UCLA tops UNC 4-1 in the College World Series at Omaha

Big Baseball Battle was brewing with the Bruins and the Tar Heels….
North Carolina 1

For UNC you got 2 hits for Cody Stubbs and 3 hits for Landon Lassister(DH) and that is it…..

8 thoughts on “UCLA tops UNC 4-1 in the College World Series at Omaha

  1. As a Pack fan I still congratulate unc on a good season. Don’t like unc, especially after everything that has come out but I respect their effort. They have great asst coaches in Forbes and Jackson.

  2. All talk? I typed one word, “crickets”, and that’s all talk? That was my only response to Carolina winning. I have not posted one negative remark about State, yet it’s all you do towards Carolina. Why is that?
    Both teams had their best season ever, and both are to be congratulated. Why do you have to continually focus on Carolina with your immature remarks?

  3. So “crickets” was not meant to be negative? That argument is more silly and childish than anything I have posted. If you can’t take your own words back at you then stop posting.

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