Who is more at fault for the cable/rope malfunction at the Coca-Cola 600(Charlotte Motor Speedway)?/Who’s to blame, FOX Sports or NASCAR??

Who do you blame for what happened with the cable/rope malfunction that took place during the Coca-Cola 600 this Past Sunday at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, in Charlotte???

They had a photo of a man that was injured on WFMY NEWS 2 at 11pm, with Julie Luck on Monday night and that man’s arm got ripped up and nearly ripped off by the camera cable/rop…..That poor man from Sophia, N.C., was nearly at the end of his arm and his rope too and his son said the poor guy had not heard anything from FOX Sports, NASCAR, the Charlotte Motor Speedway or anybody at all, since he got hurt/messed up on Sunday night, at the Coca-Cola 600……

No concern or apologies from any of the parties that would be considered responsible for what happened, at the racetrack….

That is messed up too, if you ask me….

Somebody shouold have reached out to this man and also the others that were injured….What kind of deal are they running donw there in Charlotte???

They don’t care when one of their fans gets hurt at the race?
(Too much mud on their face?)

They showed the ticket stub on Julie Luck’s newscast last night and it does have a disclaimer on it, that says you are on your own when you enter that stadium and they(NASCAR and the speedway) are not responsible for any flying debris that may end up in the stands…..

But don’t you think they ought to check in and see how the fans that got hurt are doing the next day and not hide from this issue???

Some fans are up in arms about this and the man from Sophia, that nearly lost his arm, is taking a stand too….

Who is is to blame here and do you think this might still end up in court???

FOX Sports or NASCAR, who is to blame and who is more liable in this case and are either one of them liable at all and it looks like that the Charlotte Motor Speedway, home of the Coca-Cola 600, has covered their tracks/arms…..

What do you think and did you see it happen?

I didn’t see it happen, but I did hear about it and I’m still hearing about it today, two days/nights after ti happened….

NACCAR or FOX Sports, who is to blame and who is really at fault here???

Mike Hogewood(WFMY TV 2 Sports) used to work for FOX Sports, maybe he knows something…..Bruce Snyder(ABC 45 Sports) used to work for FOX Sports too and maybe he has the inside on this one and will shed some light on this soon….

Until then, who is to blame and whose fault is it anyway?

5 thoughts on “Who is more at fault for the cable/rope malfunction at the Coca-Cola 600(Charlotte Motor Speedway)?/Who’s to blame, FOX Sports or NASCAR??

  1. I believe CMS is at fault. At the end of the day it should be thier responsibility to keep their fans safe at thier track!

  2. this was a freak accident these cameras are all over the place at the races but this type cable camera will not be used any more there will probably be a lawsuit but the disclaimer will take away the possiblity of getting any money-matter of fact they have the same cameras at the football games-they are not moving fast enough for it to be an issue in football

  3. NASCAR and the France family are at fault. Ever since they tried to start going big time with all of these fancy cameras and color schemes and women drivers they have lost it.

    NASCAR is not the sport it used to be. Like some have been saying, it is all messed up. Not any fun any more. Just a bunch of show offs and pretty boys these days.

    Time to get back over to Bowman Gray Stadium where the REAL racing is going on. The only cable or rope over there is the one tied around the flag man’s jug so it won;t get loose.

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