7 on 7 Update Post

There is a 7 on 7 football passing game workout set for Southern Guilford this morning(Thursday) and the start time was set for around 9:30am…..Chance to see the new the SG QB….Last year it was CB/Camden Ball…..

from Coach Res over at Grimsley:Grimsley will be at Rockingham County along with Glenn and High Point Christian…starts at 6pm today Thur July 11th…hopefully the rain cooperates……..Coach Res is the man, used to be over at High Point Central and does a very good job of letting us know what is going on…Now offensive coordinator for the Grimsley Whirlies….Very thorough and also, is Coach Loosemore, on the line with any of our area teams for this upcoming season…Curious to see where he lands and thanks again to Coach Res, for the word on the Whirlies…..Interesting to see High Point Christian getting into the mix with our other area schools….

For the most part, we are posting what we are receiving by text and by comment/E-mail….If you have it, send it and we will try our best to keep the info flowing…..If you got, send it, our post it here and thanks…….

Others set for today weather permitting??? Do we have any updates on what happened last night in the 7 on 7’s that they got in before the rains hit….Ragsdale was set to hit the field and we have been getting reports that Southwest Guilford and High Point Central are getting busy too……

When is the Wake Forest 7 on 7 happening? Northwest Guilford has done very well/good at that one, over the past two seasons…When Matt Pawlowski was around, NWG was putting up some big numbers and Andrew Reitz did not do a bad job at all last year/season…Two very smart QB’s…NWG has a sound system, where if you run/complete your assignment, you will have success….

Has Western Guilford-Southeast Guilford 7 on 7 gone down yet? Heard it might be next Monday and not this week…WG has a WR coach over there that used to fly himself and he ought to have those wideouts getting up the field….Heard from insider Joey Gladson, that the coach could move, and he may have played for Greensboro College….

All updates, all the time here……..

But with the weather, will they play today, that is the ‘Big Question’ this Thursday morning?

Really will they be able to play anything today outdoors today, not a bad day to be running down the road…Could lose 5-10 pounds easy in this humidity……