Not a good deal here:P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS) charged with pot possesion:Gun found at the scene

*****This sort of sends your day down a bad and bad deal/decision at that…..*****


Durham, N.C. — Durham police charged P.J. Hairston, a player on the University of North Carolina basketball team, with possession of a small amount of marijuana Thursday.

Read more/read all when you CLICK HERE…..P.J. Hairston was also charged with driving without a license, during the traffic stop in Durham, N.C.


  1. This is further proof that drinking and doing drug go hand in hand with doing stupid/dumb things. I have not met a person yet that can fully explain to me the benefits that they have received in life due to drinking or doing drugs. More parents need to tell their kids from day one drinking and drugs are stupid and not needed to have a good time. If you need either one to have a good time, then you are missing something in your life already. It is just not worth the potential problems that come with drinking and drugs. “Just say No”.

  2. PJ should have paid more attention to what happened to his fellow past Dudley and UNC player – Mr Graves. PJ is not a major NBA prospect at this point. Shuff like this can be the difference in getting a chance in the NBA versus playing in Japan (aka Mr Graves). Wake up PJ before you throw it all away over a $10 hit.

  3. UNC:What a disgrace to that lousy “university” and this fine city. PJ is not a major NBA prospect? Try PJ is NOT an NBA prospect. Maybe he’ll get to play pro ball in Amsterdam. Loser!

  4. It amazes me how much we tend to pile on when a teen makes a mistake. To resort to name calling is really bush league. You “adults” should be ashamed of yourselves. And as for the benefit of doing drugs there are plenty…just ask your local pharmacist. I would bet my house that those drugs are more detrimental to your health than weed. He is a kid that made a foolish mistake and got caught like kids do. Lets not judge and name call. By the way he will be a first rounder. Anyone that averages 18ppg at that level is a first rounder. Have a nice day haters.

  5. Right on Ron! hey Crescent racist much? The fact that you comment in the manner that you do speaks to your character. FYI, during his sr. season at Dudley High School, PJ had one of the highest grade point averages on the entire team and was only 1of 3 members of that team that possessed the ability to read. If you doubt this, ask Andy. I believe you wrote about this a couple of years ago.

  6. hard to believe PJ would be so careless and reckless with his b-ball future! He is putting Roy in tough spot. He may not be stupid but he will have a hard time convincing the masses otherwise. He learned nothing from Graves!

  7. PJ did not even attend Dudley his senior year. Your grades comment is WAY OFF.

  8. I am sorry but PJ is not considered a teen at this point but instead a young “man” that is eligible to go to war, “get a real license” and legally drink. When you are legally eligibility for all of these things then you are past the “teen” remarks and open game for high level “negative” comments. Plus, when you go to a high profile program like Carolina you are by default going to get the highest level of media coverage possible in college sports. Hopefully he will not be like the Graves kid but only time will tell.

  9. The Academy program at Dudley is a joke for many athletes. They pass kids along, make sure they get their grades for college and then hope they can stay eligible in college. PJ isn’t the only one that had great grades on the academy only to struggle in college. With the joke that unc academics have become for athletes PJ should be able to skate through until pro basketball comes calling.

    As to this matter, I hope PJ can overcome a poor decision. PJ is actually a good kid who simply made a poor choice. I’m betting he does not let his define him.

  10. To Ron and izzy and all the weak minded liberals out there, nobody is buying your bull crap excuse for a 25 years old black “teen” and his bad choices. Should Dudley be applauded that a whopping 25% of their basketball team could read? Are you freakin kidding me? That’s what wrong with this country. All we do is make excuses. Just like the liberals that run this website. They’re pro-Carolina homers but what do you expect from a site run by Woody Durham’s nephew ( Editor: Andy is not related to Woody )and funded by CiCi’s Pizza ( Editor: one of of many fine advertisers ).

  11. Get over yourselves folks. We are talking pot here. Every college student in America has tried weed. It’s no big deal. The real issue here is the academics at this high school. Why is no one concerned that this boy was one of the only players who could read? Why is the school system not doing a better job of overseeing how this basketball program is run. It’s no wonder this kid transferred. These high school coaches and AAU coaches line their pockets with dirty cash and rarely do they give a damn about the average player. Shameful!!!

  12. There are aau coaches who care. Check out what Kevin Graves is doing with the Karolina Diamonds. They learn not only b- ball but are being taught the game of life. They have a big event at Page this Saturday. Going to be some incredible talent on the court with Cp3 and Team Felton also.

  13. I see a lot of comments saying:

    “He’s just made a bad choice”

    “It’s only pot”.

    “Young kid”

    Ummm… no, no, and no.

    He was driving under the influence. Pot is a drug… an illegal drug in NC that everyone, including PJ, knows is illegal in NC. Everyone, including PJ, knows it’s illegal to drive without a license.

    This is not a teen that made a bad decision. This is an adult who thinks he is above having to get good grades and has to follow the laws of society.

    He needs to be punished. For the sake of the UNC program, he needs to be booted off the team. Let him go play in Europe until next years NBA draft.

