All-Area Baseball Team from Sunday’s News and Record

Here is the All-Area High School Baseball Team from Sunday’s News and Record….Busy baseball weekend over here at, but glad to get a copy of the team this morning and get it up here on the site….

Lots of the private school players checking in here and more than we have ever seen before….

CLICK HERE for the link and this will take you right to all of the action…..


  1. Would be interesting to see what kind of numbers the private school kids could have put up against tougher competition. I think the numbers are skewed.

  2. Private school should have their own awards because you are not comparing apples to apples. There are a few good private school teams in the area but the competition is not up to par with a conference like Piedmont Triad where every games you are facing a Division I pitcher. Congrats to everyone but lets keep the private schools separate from the public.

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