches, and each other. Through it all, the memories made will last a lifetime for these young men. More importantly the values that were learned/reinforced during our season will help these guys be successful outside the lines. While great strides were taken in the Spring of 2013, we are not looking at this season as a bar setting one, but a starting point.

    Again, thank you for your support.

    Go Wildcats!

    Jay White

  6. well when one play leaves two man on no outs instead of no one on two outs. Thats one play LOSING a game for you there…

  7. well – what about the one play or should I say the one pitch that resulted in the grandslam – what about the one play that led to a batter getting walked that led to a baserunner – what about the one play that resulted in a single that put a runner on base – what about the one play, you see where I am going, there are many one plays that make a game – not just the one last play. I wonder if this EG Fan ever made a mistake….

  8. well all those one plays you just mentioned occured after the error??? Yeah the pitch was left up high but he was shook up because his teammate couldnt make a routine play. Yes everyone makes mistakes including me, but ONE play can LOSE a game, and did. thats all im saying…

  9. Congrats to a fine season wildcats. I am really surprised that you performed so well in the playoffs. However, I have seen the errors being made throughout the season. Both in conference and out. I think Coach White did a great job with the young men, especially those that did not have as much playing experience as some of the others. They came a long way in a short time. Looking forward to seeing how they develop in the future.

  10. Congratulations to Eastern Guilford on a great season and playoff run. Anyone who knows baseball knows one player or one play does not determine the final outcome of a game. Excellent job EG!

  11. First and foremost congrats to the EG Wildcats !!!!! Your team did the Mid-State conference proud. To the person or persons harping on the errors made you are being real childish. We have to remember this is a kids game played by kids. Don’t live through your kids or someone elses kids, we have had our time on the field let these young men have theirs and cheer them on and congratulate these young men for what they accomplished. I can tell just speaking for me I never made it to the play-offs as a player and only got to the 2nd round as a coach in my career. So once again I tip my cap to the coaching staff and those young men that represented Eastern Guilford and themselves like champions.

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