Local girls playing basketball on ESPN today at 5pm:Check it out!(Kea, Burnett, Abraham, Maize, Rouse, Rudd and more

*****This was sent to me by one of our readers/listeners just a few minutes ago…*****
We have some local girls getting ready to tip off on ESPN3 at 5pm today.

Brian Cousins’ Midstate Magic vs. Delaney Rudd’s Phoenix. Players performing are…Shaylen Burnett, Essence Abraham, Imani Atkinson, April Kelly, Paris Kea, Akela Maize, Makayla Rouse, Kennedy Curtis, Kristina King, Lucky Rudd. These girls are about to battle on ESPN3 in a few minutes.


  1. The Metro conference was well represented:

    Mid-State Magic

    Kayla Phifer-SE Guilford
    Essence Abraham-Dudley
    Shaylen Burnett-S.Alamance
    April Kelly-S.Alamance
    Alexus McGaugh-S.Alamance

    Lady Phoenix

    Makayla Rouse-Dudley
    Akela Maize-Dudley
    Paris Kea-Page
    Karima Dean-W.Guilford
    Kennedy Currie-Dudley

    It was a great opportunity for ALL the young ladys on both teams!

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