    I guarantee he will be in trouble again in the future because he’s been so protected in the past.

  14. Whoa Real Issue. Not every hs kid has tried pot. Not true at all, and for the ones that have, it’s illegal and PJ was under the influence. Can’t dispute any of that.

    The bigger issue goes back to Dudley. We are doing these kids no favors but setting up programs that let them skate by in hs only to hope they get a scholarship and hope that the colleges will pass them along. Some of their very recent past players had reported wonderful grades but horrible SAT scores. And they get to college and struggle to stay eligible. One recent NFL draft pick is another example of that. He had to kill himself just to stay eligible yet if he had gone to unc he would have had no issues and probably graduated early in the African American studies program.

    Not making excuses for the kid but he made a mistake. Many of us have before and we will again. The question is how does he come back from this? The bigger issue is how the system has pushed him through and not helped him develop the skills he will need off the basketball court. When most of Dudley’s basketball team struggles to read, we have a bigger problem.

  15. cresent moon you really have racist and fascist issues. That alone speaks to your level of education. So i’m not even going to address you anymore. You’re not on my level to have intelligent discourse. There is no place for that in 2013. If you don’t like this liberal site create your own where you can spew all the racist and fascist b.s. you want. Now to address the Dudley issue. Where are you guys getting this information that these kids are struggling in college, because I know several former athletes from Dudley that have gone on to obtain their degrees. If you have been around any college sport you will know that its very hard to maintain a 3.5 gpa while putting in countless of hours for your entertainment. Here again im not sure where you are getting this info. For every one that you can show that’s struggling I can show you 2 graduates. I can just about guarantee that Dudley graduates the same if not more athletes than any other school in Greensboro.

  16. There is no proof within this article about Dudley not preparing students for college. Keep in mind Dudley have a mountain of students that are not atheletes qualifying and getting through college. We often focus on the high profile atheletes and forget about the everyday students. All of these atheletes (just like PJ) had to go through the NCAA clearing house and meet eligiblity requirements of the school. What a kid like PJ is majoring is not my concern. UNC and school like are processing some of the brights mind in this country. Also, finishing UNC with a degree and being a high profile athelete will allow someone like PJ to take advantage of opportunities (or open doors) that the average person would never get. We also have no idea how PJ is doing in the classroom but he is clearly eligible since he is still enrolled at UNC.

    Everyone gets to a crossing point in life. PJ is a smart kid and he has good family support/community support. There is nothing wrong with a wake up call as long as you answer the call and make the changes. I am sure PJ and/or his family still reads this site. High profile atheletes can draw as much attention for their decisions as a mayor or police chief. Make it work Mr Hairston because you are in a spotlight position. We will pray that this is an isolated event that you will find a way to make it into a positive.

  17. Here is what Tom Sorenson said on his blog at the Charlotte Observer:

    20-year-old UNC star P.J. Hairston charged with possession of pot. Oh, no.

    If I were a major college basketball coach, and one of my players was charged with possession of marijuana and driving without a license, this is what I’d do:

    Talk to him.

    I’d tell him that because he’s a star he’ll be scrutinized more heavily than other students. I’d remind him he’ll also have opportunities those students lack. I’d advise him to be more careful.

    If I wanted to show him I was tough maybe I’d make him run some steps.

    But I wouldn’t suspend him. I wouldn’t overreact.

    Hairston won’t turn 21 until December. How many of you were once 20-years-old? (Not all of you, I’m convinced.)

    How many of you were away at school, or with your buddies in your own apartment? Remember the stuff you did?

    This is not a big deal and would not be a big deal if Hairston played for N.C. State, Duke, Wake Forest, Charlotte or Davidson.

    It was just a kid who happens to play big-time basketball being a kid.

  18. BS from Sorenson. Athletes at both wake and state were suspended for exactly this. What a crock of a comment. Recently a ncsu kid got a DUI and he was suspended for a season. The Db for wake was suspended for a year.

    So because little Johnny broke the law we are just going to talk to him? The ONLY school that would let PJ off this easy is unc-cheats. Tom suggests this because God forbid unc lose a key player. We definitely can’t have that. After all, basketball is more important than academics, life lessons etc etc, at unc.

  19. More serious news that came out today/Friday:

    A police report also lists a nine millimeter handgun, a magazine with nine rounds of ammunition, three cigars and a rental agreement for the SUV in the vehicle driven by Hairston when stopped.

  20. PJ running with the wrong crowd. Thug life comes to mind. Loaded 9. 43 grams. No license. Looks like a felony. He better hopes his 2 buds take the fall for him. I think Roy will send him packing regardless. He had it all. How many times we heard this same song. Sad.

  21. Andy, I take exception with you statements:

    “How many of you were once 20-years-old? (Not all of you, I’m convinced.)”

    How many of you were away at school, or with your buddies in your own apartment? Remember the stuff you did?

