Dave Walters Guilford College SID celebrating 17 years with the Quakers

Dave Walters, Sports Information Director at Guilford College, is celebrating 17 years with the Quakers this month….

Dave is the longest running SID among all of our area colleges and his tenure exceeds that of most of the SIDs in the State of North Carolina….

Seventeen years on the job, on West Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road, and working with football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, track and field and lacrosse at Guilford….I may have missed a sport, but I got most of them in there……

Dave Walters also helps out with the statistical work at the IIMCO Invitational and the East-West All-Star Games, in conjunction with the NCCA….

Busy man that Dave Walters, with 17 years under his belt with the Guilford College Quakers and working on his next 17 starting at 9am in the morning……

Former Greensboro College SID Bob Lowe on Dave Walters:
Dave Walters is one of the most professional sports information directors in the business. He has a wealth of experience, is detail oriented and is very willing to help others to get their job done.