Who to win on Sunday at CWS in Omaha?

N.C. State vs. North Carolina at 3pm on Sunday, at the College World Series and who will win this key tournament-opening game for both teams???

They both can’t win it, so who do you favor/prefer??

N.C. State with Carlos Rodon, or North Carolina with Kent Emmanuel??

N.C. State or North Carolina?/North Carolina or N.C. State??

State with Rodon, their ace, would have to be the favorite, but the Wolfpack has problems scoring runs, for some reason, when Rodon is on the hill…..

Can they will their way to a win?


They have to play their way to a win and they will, for the first time at College World Series since 1968 and N.C. State will win in 9 innings on Sunday and Rodon will go eight and he will give up no runs, with 7 K’s and 1 BB……N.C. State wins the game 3-1….

Got to start somewhere and there you go…..

Go with it and give it your best call….

I’m just saying and what are you saying?

2 thoughts on “Who to win on Sunday at CWS in Omaha?

  1. Ouch 8 to 1. I was way off on that one. Hope you didn’t unpack your bags Tarheels.

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