What does the future hold for P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave/UNC)???

What does the future hold for P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave/UNC)???

Some thoughts on this one from Caulton Tudor at www.wralsportsfan.com…..

My guess is that Hairston is a long shot to play another game for Carolina.

Hopefully, I’m guessing wrong. Hopefully, Hairston will turn out to be in no serious trouble and will be back on the court to continue the surge that helped the Heels turn around their fortune last season.

That said, the entire situation involving Hairston and two other men – Miykael Faulcon and Carlos Sanford – royally flunks the smell test.

Police found a pistol outside a 2013 GMC Yukon rental driven by Hairston. Who put the gun there – and why – isn’t known.

At the very best, Hairston has established that he’s playing fast and loose on the lifestyle front. If he was driving without a license, that alone is proof of poor decision making.

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  1. PJ will receive little if any criminal consequences.
    If the NCAA looks at his case of receiving impermissible benefits like Marvin Austin or Gregg Little then he will not suit up for UNC again.The school could also be hit with another FAILURE TO MONITOR charge from the NCAA.The wildcard to the whole issue is that the NCAA is short some employees and this could drag out for a longer period of time than normal.Another thing to look at is Leslie McDonald received a cellphone from Haydn Thomas. This could/should get him suspended for a few games at least.Another wildcard to toss in is the fact that UNC has not self-reported any of this and they are also on probation.After seeing how little the NCAA did to Oregon football,they seem to have lost much of their bite as enforcers.

  2. With all the trouble the UNC athletics program has had, I don’t see him playing for them again.

    This could be a back-breaker for Roy Williams.

  3. Things do not look good. Car was rented by a convicted felon and drug dealer who gave it to PJ. Guy was in court last week on additional drug charges. They now have ties to drug dealers and back to a dental school professor at unc. Remember the past references to the dental school and Matt Kurzec and tami H? The money was coming from funds in the dental school. Being associated with drug dealers is not cool. Strong speculation that PJ with never play at unc again. Most likely Europe or NBADL just as Glenn Rice jr. did. Unc was already on probation and now they have another athlete associated with an registered sports agent named Blackstock and a convicted drug dealer. The mess in chapel hill continues to get worse. It has now become a national embarrassment.

  4. Yes,

    Poor decisions will cost you…….what happened to the friendship between Reggie (Bullock) and PJ??……smh!

  5. Hilarious comments. I see the black helicoptor crowd is still going strong on packpride. Might want to wait for actual facts and details to be made public, rather than believe all the bs you read from the loons on packpride.
    At a minimum, P.J. has embarrassed himself, his family, his teammates, and his university. The facts will determine the rest of the story.

  6. Fats’ Thomas roommate(girl friend) rented a 2012 Camaro for PJ back in late April. PJ got a speeding ticket driving that car.This has been made public from USAToday and The Detroit Free Press. If Roy does not can him he has totally sold out for the win at all cost Rams Club.Just this morning in The News-Record it was reported that the A&T quarterback got a DWI. He was suspended by the A&T football staff before his court date. Roy has ZERO INTEGRITY. AGGIE PRIDE ROCKS!Their school and athletic department does things the right way as opposed to THE CAROLINA WAY!!!!

  7. Let’s be honest about the A&T way versus the Carolina way. A&T just got off of probation due to classroom performance issues with their players over the past 3-5 years. Plus, A&T (like many Historic Black Colleges) is maintaining a special provision D1 sports program due to lack to funding for their programs normally required by NCAA D1 programs. Thus, a school like A&T cannot stake around the edges of clear problems.

    UNC on the other hand historically can take its time and will be given more leverage to address these problems because of their resources. They don’t have a history of probation issues, their atheletes are hitting the NCAA marks year after year and they are one of the top financial programs in the country based on performance and giving from its supporters.

    I love A&T just like the next person but let’s not take quick credit for something that may not be within A&T’s hands to make any other decision. I think Roy is doing the thing at this point and none of us know exactly what happened unless we are in PJ’s family or the family of the other 2 guys in the car. I hope it works out for PJ, the kid at A&T and all kids that make mistakes because that is a tough age to make a mistake and to get kicked to the curl for life.

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