High School Football is not too far away:It will be here before you know it

A few thoughts we were working on from earlier today and hope to add more later on…

Looking toward high school football in Guilford County for 2013,,,,,,

High Point Andrews should really have the most coming back of all of the Guilford County teams,,,,,

They return their QB and top RB Marquell Cartwright…Cartwright should be one of the tops in the state at RB…Can produce a lot of yards and score a bunch of TD’s…..

High Point Andrews should be a top contender on the 2-A level….

New coaches at:
Eastern Guilford
Northern Guilford
Southwest Guilford
Northeast Guilford and

That is a whole bunch of new leadeship in Guilford County…..

Coach Tommy Norwood will be the veteran coach among the Guilford County leaders and he is still producing winning teams and runs a first-class program….

Chris Register(Dudley)
Lorenzo Featherston(Page)
and Germaine Pratt from High Point Central have been listed as the top returning players and they are all on the defensive side of the ball….

The Reggie Gallaspy kid at Southern Guilford is another one of the top returning backs in Guilford County and ran for over 1.000 yards last season for the Storm and for at least 20 TD’s,,,,,

The fans love to see the kids run and score and they should get a chance to see Cartwright(HPA) and Gallaspy(SG) do a lot of that…..

Northwest Guilford will have least four RB’s that can hit for you 70 yards each the night and that makes for very good balance…280 yards will usually trump the kid that ran for 230-250 as a solo back….One of the kids is Scott and their might be a Powell still back thare too and that tall lean #7 will get his share of the load too…

Jury will still be out on the teams with the new coaches…..EG, NG. SWG, NEG and Smith….

Hear Page will oome with Dominique Britt to replace Jorda Putnam at QB….Should do a good job coming in with the Jesse and Ed Britt footsteps..,

QB Jake Simpson back for his final year at Grimsley and they Whirlies should have a few key RB’s returning to carry the offense on the ground…. Might be Scott Johnston on the major carries…..

More coming later, the meter is running,,,


  1. HS Football is back!!!!!

    Northern will be a beast again this year. They return Coltrane, Ripberger, Reynolds, Ruff, and Harris all playmakers from the State title team! Can they 4peat?

    HP Central returns about 15 starters from last year. Foggie and Pratt are the 2 big names that stand out. Pratt just announced he will be attending NC State in the fall of 2014. The big question is can they find a QB to replace Johnson.

    Page is in the same boat as HPC. They return a ton of talent but can they find a new QB to lead the way. Featherstone will lead the way on defense for the Pirates!

    Grimsley is a sleeper in the Metro. They return most everyone from last years team including starting QB Simpson. Grimsley will surprise a ton of people this year. They might just compete for the Metro.

  2. Malik Moseley was the top-nmae runningback from Southern Guilford last year and he had a great year back there with Gallaspy for the Storm….

    Don’t know what it is about the RB’s, but the crowds really like to watch them run and score…

  3. Lorenzo Featherston is the highest rated prospect in the area, and according to Rivals, the 4th highest in the state.

    preliminary 4A top 10
    1. Independence
    2. Scotland County
    3. Mallard Creek
    4. Greensboro Page
    5. Butler
    6. Richmond Co.
    7. Hough
    8. Garner
    9. New Bern
    10. New Hanover

  4. In other news, Page’s Jalen Gavin (RB/WR) and Lorenzo Featherston (DE/OLB) are both down in Florida at the moment. They were invited and attending Florida State’s camp, and are taking visits to the University of Florida, as well.

  5. For Page to win Jalen Gavin must stay on the field this year!! This kid is going to be wore out!! I look for them to use him a lot in the wildcat, as well as he is going to have to play D! To me Featherston is a must but if the Pirate’s are going to win Gavin has to have the ball in is hand!

  6. Sure saw a lot of offense around here last year, that we will be missing this year and those kids were real good…For example:
    TJ Logan
    Malik Moseley
    Richard Hayes III
    Justin Johnson
    Reid Baxter
    *****Those guys right there alone, put up some big numbers during their high school time/days….

    Jalen Gavin can do some big things, even he is a little guy…No Fear on his part for Page….Coltrane and CJ Freeman should be good ones too on offense….

    Who else are we looking for???

  7. Unknown back from Ragsdale this year will be Jerry Gaither. Runs a 4.4 and is very strong. Probably should have got more carries last year.

  8. NW has two explosive backs in Keenan Scott, and Anthony Harding. With Baxter gone look for those two guys names to be called a lot this year!

  9. I think is that #7 for NWG that we were talking about..Tall and lean and should be a very good North to South runner…

    SEG lost Jamal Petty and a few other backs to graduation, but you would think that the Falcos have a few more RB;s waitig in the wings…Lots of good linemen at SEG lately…..

  10. The tall back you’re asking about is #7 Anthony Harding. He’s about 6’2″ 190 and runs with good power. Look for him to have a great season for the Vikings.

  11. High Point Central returns 15-16 starters. I think there is some errors as far as Andrews returning the most in Guilford County. HPC and Page return the most starters in Guilford County.

