Thanks to Danny, Danny and Don

We couldn’t have had the LIVE updates on the softball and baseball playoff games last night without the help of Danny Robinson(Eastern Guilford-Orange baseball game), Danny Shutt(Southeast Guilford-North Davidson softball game) and Don Moore( Sports Desk)….

We had those two key NCHSAA playoff games covered like a blanket last night, with LIVE updates coming in here at the site, all night long…

Danny Shutt was shooting it out over the Public Address system at Southeast and I was writing it down as fast as I could and we had the scores as they hit and then the raw numbers from the game, right on time, when the game was complete….Danny does a good job and takes the softball game to a level of very useful and important information, that we all can use and understand….Thank-you Danny Shutt and as he called it out, I wrote it down and then sent Don Moore the info and it was then posted at….

Danny Robinson was texting me everything as it happened from Hillsborough, with Eastern Guilford battling Orange High School….Danny would shoot me the text and then I would pass that on to Don Moore at the Sports Desk and we had the Wildcats covered with the inning-by-inning scores…..Danny has been on the money for us all season long and again we say Thank-you to Danny Robinson for all of the work he did this season for us and for the info that has been greatly appreciated by us at and by our readers as well and it really hits the readers, because Danny Robinson gave us details that you would not get elsewhere, in such a timely manner….Thank-you Danny Robinson…

Big Don Moore was there for us last night, in what will turn out to be our last high school baseball report of the 2013 season…..We have raised the bar so high again this season in our coverage, that it will make it tough to keep on bringing it to you in this fashion….I don’t know what we did to step up our game this season, but it may have just been the approach to get you more games and scores and to get them up here as quick as possible and I think we did that….Thank-you Don Moore, back at the Sports Desk and you made it happen again this high school season….(Football, Basketball and Baseball/Softball)

With the end of the high school baseball, our year is just about OVER……We do still have those Southeast Guilford Falcons in the softball hunt, as they go for the NCHSAA 4-A Title and we will continue to keep an eye on the Falcons, as they fly forward in their quest of that crown….

A lot of/a ton of work goes into getting the scores and the game results up here on this site, and it is a fun conquest to be the best at what we are doing and we will keep on trying to exceed our previous efforts, each time we go out for another season….

Again, thanks to Danny, Danny and Don for their good work last night…..


  1. Thanks Andy – but no need to thank me. The thanks should go to for all they do. If not for them we would not have a place to get up to the minute updates on our local sports. Not to mention a place to give recognition and valueable information about our athletes and the schools they play for. Keep up the good work.

  2. ditto on what Danny Shutt says. Without the website we wouldn’t have the outlet for the athletes of this area to get recognized. Thanks for all you guys do!

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