North Carolina ends N.C. State’s season:7-0 Heels over Pack at the CWS

Final at the College World Series:
North Carolina 7
N.C. State 0

State got stung tonight and they got hit hard to boot and they got the boot at the CWS….Heels avenge Sunday’s 8-1 loss to the Wolfpack…..

End of 8 Innings:North Carolina 6, N.C. State 0….
8th:Single by Russell scored Moran and Stubbs
Colin Moran singled to drive in Parks Jordan with run #2
Brian Holbertson scored on a SAC fly by Michael Russell for UNC…
Carlos Rodon go the start for N.C. State on just 3 days rest….

11 thoughts on “North Carolina ends N.C. State’s season:7-0 Heels over Pack at the CWS

  1. Yow must step in immediately and fire Avent for putting all his focus on beating Carolina and not trying to win the World Series.

    He needs to join Harper, Lowe, and Obrien in former coaches @ ncsu.

    Let the drought continue. 30 years and counting.
    Life as a Nc State fan.

  2. Looks like it backfired when State changed their rotation and started Rodon on just three days rest…That seemed to be taking a high risk….

    He looked strong early, but was that really the right thing to do for the fuutre of his arm and for the future of the team and even more so, for the future of his pro career……

  3. You cannot win if you do not score so stop all the blaming of the loss on pitching.

    Avent is the best baseball coach in the country. Avent’s only issue was maybe pitching Rodon one inning too long. Rodon is a competitor who was ready to go after 3 days rest.

    Tarheel fans have your day while you can for tonight you will be gone.

  4. Some state fans are calling for his head this morning and as far as being the best coach in america this the same old delusional comment that makes everyone shake there head, the only way I see it is he is as bush league as it gets arguing every call and the little league display of Rodon and Austin last nite was completely comical but very reflectuant of there coach.

  5. Yeah they ought to have some class like PJ Hairston at Carolina. Incredible that with the smackdown UNC sports has taken and continues to take you can still stick your d*mn nose in the air.

    Again enjoy the day for tomorrow you will be crying.

  6. It really doesn’t matter who won last night as neither team has the hitters to win. Carolina goes down tonight 2-0 against dominant UCLA pitching.

    In a day where kids are taught and trained the best methods to hit, other than a couple of hitters, State’s entire lineup lacks any proper batting techniqes. It really embarrassing watching these guys go to the plate. Not sure how they made it as far as they did. I’m assuming great pitching.

  7. So ncsu makes it back to the world series for the 1st time in 45 years and they get sent packing by there most feared and unrespected rival as well as shut out for the 1st time this season all I can say is that
    Karma > Ncsu. I didn`t see the golf clap last nite in Omaha and the fish were not bitting last nite either.

  8. I`m not sure winning only 60% of your games in your tenure qualifies you for “Best Coach in America” status.

    I would take Mike Fox resume every year over Elliott Avent hands down.

    Only thing Avent appears to be good a is embarrassing himself and his university bitching about calls, his teams are so undisipline and can`t hit a lick only a state fan would make this assumption.

    Call Dan Kane and see if he can reword a article so you can feel better about yourselves.

  9. No State fan in his right mind should have thought ncsu could win it all in Omaha. The team had a great season but did not have the pitching depth required. And while Avent is definitely not the best coach in America, he has improved greatly and I dang sure would not trade him for Fox. Fox has been known to run players off, drop scholarships, and abuse some arms.

    Most important most state fans are not only proud the team had a great year and qualified for Omaha, but also in how they did it. They didnt have any fake classes, no players flunking out and using 4 AFAM classes over the summer to regain their eligibility. State fans can take pride in doing things The Right Way vs. the now uncovered truth of The Carolina Way.

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