  12. High Point Andrews heavy in the skill position area if they have that QB and RB back….Central lost their QB in Justin Johnson….Central will be good, just going to need to fill in that QB spot and they had a kid on the JV a couple of years back that was their heir apparent and I think they moved him to WR last year to get him some reps…

  13. Man yall sleeping on Southwest they might have had a 1-10 season but there going to bounce right back and there going to shock alot of teams players you guys need to watch is my boy Justin Hensley he contributed to the team alot last year and Sammy Hunter those are 2 great returning players and watch for Rick Mack and Ericc Cunningham and Johnston Mccorkle they can play any postition on the field and there quick and fast and they can make plays Ericc is replacing Jason “Interception” Cadwell and he is going to lead this team to the 4A playoffs

  14. Page is the most over rated team in the state again this year! Everyone talked like they were the real deal last year and they got beat down early in the year against real competition! Northern will beat them down again this year by 21…..They will be lucky to finish #3 in the Metro behind Dudley and Grimsley!

  15. The Gaither kid out of ragsdale has been timed at multiple events now below 4.4 but more impressive was a 37″ vertical and a 10’2″ standing broad jump. Won a combine in North Carolina as fastest man and went to Boston and in a combine at the Patriots stadium won fastest man at two times just a fraction under 4.4. Camp run by ex-nfl players and electronic timed. 4.4 speed is good but 40 times can seem suspicious at times. However a 37″ vert and 10’2″ standing broad is off the charts. You can’t fake that.

  16. Add to Gaithersburg accomplish at an earlier combine: benched 185 18 times. Impressive young man!!

  17. Every year Grimsley is a sleeper, every year they win what 3 games. Come on, and if Loosemore is not there they win one game.

  18. Northwest will also have Christian Dix and Mark Murphy along with Scott and Harding carrying the ball behind a stud line of Clay Shelton, Johny Sugg, Jeff Killian, Hampton Billips,

  19. Greensboro #1 Stunna!,
    Who is your team? Winning your conference undefeated and making it to the second round of the 4-AA playoffs is a bad season for Page.

  20. Greensboro #1 Stunna-I would expect a post such as yours with such a moronic handle.

    How embarrased will you be when Northern has to change the name of their stadium…

    You were lucky to beat Page last year. A mystery BS call by the refs won that game for you.

    Page has Northern at home this season. We’ll see.

  21. Former Smith Coach Leland Hughes passed last week. He will be missed. Truly a good ole’ boy.

    Northern won’t be as good. Roscoe went 0-11 his last year in SC. Everyone knows something was going on over there and the chickens may come home to roost soon. Southwest will be very much improved because of coaching alone.

    1/2 a dozen things that will NOT happen this season.

    1. Northern wins a title

    2. Southwest loses to Ragsdale

    3. Grimsley beats Page

    4. Northern beats Southern

    5. Dudley beats Smith

    6. NE does worse than they did last year

  22. This is the year. Grimsley will beat Page and have no problem embarrassing SEG again this year.

  23. Everyone keeps saying Northern won’t be good this year. Well I got news for y’all! Northern is again loaded with talent and will 4 peat this year! Some names you will be seeing in the news and record after we beat your teams again this year. Ruff, Reynolds, Harris, Ripberger, Freeman, Coltrane. BTW all of them played and won a ring last year!

    @ Frankie,
    The Nighthawks are going to walk smack dab in the middle of the Pirate Ship throw our dirt on your field! Then crush y’all again and prove why you are the most over rated team in the state this year!

    @ Barry Switzer,
    5 things that will happen again this year

    1.Northern will crush Page!

    2.Northern will crush the red headed step child NW Guilford for the 5th year in a row

    3.Page will not win the Metro 4A conference

    4.Grimsley will beat Page

    5.Northern will 4 peat

  24. I think Mr. Newman’s problem is more the administration. Grimsley has swung the pendulum a bit too far from the years that they had sports issues. It is sad when athletic awards are all based on academics. Kids that ride the pine all year win what are suppose to be the athletic awards. Generally they play sports only to increase their chances for scholarships but it doesn’t help the kids that work hard at sports and school.

    The coaches do their best to deal with the administration that ties their hands at every turn. Reminds me of my first day on the job when my coworker said “This is the darn’dest place you will ever work. They will give you a job to do then put 10 people in the way to keep you from getting it done.”

  25. Gfan…

    I will respectfully disagree with you. The asministration in place now is by far the most supportive administration of athletics Grimsley has seen.

  26. Yeah, Guys lets get back to talking about football. This is beginning to sound like those idiots on NCPreps.

    Andy, I am really interested in what is happening at Northeast Guilford. Has he put together a plan as of yet?

    Someone give an update.

  27. Hey Andy. Any news on how ben l. Smith is coming along and how those new coaches are doing. And what are you expecting from then this year ?