    This is not a big deal…”

    20 years old I serving my country in Desert Storm. When I wasn’t there I was living in dorms with my buddies. I remember the stuff I did: fixed airplanes on 12-14 hour shifts. I was complying with rules and regulations given to me. I was relied on to make adult decisions on my own and take on responsibility on my own.

    At 20 years old I had commitment to my country, my family, and simply what was right and what was wrong. I was being an adult.

    Being 20 and living with your buddies does not give you a free pass. Shame on you for even suggesting it. I take that as a slap in the face.

  22. I hate to say it but PJ “effed” up on this one. And the fact that fact that he came out of Dudley has nothing to do with it. PJ played on the same team with a guy by the name of Brennan Wyatt who is now up at the Naval Academy. Brennan had a GPA better than 4.0 and many Ivy League schools were after him. I doubt seriously PJ was enrolled in the Academy while attending Dudley. Athletic talent and poor choices don’t make for a good mix. David Amerson just got drafted to the NFL and he came out of Dudley too. Not sure where PJ’s head is but obviously it’s not where it needs to be and I proudly say this as a Dudley Alum and supporter.

  23. It will be interesting to find out how he got the rental car and who paid for it, especially since he had no license. Sports agent? Probably more trouble for PJ.

  24. UNC and their PR firm will do everything in their power to prevent the person who rented the car for PJ revealed.This will be a difficult task since the rental agreement is evidence in the case.Could this be the straw that finally breaks the back of UNC athletics and their dishonest ways?Whomever rented that car for him has to be very nervous.

  25. On the UNC blogs and some insiders it is being said that the 2013 Yukon that he was driving was rented by a UNC booster and you know what that means. NCAA violation probably about to be attached with all of this. Wouldn’t want to be Roy nowadays. Not a sequence of events for Carolina basketball.

  26. Inman Road is not in the Dudley attendance zone, so he should have been in the academy.

  27. So let me see, dope found, no license, gun found at the scene and driving a 2013 rented Yukon from a booster. Hey, must be an open and shut case. Nothing to see here. Just the usual for unc athletes.

    I realize a degree from here can still be worth something for some kids but those kids are not athletes. A degree in African American studies will not serve you well. Eventually you have to get a job and actually produce.

    But hey Andy, he just needs a good talking to, right? As the writer Sorenson said, nothing to see here. Just the same ole same ole in crapple hill.

  28. 77,

    The magnet program at Dudley, more commonly known as “The Academy” unless the curriculum has changed, is geared for students who have a high level of interest in the maths, sciences and technology. There is an admissions process attached and most of the students take classes like physics, calculus, discreet mathematics etc. I believe some of the courses count towards college credit. This would definitely not be PJ Hairston’s crowd considering he left Dudley to attend Hargrave Military Academy during his senior year. Brendan Haywood was also not apart of the Academy when he attended Dudley.

  29. There is some good news in all this for unc fans. They finally got PJ to take a charge.

  30. The academy program is a legal way for kids to attend Dudley from out of district. While many kids in that program are high academic achievers, there are some that are not. I don’t think we need to name any names here but I can give you a long list o kids hat had great grades in the academy but low SAT. Scores and struggled to stay eligible at many different colleges. One famous one recently.

  31. I’ve got to think Mr. Sorenson would have a different take on this one today…

    This has become very serious business and it does not involve a kid, it involves a young man that must be accountable….

    Serious business….

  32. Save us that line:

    The point made was that the Dudley Academy has an official application process for admission. Whether some kids succeed or fail in this program was irrelevant in response to ’77 Hornet’s statement that Inman Rd. was not in Dudley’s attendance zone so PJ Hairston should have attended the Academy.

    And again, whether PJ attended the Academy or Dudley traditional, its irrelevant since he made the choice to run in a particular social circle that exposed him to illegal substances. Not learning from the mistakes of JamesOn Curry, Will Graves and others might hurt him.

  33. Someone made an assumption that he probably was not even in the academy. I was just stating that since he did not live in the Dudley zone, he must have been in the academy ok?

  34. What a disgrace that every time a incident occurs involving a former Dudley student – it goes back to how horrible Dudley is for all students. I am extremely sad that this happened to P J. Unfortunately he made a terrible mistake and I hope he learns and recovers from it. But with that being said he was never a part of the Academy. His family did not live on Inman until PJ was at Chapel Hill. He lived in the district while in high school. Let me name some of the outstanding students from Dudley – Brittany Level(Wake Forest) Josh Jones and Brennan Wyatt both Naval Academy and Josh graduated this year from the Naval Academy with a 3.5 (mathematics) last years valedictorian received the Morehead Scholarship, this years valedictorian Thomas Gromko received the Park Scholarship, m. Bowen (Columbia University), Josh Chavis ( South Carolina UpState), Jessica Diggs, Brittany Brown,Sierra Lloyd,Damon Jarvis all Chapel Hill and so many, many more. You are so ignorant for showing your prejudice. Dudley is like any other school except is primarily a lower income and mostly minority school. In the end that is the only reason you show such disrespect.

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