Not many locals on’s All-State HS Baseball List(Devin Sweet/SEG)

Brock Deatheridge(Western Alamance), AJ Edwards(Southern Alamance), Zack Littell(Eastern Alamance) and Devin Sweet(Southeast Guiford) are among the locals on the just released high school All-State Baseball Team from….See the entire list when you

*****Gauge Grant(Randleman) and George Byrd(Wheatmore) nearby and on the list….


  1. Congratulations, but this is not “the” All-State team – the actual team as voted by NCBCA (state coachs’ association) which includes coachs’ submissions of players from around the state, with stats, including Conference Players of Year as automatics. That team is also done by classifications, so one in each “A”, but limited to ( I believe) 18 players.

    How did NCPreps come up with this team?

  2. I would also like to know where this list comes from. One kid on this list; he had teammates with higher batting averages, teammates with more RBIs; plus he had a teammate with more homeruns. Question, are these names simply taken from emails sent in? Maybe, as I see some very good players NOT on this list…..

  3. Your kid isn’t going pro, get over it! oh, and buy some glasses b/c it clearly says “ all state team!

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