  28. Hey Northern Fan:

    6. Northern will continue to play with illegal players from out of the county (yes thats right)

    7. Northern will continue to list multiple families as living in the house across the street from the high school

    8. Guilford county and the county AD will do nothing because they are too afraid of looking bad.

  29. Smith picked up a new defensive coordinator when the coachiing change at the top occured and Smith also has a new QB from what I heard along the lines of a Jeff Sims…The QB word came my way from Dennis White, former Smith assistant ooach….

    Gonna a major new look at NEG with new head man Donovan Jackson and NEG may be bringing in all new assistant coaches, as all of old coaches under Coach Tommy Pursley have moved on….Coach Everhart, Priest Everhart I think it is has come in to run the offense at NEG from what I have been hearing and was the former QB coach at Smith…

    Southwest Guilford has a new coach and I have been hearing good things about what he is doing with the Cowboys….Things seem to be headed in a much better direction there…..Not sure if Coach Doak is still there to run the defense, but he might be…..New coach at SWG is a former assistant at Page…..Very good background…

    We might see Coach Tommy Pursley(Northeast Guilford) re-surface as an assistant coach with one of our Guilford County teams, but he may also go elsewhere, and not sure where he might be going, but you got to think he will be back in the game in some capacity soon….Man with that much knowledge and experience can’t remain on the sidelines too long….

    Going to interesting at Easter and Northern…Eastern could really take off if the new program gains ground early….Lots of athletes at EG…NG has talent too, but this will be a new day dawning there and it might become much more low-profile in the process…..Western Guilford might be ready to take off at the 3-A level if they have a QB ready to lead the Hornets….I thought Reid Flippin did a super job for them last year…Not too much spice, just the right touch and he could run for yards if necessary…..

    We don’t have the great backs we saw last year and in the past and if you look back at it for real, all of our QB’s over the past few Championship seasons were better runners than they were passers….

    Sort of like a ‘Tim Tebow Syndrome’……James Summers, Ricky Lewis Jr., Daniel Downing, Rocco Scarfone, they were all better runners that they were passers…..

    We had that load of runners over the past several years and who is the real ‘true passer’??? Grimsley had Jake Simpson as a pure passer early in his career, but he got beat up so much, they started blocking for him more last year and he found it safer as a runner……

    Who has been and who will be the ‘Pure Passing QB’???

    Have we ever seen it?

    Team look at it, but in the end, they revert to the run…Safer amd more reliable game, I guess….

    The passing game does excite the fans with some ‘Big Plays’, but you have to score and you can get it on the ground, I guess….

    A real flashy quarterback could light it up around here, but Summers and Lewis were running QB’s….N.C. A&T made Lewis an RB in college….Summers could run and he was big….Downing ran with a big heart and Scarfone was fast….Justin Johnson at HP Central last year could pas some, but even he was a better runner…..Jordan Putnam threw a lot for Page last year, but in the end they more success on the ground….

    SG sure got it done on the ground with Moseley and Gallaspy…SG had a decent QB too in Camden Ball, but the run was where it was at….

    Maybe just saying overall, uf your QB can’t run it, you might be in trouble…..

    I’m not the authority by any stretch, but just some thoughts….In the end, you got to do what gets you in the end zone…..

    We are not trying to bad mouth any of our programs on here….Everybody is working hard and deserves a fair/good shake…..

  30. Back in after more time away today and had to do some cleanup work in here….

    The best thing to do is just talk football…There is plenty to talk about….No need to get off on the political side of all of the coaches and the AD’s….Let the schools take care of that….

    Lots to look forward to on the field….Anybody got a pre-season Top Ten for the Guilford County Schools….Page set to win the Metro again this year???
    Northwest Guilford, High Point Central and Ragsdale gonna be at the top of the Piedmont Triad 4-A? Southern Guilford to take their conference? Can Northern hold off Western and Eastern Alamance??

    In reality, High Point Andrews might be among the the Top 5 2-A teams in the state…..If Andrews has that QB and RB Cartwright back, they are going to contend on the 2-A level……

    Think it might be Dudley and Southeast Guilford ready to give Page a run for their money in the Metro?? SEG has had a very good offensive line lately and that offensive line that was mentioned for Northwest Guilfor is a real good one…..

    Maybe some Top Tens from the County coming in here and I will be working on mine for tomorrow……

    Like one poster said, Page and Northern might decide it all early in the season, or maybe Northwest and Northern will decide it all for the County, or maybe Page and Dudley late in the season or even it might be Northwest Guilford at Ragsdale as the ‘Game of the Year’……

    Lots of Top Ten and hot matchups out there….

  31. Guilford County Preseason Top 10

    3.HP Central
    6.HP Andrews
    8.SE Guilford
    10.NE Guilford

  32. 1. Page
    2. Northern Guilford
    3. HP Central
    4. Dudley
    5. NW Guilford
    6. HP Andrews
    7. Southeast Guilford
    8. Grimsley
    9. Ragsdale
    10. Southern Guilford
    11. Eastern Guilford
    12. NE Guilford
    13. Western Guilford
    14. SW Guilford
    15. Ben L. Smith

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