Looking at that list of players/kids that we are losing to graduation(Guilford County Athletics)

Here are some more of the names that came in since Monday and you can see the original list down below these names….If you would like to add more names, feel free….

Celeste Sheppard(Southeast Guilford) – Headed to Lees-McRae College for softball
Kenya Hailey(Southeast Guilford) – Headed to NC A&T for basketball

Cole Anderson (Northwest Guilford) Randolph Macon – football
Kevin Parrish (Northwest Guilford) Randolph Macon – football
Cody Hylton (Northwest Guilford) Mars Hill – basketball

Quentin Chavis(High Point Christian Academy) – Greensboro College Football
Rockhill Brown(High Point Christian Academy) – Mt. Union College Football
Jackson Kent(HigH Point Christian Academy)- James Madison Basketball

Rubin Crosby (High Point Central)…..might be headed to N.C. Central, but not sure which college….

Malik Prileau(Northern Guilford) N.C. A&T Football
Amanda Coffer(Northern Guilford) Campbell Basketball

And the original list starts here and if you’d like to add more names, feel free…

TJ Logan(Northern Guilford)….Headed to UNC for football..
Will Johnson(High Point Central))….Headed to Winston-Salem State for football…
Justin Johnson(High Point Central)…Headed to WSSU for football…
Sam Hunt(Dudley)…Headed to Jacksonville for basketball
Terrell Leach(Southwest Guilford)…Headed to WSSU for basketball
Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)…Headed to Lafayette for football…
Reid Baxter(Northwest Guilford)…Headed to North Carolina for football….
Jordan Putnam(Page)…Headed to UNC for Academics….
Carter Stanley(Page)…Headed to UNC for Academics….
Adam Swim(Northwest Guilford)…Headed to UNCG for Baseball…
Adam Foster(Western Guilford)….Headed to UNC-Charlotte for Academics
Winston Craig(Ragsdale)…Headed to Richmond for football and possibly Track and Field….
Devin Gregory(Dudley)….Headed to Greensboro College for basketball….


  1. Southeast Guilford

    Celeste Sheppard – Headed to Lees-McRae College for softball
    Kenya Hailey – Headed to NC A&T for basketball

  2. Reid Baxter is not on Carolina’s recruiting list. Does anyone know if he will be a perferred walk-on or just a walk-on?

  3. I think Reid Baxter is going to UNC as a preferred walk-on….Could be wrong and maybe someone else knows more, but I think that is what I remember reading…..

    If anyone else knows more on this one, send it along….

  4. Baxter is going to UNC as a preferred walk on. He will be at camp with the Heels! Good Luck Reid!

  5. Andy,

    What about this upcoming football season. How are the Guilford County teams looking? Who’s going to contended for Conference titles and maybe even states? What do teams have coming back? How bout some High School Football man!!!!

  6. High Point Andrews should really have the most coming back of all of the Guilford County teams,,,,,

    They return their QB and top RB Marquell Cartwright…Cartwright should be one of the tops in the state at RB…Can produce a lot of yards and score a bunch of TD’s…..

    High Point Andrews should be a top contender on the 2-A level….

    New coaches at:
    Eastern Guilford
    Northern Guilford
    Southwest Guilford
    Northeast Guilford and

    That is a whole bunch of new leadeship in Guilford County…..

    Coach Tommy Norwood will be the veteran coach among the Guilford County leaders and he is still producing winning teams and runs a first-class program….

    Chris Register(Dudley)
    Lorenzo Featherston(Page)
    and Germaine Pratt from High Point Central have been listed as the top returning players and they are all on the defensive side of the ball….

    The Reggie Gallaspy kid at Southern Guilford is another one of the top returning backs in Guilford County and ran for over 1.000 yards last season for the Storm and for at least 20 TD’s,,,,,

    The fans love to see the kids run and score and they should get a chance to see Cartwright(HPA) and Gallaspy(SG) do a lot of that…..

    Northwest Guilford will have least four RB’s that can hit for you 70 yards each the night and that makes for very good balance…280 yards will usually trump the kid that ran for 230-250 as a solo back….

    Jury will still be out on the teams with the new coaches…..EG, NG. SWG, NEG and Smith….

    Hear Page will oome with Dominique Britt to replace Jorda Putnam at QB….Should do a good job coming in with the Jesse and Ed Britt footsteps..,

    QB Jake Simpson back for his final year at Grimsley and they Whirlies should have a few key RB’s returning to carry the offense on the ground….

    More coming later, the meter is running,,,

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