P.J. Hairston tied to another car rental coming out of Durham

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The water seems to be gerring hotter when it comes to P.J. Hairston(Dudley HS/Hargrave/UNC) and it all seems to be stemming from the car rentals that were coming from Hayden Thomas out of Durham, N.C.

The second hookup/connection/link has P.J. tied into a speeding charge while driving a Chevy Camaro….

This has turned out to be a A-1 mess and it appears to be getting worse…P.J. has been moving way too fast ant so have those cars….

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  1. Haydan Thomas is a convicted felon with multiple arrests for guns and drugs. Catinia Farrington is the middle-man (person) for Thomas to get around NCAA regulations.

    PJ Harrison may have never been involved with guns or wasn’t trying to harm anyone by “borrowing” a car from Thomas and Farrington on a few occasions.

    But PJ keeps choosing to be involved with Thomas and Farrington. PJ becomes shady by choosing to be around shady.

    The same exact thing happened to my kid freshmen year. My kid was a honor-roll athlete. But it was fun and exciting to hang around shady people. When my kid woke up half way through the year and tried to break away from that crowd, that’s when the rumors, bullying, and isolation started. Shady people don’t like to see people walk away from them.

    It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are on the inside… you can’t associate with shady people without becoming shady.

  2. See: Leslie, Calvin
    We will see what becomes of this once the facts are made public and Carolina issues a statement.
    On the surface, it looks like C.J. Leslie’s situation.Driving someone else’s car, plus Leslie had apartment rent paid for. 3 game suspension for impermissible benefits. Where was all of this uproar then? Oh, I forgot. It’s Carolina.

  3. Oh yeah smh this is the first thing that has happened to a UNC athlete or bad thing to happen in the athletic department in years right?

    Certainly it will all be cleared up once “UNC issues a statement”. You and your school are a joke.

  4. Gfan,
    I can’t begin to imagine what life must be like having to go through it with such enmity towards a college and its athletic fans.
    Life is way too short dude.

  5. The person that rented the car for him is a multiple convicted felon for drugs and gun charges and rented 2 different cars for him, one for 54 days. Yes, 54 days. Did I mention the guy also owns a car rental business named Kairobi, a Swahili name. How convenient. Why would a convicted felon who owns a car entail business go rent a car at least twice from someone else for an athlete? Turns out he did I for more than one athlete.

    Did I mention he owns this business and others with a unc dental school instructor? Wasn’t it the dental school funds that Matt Kupec and Tami Hansborough were accused of abusing? Same guy that was working for a registered sports agent named Blackstock.

    Big question is why is PJ. Hanging around someone like his? Why is unc and the coaches letting his guy anywhere near their players?

    Btw, with Leslie his car was in for a legitimate repair and only for 3 days. He borrowed a car from a friend. No rental and a previous relationship with the friend. Good try though. You boys are really reaching.

  6. Might want to check your facts on Leslie. Car rented by and rent paid by a former athlete, Eric Leak, who was asked to disassociate from the school. You don’t get suspended three games for driving a friend’s car while yours is in the shop.
    I am amazed at the depth of the conspiracy theories that emanate from State fans. Still waiting on Roy to be fired before last season, or was he going to retire? I get your tin foil hat theories confused.
    Roy kicked Will Graves off the team for failing too many drug tests. He’ll do the same with P.J. if the facts warrant it. Hope for P.J. and his future that doesn’t happen.

  7. He was asked to dis-associate with the school AFTER he loaned a car for 3 days to Leslie. But again, good try.

    We have 800 athletes impacted from the cheating at unc, 504 documented grade changes in classes you don’t have to attend. Proof of athletics asking academics for listing more no show classes. Agents confirmed paying players. Many players driving cars as gifts, Greg little had tickets in 11 cars. Playing illegal players since at least 1992. But then, who is counting. And then we have Matt and Tami hooking up and unc hiring Tami at twice the market rate for a job she is not qualified for but Tyler decides not to go pro. How convenient. And now we have the 3rd federal investigation because the school will not look into numerous complaints and now lawsuits because the school will not investigate sexual assaults and rapes on campus. Again, how nice. And don’t forget the SBI is sill on campus collecting mountains of evidence. The biggest scam since SMU. But hey, it’s the Carolina Way, right?

  8. That would be the normal time you’re disassociated. How can you be disassociated before you do something wrong?
    Why are State fans so obsessed with hating Carolina? Bizarre.

  9. As a parent of children that eventually became college athletes, I would not want them to have teammates that associate with the thugs like UNC athletes are doing.You can rest assured that other coaches will use this against UNC when speaking to parents of kids they are recruiting.

  10. It is ok for me to not worship your team smh. I forgive myself for not liking UNC. Those of us who do not live in a light blue dream world of everything your student athletes, coaches, and administration do is wonderful will go on living healthy lives. Don’t worry about us.

  11. What about the possibility of the gun in the GMC Yukon belonging to Hayden Thomas and the PJ Hariston and the other guys knew it was in there and threw it out on the ground in a panic when they saw the police coming….

    How much of this heavy stuff can be tied to Thomas and does PJ still have a chance of suiting up for the Tar Heels again…We’re not in Kansas, but does this still have any probablity of PJ making it back home with the Heels….

  12. The only home that PJ may be left with is back home with his family in Greensboro. PJ is a nice guy but he is involved in some bad things. If he did not play basketball and have a clear “public” imagine prior to this event, he would be labelled a drug dealer, runner or gangster type of kid. It is shameful that he has decided to take the rough road instead of the easy highway.

    So which will it be PJ – the kid that figured it out suddenly and lives the life of the straight and narrow going forward or the kid that just does not get it and will be remembered as just another “should have been kid” but now known as just a another black kid running with dealers while being all “tattooed up”.

  13. Wow. I have no words to respond to that. This place has really fallen with the cretans that make comments like that.
    So long all. Enjoy your narrow-minded existence.

  14. smh asks why State fan hate UNC so much?
    1.They spout that ficticious “Carolina Way” garbage like their athletes are as pure as the driven snow. This is the 4th consecutive summer that just the opposite has been revealed.
    2.They COVERUP this scandal better than Nixon covered up Watergate.If Nixon could have had UNC’s people of today working for him 40 years ago, he could have finished his 2nd term.
    3.They hire a PR firm to spin negative information in their favor instead of coming clean, which would cost the taxpayers of this state far less $$$. Of course if they told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth then 2-3 National Championship banners would have to leave the Deandome.
    4.Academic fraud and no show classes designed to keep less than stellar “Student” athletes eligible.
    5.The vast majority of UNC fans arrogance has no boundaries.
    6. Finally, it is not just NC State fans that have a strong dislike for UNC.There are 16 threads about UNC on the Rivals Kentucky messageboard compared to 4 on UNC on Packpride.com

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